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Chapter 376: 376

Chapter 376 Feel Bad for You for 30 Seconds

When Shen Yuechuan was thinking hard about how Xu Youning was different, Kang Ruicheng invited Su Hongyuan to an old teahouse in the old town .

The teahouse had been opened here for almost 60 years and had not become an old-fashioned teahouse loved by the public . In fact, after Kang Chengtian was executed, the boss was passive and the teahouse had almost no customers .

The owner of the teahouse was a friend of Kang Chengtian when he was alive . Kang Chengtian was not a fan of the tea ceremony, but he still ordered a pot of tea every day because the place was clean and quiet .

After Kang Chengtian was gone, Kang Ruicheng made monthly payments to the owner of the teahouse and asked him to continue to keep it open .

Sometimes, he would come to the teahouse alone, order a pot of tea like Kang Chengtian but would not drink it, and sit in Kang Chengtian’s favorite seat by the window .

He was not thinking of Kang Chengtian, but he was reminding himself not to forget hatred .

Today, he called Su Hongyuan to this place, also for hatred .

Of course, Su Hongyuan didn’t know that .

Kang Ruicheng was currently the largest investor in the Su Group . If it were not for his capital injection, the Su Group would have fallen into Lu Boyan’s hands .

In addition to being grateful to Kang Ruicheng, Su Hongyuan also had a kind of fear born in his heart . Every time they met, he felt that the young man’s blood was cold . But in that case, he could only accept his help in order to save his life’s work .

Su Hongyuan raised the purple sand-pot and poured tea into the teacup in front of Kang Ruicheng . “Mr . Kang, did you call me here because you need me to do something?”

“Of course,” Kang Ruicheng said directly . “Director Su, you don’t have an heir right now, do you?”

When investing in Su Enterprises, Kang Ruicheng investigated Su Hongyuan and found out that he had broken off the relationship with Su Jianan and her brother . Su Yuanyuan, the youngest daughter, died in an accident last year . Su Hongyuan could not be willing to leave Su Enterprises to Su Jianan and her brother; therefore, he did not have an heir .

This was the eternal pain in Su Hongyuan’s heart . “Why do you ask this?”

“I want you to give Su Enterprises to me . ” As Kang Ruicheng lit a cigarette, his eyes were cold and gloomy . “Anyway, you don’t have an heir, and Su Jianan and her brother would barely want to inherit your property . Hire me to be the CEO and retire early to enjoy yourself . What’s the point of still giving your heart to Su Enterprises?”

“What do you want to do with Su Enterprises?” Su Hongyuan did not believe that Kang Ruicheng really wanted to run the Su Group well .

“It’s none of your business . ” Kang Ruicheng took a drag . “You just need to convince the board of directors to let me be the CEO . I guarantee that you and those old men can sit back and relax, and the money will flow into your accounts . ”

Su Hongyuan’s eyes flickered a little, but in the end, he didn’t move . “Our company has regulations . Hiring senior management requires the board to pass a unanimous vote . I can’t convince everyone…”

“It’s not that you can’t persuade everyone, but you have no choice other than persuading everyone . ” Kang Ruicheng took the tea in front of him and smiled . “Otherwise, I’ll withdraw my funds . Guess how the board would deal with you then . ”

If Kang Ruicheng withdrew the funds, Su Enterprises was bound to face a crisis . Su Hongyuan would be dismissed from the board of directors due to poor management of the company and lose control of the company .

Hiring Kang Ruicheng as the CEO, this company would still be his at least .

“Give me three days . ” In the end, Su Hongyuan still had to compromise .

Kang Ruicheng hooked his lips with satisfaction . “After one week, I want you to announce to the media that because of discomfort, you have hired a professional manager to take care of the business of the Su Group, and I will have the same rights as you in the Su Group . ”


A week later, Su Hongyuan held a press conference to announce that he would retire behind the scenes, and all the matters of the Su Group would be handled by the incoming CEO .

The media was curious about who the CEO would be, but Su Hongyuan refused to disclose any details and just made everyone wait .

At this time, it was not far from the 8th anniversary of the Cheng An Group . It was said that Su Yicheng would have a big celebration this year . The media inevitably asked the question of Su Hongyuan’s heir . “Mr . Su, will you hand over Su Enterprises to Su Yicheng after you retire?”

Su Hongyuan replied, “Su Enterprises is my life’s work, I will only give it to one person, but she is no longer here . ”

He was talking about his young daughter, who died of an accident last year . The media all knew that, and looking at Su Hongyuan’s aging face, they were all speechless .

At this time, Su Hongyuan’s assistant stood up and announced the end of the press conference on the grounds of Su Hongyuan’s lack of energy . The contents of the press conference were quickly posted online .

The first person to see the report was Luo Xiaoxi .

Luo Xiaoxi and her parents had a good relationship, and it was impossible to imagine what it would be like for a father and a son to become enemies, but she knew that Su Yicheng didn’t want things to be like this at all .

Who didn’t want to live in a fulfilling family with their loving parents and having a good time?

Therefore, when receiving the call from Su Yicheng, Luo Xiaoxi agreed to his request almost without hesitation, going to his apartment after finishing work .

Candy sent Luo Xiaoxi downstairs to Su Yicheng’s house, and asked her before letting her go, “If you were photographed together by the media, how would you explain it?”

Luo Xiaoxi shrugged indifferently . “I’d just say that I’m entangled with Su Yicheng! Isn’t that a good explanation?”

Candy gave a thumbs-up . “Nice!”

“Piece of cake!” Luo Xiaoxi pushed the car door closed and went upstairs .

She was indeed in a tangle with Su Yicheng shamelessly, and if she was ashamed of it, she would have lost her dignity long ago .

