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Chapter 356

Translator: Sweet Bun from wangmamaread
Proofreader: Chun Bun

The Spotted Leopard who was about to attack Huang Beiyue was stunned upon hearing the voice . Then she retreated quickly . Retreated, and retreated . At last, she even retreated to the side of Huo Laoliu, cowering and shivering . Not long after, she ran into the spiritual beast space to hide .

The baby Pure Gold Spirit Tiger was awake . No wonder the Spotted Leopard was frightened to death . In front of a mythological beast, what could a minor level-ten spiritual beast do?

Although it’sthe appearance could be hidden, the breath of a mythological beast was difficult to hide . Now that the Pure Gold Spirit Tiger had woken up, she’d better teach him how to pretend to be an ordinary tiger and not to threaten humans and spiritual beasts with the breath of mythological beasts casually!

Feng Lianyi walked out with the Pure Gold Spirit Tiger in arms . He stared at the injured Huo Laoliu coldly . His white clothes were still waving . Obviously, he used vitality just now .  

Those mercenaries were frightened by Huo Laoliu’s injury . After all, Huo Laoliu was the most powerful one among them but was beaten such seriously by a single blow . How could they survive?

Besides, though they didn’t know the man in white, he seemed really powerful . Was the baby tiger in his arms his summoner beast?

The mercenaries all retreated to the side of Huo Laoliu . One said, “Huo Laoliu, thatthe man is not ordinary . We’d better run away!”

“Run away?” Before Huo Laoliu responded, Huang Beiyue had said with a cold smile, “Do you think you can run away from me?”

Those mercenaries were not afraid of Huang Beiyue because they didn’t see her attack . One said with disdain, “Hum! We people of Four Seas Mercenary Group are all masters . Our Boss Yuan is not an easy man!”

“That big beard man dared insult our Nan Yi Country . Sooner or later, I will kill him! But before that, I will kill you!” Huang Beiyue said . Then she turned to Feng Lianyi and said, “Stay out of this!”

“I see . ” Feng Lianyi said with a smile . The coldness on his face was slighted melted away .

He attacked because of Huo Laoliu’s unbridled sights on her, which made him unhappy .

This little girl was highly self-esteemed and conceited . Therefore, when she was giving other people a lesson, he would definitely not disturb, in case it might make her angry again .

These mercenaries scorned to her words and one said, “A little girl like you?”

Before the mercenary finished his words, Huang Beiyue had come to him and punched him without mercy . The mercenary immediately flew away, with teeth and bloods beaten out .

Huang Beiyue glanced at these stunned mercenaries coldly . Suddenly, a white ice feather appeared in her hand . Before these mercenaries realized what had happened, the ice feather had swept past . Immediately, several bitter screams raised one after another . All these mercenaries, including the heavily injured Huo Laoliu, were blown away because of the sweep .

Damn! This girl is too powerful!

Those mercenaries struggled up from the ground and began to summon their summoning beasts at once . However, with a mythological beast — the Pure Gold Spirit Tiger here, no spiritual beast dared to come out .

The Summoners were all surprised and frightened . The other Budo Masters didn’t need to summon spiritual beasts . So they showed their weapons directly and were about to fight with Huang Beiyue .

Huang Beiyue laughed and snorted, “Throwing an egg against a rock . You guys over-estimate yourselves!”

Three Budo Masters rushed forward together . But Huang Beiyue just stood there stilly . The corner of her mouth was slightly lifted, showing a faint cold smile .