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Chapter 4.1

Zheng Xueshao, ”Did you read the script I showed you a few days ago? Are you interested?”

Gu Jiayi was lying on the bed, and the smell of Mo Yunqi was everywhere in the house, which made him feel that his territory had been occupied . However, thinking about the cause and effect he owed to the other, he had to endure . He could only pray to God devoutly to let him payoff more debt . But it was still not so cool .  

He said lazily: “Look, I’m not interested . What does this have to do with Director Wang?”

Since winning the actor’s trophy, Gu Jiayu had been making movies for the past six months, all of which were big commercial movies . Gu Jiayu was not that interested after reading the script .  It was not that the script was not good, or that the role was simply not interesting . It just didn’t feel challenging .  In this regard, Zheng Xueshao didn’t force him . He kept his mind to wait for a good script suitable for Gu Jiayu, and would not over-use Gu Jiayu’s fame .

“It’s just that Director Wang asked me to meet him this morning . He said that there was a drama that he wanted to show you . It was a role tailored to you before . Unfortunately, it was a male second . After you became the film emperor, obviously you feel wronged when you take the film emperor and then act as the second man . Director Wang has also been embarrassed to talk about this . ”

“And you can only get 200,000 per one episode . This is your previous film fee . After you receive it, you may be the cheapest film emperor . ”

“Zheng Xueshao told me to let you know all the pros and cons, and let you measure it yourself . But taking this drama is equivalent to letting Director Wang owe you personal feelings . I’ll talk to him if you need something later, and in the interview before Director Wang has already paved the way for you, indicating that he is really optimistic about you . ”

“I also read the script, and it was really good . If you perform well, you can beat the male lead and gain a large number of fans . Take the role or not is all up to you . I will not force you . “

As an artist, Gu Jiayu really obeyed the arrangement, but he couldn’t be fooled . Once he was acutely aware that he had been deceived, it was normal to lift the table and smashed the stool, and turned his face and did not recognize anyone .  At the beginning, Zheng Xueshao really wanted to train Gu Jiayu into an obedient artist who dared not have personal ideas .  

After all, the artist who had been trained by himself had backstabbed him, and Zheng Xueshao must take precautions .  It was a pity that when he was fooled for the first time, Gu Jiayu, who had no heart or temper, looked directly at Zheng Xueshao, turned into a violent bear, and slap him in the car . The scene became the shadow of Zheng Xueshao’s heart, and he never dared to deceive him .

Gu Jiayu hit a few rolls, and said lazily: “Look at the script first . ”

Zheng Xueshao sent the script to Gu Jiayu’s e-mail .  

“Give me a reply as soon as possible, and I have to give Director Wang a contract as soon as possible . If you agree, I can talk to him about the conditions again . ”

Gu Jiayu yawned and got out of bed, intending to wash his face and do serious business .  

“When will this show start?”

As long as he could suck powder, he didn’t care much about money .

“Next month, it should be as fast as possible . ”

“Okay . ” 

Gu Jiayu hung up the phone, washed his face, made a cup of tea, lay on the sofa and read the script .

The name of the play was “Big Wing Dynasty” . The outline of the play was very good . It wrote about the process of a southern prince’s conquest of the north, eventually unifying the whole country and becoming an emperor .

Gu Jiayu played a conspirator who was famous in his early twenties . He looked like Pan An, and had nothing to do with it . He was known as Zhong Lishao, the first son of Yiguo .  The King Yi also personally came to invite him three times . That was why he came out .

Zhong Lishao immediately fought the battle all year round, working hard to follow King Yi for more than ten years, born and died for him, repeatedly built great achievements, and dedicated himself wholeheartedly .

Thanked to Zhong Lishao’s great help, the King Yi unified the six kingdoms and established his own world, but unfortunately “the birds are gone, the good bows are hidden; the cunning rabbits die and the dogs cook . ” 

Zhong Lishao had worked hard for more than ten years, he was outstanding, and because of his arrogant character, he had been impeached many times by treacherous people . In the end, even the King Yi began to shake, and gradually became suspicious of him, and his power was gradually suspended .  

From his twenty-year-old spirit to his forties, the nobleman in white still had a face that fascinates all living beings, but his eyes gradually change from fighting spirit to vicissitudes of despair .  In the end, he took the initiative to resign, and the day after he left the imperial capital, he still did not escape the pursuit of the traitor .

Before Zhong Lishao died with a desolate smile, Gu Jiayu gave him a sympathetic tear .  Later, the emperor as the protagonist, naturally avenged him and punished the traitor . The death of Zhong Lishao became his only regret in this life .

At the end of the script, Gu Jiayu thought to himself, ‘Does the emperor really not know that Zhong Lishao was hunted down?’ Anyway, Gu Jiayu did not believe of it . The TV series said, ‘Since ancient times, the royal family has been ruthless . ’

His role was terrible!

‘I really want a follower to stab the traitor, and the stupid emperor!’

‘Seeing that this role is a mystery, take it!’

When Gu Jiayu gave Zheng Xueshao the exact news, Zheng Xueshao was not surprised . This script was indeed well written .

Gu Jiayu asked casually, “Who got the show?”

“You know the protagonist, Pei Peng, both acting skills and character are good . The third male is Deng Xing, you also know him . There is a small role . If you pick up this drama, I will put Bai Yu in and play the role of your brother . ”

“Deng Xing?” Gu Jiayu became spirited when he heard the name .

”Oh! The opportunity for revenge is coming now!”

Zheng Xueshao, ”…”

He didn’t remember a few serious things . He remembered such things like rotten sesame seeds .

In fact, Gu Jiayu and Deng Xing were not a deep hatred . Deng Xing’s family was good . He could be considered a rich second generation . He was not too old, the average in the circle, the average person, and acting was average . Mixed for more than ten years and was still the second and third tiers . The acting skills were indeed a lot stronger than small fresh meat, but he hadn’t won any big prizes . The biggest hobby was “point” to the little newcomer and showing his senior status .

Gu Jiayu had a “little fresh meat” face . For his first role, he was thrust into the crew in the middle of the film . Deng Xing regarded him as his godson . No less bullying him .  At that time Gu Jiayu had just arrived in modern society and did not understand anything . Due to the influence of the other party’s family background, Zheng Xueshao let him bear it again, and Gu Jiayu was foolishly bullied by the other party for a long time .