Now that she had no dignity to lose, what else could she be afraid of?

As soon as she entered the house, she kicked off her high heels and put on slippers, then walked to the living room, turned on the TV, and waited for Su Yicheng .

When Su Yicheng called Luo Xiaoxi, he was already on his way home . 10 minutes later, he opened the door and saw Luo Xiaoxi’s high heels scattered there .

He did not have mysophobia, but he couldn’t stand a mess . Luo Xiaoxi was the kind of person who didn’t like to clean up; for example, she didn’t put her shoes in the shoe cabinet, and she also liked to throw away her clothes .

Su Yicheng thought that he could put up with her lifestyle, but in fact, when he saw Luo Xiaoxi’s high heels lying here, he knew that Luo Xiaoxi was back, and he willingly helped her put her shoes in the shoe cabinet neatly alongside his shoes .

The swanky red and steady black constituted an unusual and harmonious picture .

Instead of being bored, Su Yicheng… enjoyed this feeling .

Turning past the porch, he saw Luo Xiaoxi playing mobile games on the sofa while the TV was on .

Luo Xiaoxi had heard the movements of Su Yicheng, but it was the critical moment for her to win the game, and she was too lazy to lift her head . “I want to drink water . ”

Su Yicheng poured a cup of warm water and handed it to Luo Xiaoxi with a gift box in his hand .

At this time, Luo Xiaoxi’s mobile phone made a simulated blowing sound, followed by a “game over” prompt; Luo Xiaoxi lost .

She tossed away her phone in annoyance, only to notice that Su Yicheng was carrying a gift box in his hand, and she patted the box curiously, “What is it?”

“The dress that Levin designed for you, shipped by air overnight last night . ” Su Yicheng opened the box and handed it to Luo Xiaoxi . “Go and try it . ”

Luo Xiaoxi’s eyes flashed . She took the dress and touched its material carefully like it was the baby’s face, and carefully studied the handwork, then finally hugged it into her arms with satisfaction . “I can try it, but you can’t look today!”

She knew what she would look like after she put it on, and she was going to surprise Su Yicheng on the anniversary!

For more than a week, Su Yicheng had been expecting Luo Xiaoxi to put on this dress, and it was so difficult to wait to have the chance, but now Luo Xiaoxi wouldn’t let him see?

He squinted . “Why?”

Luo Xiaoxi picked up Su Yicheng’s chin and smiled more charmingly . “I’m afraid that you can’t control yourself!”

After that, she slipped back into the cloakroom, locked the door as soon as possible, and couldn’t wait to put on her dress .

Sure enough, it was as good as she imagined .

She made a few movements, and found that the size was completely appropriate . She changed out of the dress and hung it up . Then she opened the cloakroom door—

She did not expect Su Yicheng to be outside .

Su Yicheng leaned his hands on his chest against the door frame and said coldly, “You really won’t let me see?”

“It’s not that I won’t let you see, but it’s not the time!” Luo Xiaoxi held Su Yicheng’s hand and pulled him out, then looked at him . “But did you call me to your house today just to give me a dress?”

Su Yicheng took a deep look at Luo Xiaoxi . “If you want to do something else, I will be happy to cooperate . ”

Luo Xiaoxi resisted the urge to kick Su Yicheng to the ground . “I thought that you would be in a bad mood . ”

Su Yicheng raised his eyebrows slightly . “Why?”

“I saw your dad holding a press conference today . The reporter asked him about his heirs, and he said…” Luo Xiaoxi stopped talking .

Su Yicheng finished her words carelessly . “He said that only Su Yuanyuan is eligible to inherit the Su Group . ”

“How do you know?” Luo Xiaoxi was a little surprised . “You saw the report too?”

“I’m not interested in hearing his report,” Su Yicheng said . “But Jianan and I have heard this sentence many times, so it’s very familiar to me . ”

“I feel bad for you for 30 seconds . ” Luo Xiaoxi went over to Su Yicheng and looked at him . “But I don’t understand, Su Yuanyuan can’t compare with Jianan, let alone you, so why does Su Hongyuan dislike you so much?”

Su Hongyuan brought Jiang Xueli and Su Yuanyuan home when his mother was seriously ill, which directly caused his mother to die . At that time, in Su Yicheng’s mind, Su Hongyuan’s father image died .

At first, he and Su Jianan were sad, but now they didn’t care .

Su Yicheng pulled Luo Xiaoxi into his arms . “I don’t need Su Hongyuan’s affirmation and fondness . ”

When Luo Xiaoxi was very rebellious before, she always liked to say that she didn’t care what Lao Luo and her mother thought of her . But in fact, she was just pretending to be tough . She still longed for the affirmation and encouragement of her parents, and greedily wanted them to love her without reservation .

Su Yicheng actually said that he didn’t need it?

She looked at Su Yicheng in confusion . “Then whose do you need?”

Su Yicheng suddenly held Luo Xiaoxi, bowed his head, and kissed her . “It’s enough for you to like me . ”

Luo Xiaoxi froze, slowly wrapped both hands around Su Yicheng’s neck, and smiled charmingly . “I still like you so far, so you don’t need to have a sense of crisis . ”

Her hand almost touched Su Yicheng’s face . Su Yicheng tilted his head and rubbed his lips with her slender arms, which looked intimate . “Are you really not going to the anniversary celebration with me?”

Luo Xiaoxi resolutely shook her head . “Isn’t it telling others that I am your female companion if we are there together?” Then she jumped out of Su Yicheng’s embrace . “I want to make a finale appearance! Make everyone think that I am uninvited!” That was fun!

Su Yicheng stared at Luo Xiaoxi . “Forget it, it’s not bad for her to have an imagination in her head . ”

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