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Chapter 285

The third day, Elvis’s cave was broken into again .

Wrapping herself with a piece of hide, Gu Mengmeng went out and saw Lea sweeping the snow off his body with his furry tails under the clear moonlight . The moment he saw Gu Mengmeng, the snow fox turned into a human, while his hairy big tail and a pair of adorable fox ears remained .

“Mengmeng, I’m back . ” Lea’s smile was even brighter than the moonlight . He stamped a few times at the entrance to shake off all the remaining snow on his body, but raised his hand to stop Gu Mengmeng from approaching . “Go and wait inside first, I will come in when my body is warmed by the fire,” he said .

“It’s alright, I don’t feel cold . ” Gu Mengmeng said as she walked to Lea and held his hand . Together, they walked deeper into the cave . Gu Mengmeng said, “Elvis was just talking about how we have finished all the food you’ve . If you still don’t return, he will have to cook himself . Hey, just think about his cooking skills…”

Lea did not utter a single word, he just followed behind Gu Mengmeng quietly and let her hold on to him .

Everything felt like a dream .

During these three days, he had searched for food edible for her day and night . Every time he was about to freeze to death, he would tell himself that Mengmeng was still waiting for him and he had to make it back alive .

But when he really saw her waiting for him, he was in disbelief .

Is Mengmeng… no longer angry at him?

He dared not to ask this question .

He did not even dare to make any noise, afraid that all these are just the illusions he sees as he was about to freeze to death in the snow . The moment he pops this phantom bubble, he would be left to the death rhapsody of howling winds and icy snow .

Being able to see this sight before dying… He decided to forgive all the Beast Deity’s cruelty in the past because of this moment’s kindness .

In the inner part of the cave, Elvis was mixing food in the pot . He looked up at Lea and said, “I would believe that you have died outside if you have not made it back . ”

Lea smiled faintly and did not answer .

Pulling Lea to the fire pit and signaling him to sit down, Gu Mengmeng took a piece of hide for him to wrap himself up . She said, “You must be tired from the three days outside . Eat some food and have a good rest after this, we will talk about anything tomorrow . ”

Elvis clapped his hands to signal that the food were done heating . He then took the largest bowl and filled it up for Gu Mengmeng, before taking two small bowls for Lea and himself . Elvis handed over the bowl to Lea, but Lea did not take it . Elvis frowned . “Do you expect me to feed you?”

Lea smiled suddenly, carefully taking the small bowl and tasted it .

Yes, this illusion is so real, even for the temperature and taste .

“Wah…” Gu Mengmeng had only taken a month before she started vomiting suddenly . She kneeled at the bedside and vomited till she could not straighten her back .

Elvis immediately put his bowl down, patted Gu Mengmeng’s back and looked back at Lea whom had a foolish smile on his face . “Did the cold make you an idiot? Quickly get some water!”

Ah, he felt so happy being able to do a small favor for Mengmeng before he died .

Lea nodded and went to take Gu Mengmeng’s cup while smiling . He filled a cup of warm water from the stone pot at the side and passed it to Elvis . But Elvis was too anxious when taking it and his nails accidentally cut into Lea’s finger .

Blood… Bleeding?

And it feels a little… painful?

So… this isn’t an illusion?