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Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1: The Child’s Dad Comes — part 2


During the conversation, Gu Jiayu had reposted Weibo and sent a picture of acting cute with V, smiling like a silly white sweet . Zheng Xueshao looked at the tired sigh, taught him so much, still only sell cute! “It is said that the company will have a sorority party to announce the news . You will have to participate at that time . ”

Gu Jiayu quit Weibo with a smile, “I finished shooting this group of magazines today, and the next is my personal holiday . I have a personal matter to deal with . ”

“As long as you don’t play the shutdown, don’t pretend to be missing, don’t indulge in the game and I can’t extricate myself, I will be Amitabha . Now you are in the limelight, don’t take the chance to slap your face in front of the big boss!” Zheng Xueshao was furious . Now, so grown up and so careful? He also knew about Gu Jiayu’s situation . There was no father and mother . There was a child waiting for him at home, and sometimes he couldn’t get away .

Gu Jiayu was only 27 years old this year, and his origins were a mystery . He himself said that he was an orphan from mountains, and his identity card was provided by his trustee .  Because of his upright nature and indifference to the world, Zheng Xueshao had to guard every day, for fear of being ruined by others .  In this way, he didn’t know how he (Gu Jiayu) worked it out with a three or four year old son .  As Gu Jiayu’s agent, he did not know who his other half was . This incident almost brought Zheng Xueshao to a stroke .

Now this child had become Gu Jiayu’s lifeblood . All the work and honors added up were not as important in Gu Jiayu’s heart as his son .

Gu Jiayu smiled, a pair of hooked peach blossom eyes smiled into a crescent moon . Zheng Xueshao was laughed out of temper . He could only coax if he could not persuade him, “I am for your good . ”

Gu Jiayu nodded with a smile .  , “Huh ~ Dad Zheng is right . ”

Zheng Xueshao, “! ! !”

After Zheng Xueshao left, the photographer happily showed his favorite photos to Gu Jiayu, “Brother, can you make some more shots like this in the afternoon? This color series can be used as the cover . ” The handsome young man in the photo was wearing a white shirt, leaned against a classical piano, showing the perfect proportion of his body .  He put one of his hands in a trouser pocket, and the other hand stretched out a long finger and pressed it on the thin sexy lips . The eyes staring at the camera were slightly narrowed, and the ends of the eyes were like hooks, with an indescribable charm .

Gu Jiayu nodded, “I can enter the state at any time, when will you shoot it?” He was handsome by himself . Thanked to his mother who didn’t know he was still alive, he was so handsome!

The photographer excitedly copied several more photos, carefully saved them, and quickly adjusted the lens . Encountering artist like Gu Jiayu who was fully dedicated to work, he was so touched that tears were almost falling! A popular film emperor had no standing on ceremony at all . Such a person deserved to be popular forever!

It was not until 4 o’clock that Gu Jiayu took off his makeup . He picked up the little cub he loved and went home .  After having children, Gu Jiayu also paid attention to it . The trustee bought a villa in the suburbs with few people and set aside his own site . From then on, it became the nest for both of them .

That night, the two men sat on the sofa and watched cartoons . The three- or four-year-old baby doll had obvious baby fat on his tender white face, and his soft body was sitting in Gu Jiayu’s arms, holding a milk bottle in both hands to drink milk .

“Dad, I don’t like this bottle . ” After half drinking, the little baby looked up and rubbed Gu Jiayu’s chin . The voice of milk and milk was a little bit distasteful .  

”Only a weaned baby uses a bottle!” A pair of fluffy ears above the baby’s head, a fluffy little tail on the buttocks, and the tip of the fluffy tail trembled with the rhythm of the speech, and could not hide it .  The long eyelashes combined with the exquisite facial features made him look like a perfect little puppet, pretty beautiful .

The child’s name was Mo Zeyang, and the person who instructed Gu Jiayu to go to the entertainment industry to get it, said that the child’s five elements lacked water, so that calling this name can give a smooth life and wealth .  The reason for surname Mo was with his other father’s surname . Gu Jiayu tried to use one surname to repay the cause and effect owed to the other .  Gu Jiayu also gave a baby name Gu Da Zhuang, hoping that the child would grow strong and support him . Unfortunately every time he was called Gu Da Zhuang, the child Mo Zeyang looked disgusted and pretended to be deaf . Even Zheng Xueshao felt pity for Gu Jiayu’s baby . Such a good-looking child named Da Zhuang, he had never seen such an unreliable dad .

Gu Jiayu touched the bulging belly of the baby son, and instantly indulged in the soft feel, unable to extricate himself, “You are a milk baby!” He took the opportunity to touch twice and rubbed it again, ‘alas, little cub is fat again, he is well raised!’

Mo Zeyang swelled his cheeks and took a hard sip of milk . ‘Huh, he’s grown up, not a baby boy!’

At this moment, the doorbell rang suddenly . Gu Jiayu walked to the door nervously, looked at the person standing outside the door through the display, and quickly reminded the baby son, “Cub, hide your tail!”

Mo Zeyang drank his milk, obediently closed his ears, and twisted his butt, hiding his tail .

The man with black hair and black eyes on the display, and a quarter of Western ancestry on his body, made his handsome features more three-dimensional and deep .  The hazy night couldn’t hide the other person’s height of 1 . 99 meters, wearing a black suit with exquisite workmanship, and a gold brooch on the left chest . The simple style had a different sense of coldness .  There was a black suitcase on his side, and he could see that he was coming with his luggage .

After waiting calmly for more than ten seconds, he loosened his tie, raised his hand and rang the doorbell again . Raising his eyes, his deep eyes looked at the monitor, which was exactly the opposite of Gu Jiayi who peeked across the screen .  

“Sorry, I went to the hotel to get some luggage and came back late . ”

Even though he couldn’t see anything on the monitor, he knew that Gu Jiayu was peeking at him .

His tone was very stable . His deep voice was very similar to his temperament, and he spoke in a hurry . There was a sense of indifference and confidence that could be managed in the palm of his body .  Five years later, Mo Yunqi showed the charm of mature men more .

Gu Jia was annoyed and helpless . He must have been blinded at first . Then at the first sight of the other side, he had that ridiculous idea, trying to seduce him to death!

His finger was severely poked at the door switch button, and Gu Jiayu cursed in a bad temper, “Evil edge!” If it weren’t for the memory seal, which could only be used once for one person, he would seal it again!

It was not too much to say that it was a fate, which went back five years .