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Reed, a young man that had spent his entire life in the slums wished for a miracle. He dreamt that one day he'd escape the ghetto he had been born in and travel across the world. He longed to embark on an adventure and truly begin living a real life.

Alas, it was not meant to be. The stars had other plans in mind for the young man.

On the night of his sixteenth birthday, he had his life flipped upside down. Caught in the midst of a confrontation between two rival gangs, Reed suffered a fatal injury.

As he laid on the street, Reed couldn't help but laugh at how unfair his life had been from beginning to end.

Born poor? Sure. No parents? Okay. No opportunities in life? Fine. But his own miserable life, too?

"What more can I be deprived of?" Reed muttered as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

A soft voice chuckled and said, "Much, much more, boy. But you'll soon have the opportunity to have all your wishes fulfilled."

"...If you can earn the right to obtain them."


Expect irregular updates, unfortunately. Real life (University, mainly) eats up my time.

I'm a slow writer unlike the speedsters on this site. I should also mention that I usually only write when that elusive spark of creativity hits me, so when you add that into the mix... my releases get extremely irregular for readers. I'll ask for your patience in advance.

Chapters will be in the ballpark of 2000-2500 words per chapter. (Usually)

Any comment or review you'd leave for the novel is worth more than gold to me. Have a good one.

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