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Chapter 6.2

Mo Zeyang crawled out of Gu Jiaming’s arms, curiously poked at his father’s computer with his fingers, and found that it was completely different from the webpage pictures that his data usually watched . He couldn’t help but click a little more .

“Gu Dazhuang!” Gu Jiaming stretched out his feet and kicked the little chubby’s fat buttocks . “Do not move other people’s things casually!

Mo Zeyang grinned disgustedly, big and strong! The only thing his dad was not smart about was giving him such a nickname .  

In general, Gu Jiaming called the intimate name cub, cub . When Mo Zeyang made a small mistake, he would be called Gu Dazhuang . Made a big mistake, you must not follow yourself . You must be called a big name .

Only the surname Mo would make mistakes, and the surname Gu will not! 

When he was usually called Mo Zeyang, children must cover their ass off . At this time, he might be spanked .  

When the first time he heard a child named Mo Zeyang, Mo always wondered who gave Mo Zeyang such a literary name? 

When he found that Mo Yunqi was back, Mo Zeyang crawled quickly and  looked back at Jiaming, using both hands and feet, and crawled very quickly .

Mo Yunqi handed Gu Jiaming a contract prepared in advance .  

“After signing this contract, the child will always be yours . Under any circumstances, I have no right to take your child away . ”

Gu Jiaming took a look at it, and asked uneasily, ”There will not be any pitfalls, right?”

Mo Yunqi lowered his face coldly, his dark eyes stared at Gu Jiaming without a wave . Even if he didn’t speak, Gu Jiaming was startled . Obviously, the other party didn’t say anything and his expression didn’t change . It still made him feel, Mo Yunqi was angry .

He did not expect that a human would cause such pressure to him, and it was indeed a young and ignorant man he once liked!

Startled, Gu Jiaming hummed arrogantly, “I just said it casually . I don’t really doubt your character . ”

Admiration and recognition are very imposing .

Fortunately, Mo Yunqi’s eyes were warm . Without thinking about him, he picked up his notebook and continued to look at the news . The tone was still mild, “I heard that when you went to film before, the child stayed in kindergarten all the time . Ask the teacher to take care of him . Sometimes you don’t see him for a long time . ”

Gu Jiaming felt a pain in his heart, this was poking a knife at his heart!

Not forced but helpless, how could he be willing to leave the child there?

“In the future, when you film, I will pick him up every day . I will call you every day, and take him to see you on Saturday and Sunday . Whether in town or in the mountains, I have a private jet and I can pass at any time . ”

Mo Yunqi’s voice was very soft, and every sentence he said was very tempting to Gu Jiaming, right in the center of his mind .

It was undeniable that the thought of seeing Mo Zeyang everyday made Gu Jiaming’s heart twitch fiercely .

‘What should I do?’

However, the thought of Mo Yunqi having been in contact with his cute little cub for a long time, the baby who loved him the most was abducted … Gu Jiaming covered his heart and couldn’t think of it!


Mo Yunqi lifted his eyes and glanced at him . The corners of his mouth slightly twitched, his unhurried voice with his unique rhythm slowly tapping Gu Jiaming’s heart, shattered his defenses a little bit, “This contract is a guarantee that the child will always be yours . You don’t have to worry that I will snatch it from you . ” 

The child is Gu Jiaming’s only weakness .

Gu Jiaming loved him and cared about him . The protection was seamless . So concerned about this child, Gu Jiaming gave him to the school to take care of him . He could imagine the mood of going out to film alone .

Sure enough, Gu Jiaming was obviously lost . He looked at the contract in a tangled manner, his mouth narrowed slightly .

Gu Jiaming was now confused, that was to say, Mo Yunqi was a nanny?

‘No! I promised to repay the debt, so how can I pay off in the future?’

This incident violated the principle of repaying the debt of President Mo as a pig!

Mo Yunqi looked up and said earnestly, “After all, I am his biological father . This is my responsibility as a father . Do you even deprive me of this right?”

Gu Jiaming opened his mouth and was blocked by this sentence without saying a word . He did deprive the other party of his rights as a father . He didn’t let the other party see Mo Zeyang for five years, and even selfishly sealed the other party’s memory . He fled the marriage and made him unaware of the existence of the child .

“I’m just helping you pick him up . After all, the school is not his own home . Staying there for a long time will have a bad impact on the child’s psychological development . ” 

Mo Yunqi looked at Gu Jiaming’s blinking eyes and ask him, “Have you ever thought about it, he will miss you? Would such a young child misunderstand that you don’t want him anymore?”

Gu Jiaming bowed his head, facing a pair of big, pure eyes, his heart tightened suddenly . Thinking of Mo Zeyang asking him if he would come to pick him up, his eyes were hot .

Really reluctant!

Mo Yunqi continued to induce, “Your son will always be your son, and you can rest assured . ”

Gu Jiaming, “…” 

‘Suddenly, what should I do?’

At this time, Mo Yunqi’s mobile phone vibrated a bit . He picked it up and looked at it, and continued, ”Anyway, don’t worry . You can think about it slowly . I have to go out for business . ”

Then he put his notebook on the table, stood up and looked at Gu Jiaming, returned to the room and took a coat .  It was early spring, and there was still some coolness at night . Gu Jiaming looked at the other side’s back and gradually squeezed the contract .

At this moment, I felt a chubby hand poking from his waist . Gu Jiaming was afraid of itching, and immediately pulled his attention back . He looked down at the little cub in his arms, feeling very entangled .

“Dad, I want to come home . ” Mo Zeyang didn’t understand anything else, just understood that he could go home everyday .  The word home had a fatal appeal to him .

The words of milk and milk made Gu Jiaming burst into tears instantly, and the little cub holding his baby kept babbling, return! What the babies say is what! He signed the contract! He could owe debt . He could pay it back slowly . He could give up everything for his baby, and all the immortals and gods stood back, the most important thing was his cub!

Mo Zeyang was in pain, holding Gu Jiaming’s face with both hands to calm him down . The most important thing in front of him was, “Are you going to find a wild fox? If you find a wild fox, you won’t be allowed to come back . You made it?”

Mo Yunqi, who was changing his shoes, took a break and said helplessly, “I’ll go to see my personal doctor . You go to bed earlier . ”


The two looked at the door at the same time, and looked at the person at the door with concern, ‘What happened to this fragile human?’