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Published at 14th of January 2020 12:30:17 PM

Chapter 286

“Why are you in a daze? Water!” Elvis was surprised by Lea’s state this time . Lea used to be sharp and sensitive, the slow reaction was nothing like him .

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Lea was awakened by Elvis’s call . He wanted to pass the cup to Elvis, but changed the direction midair and he walked straight up to Gu Mengmeng . He carried Gu Mengmeng, whom had just vomited, with one leg kneeling on the ground and another in a ninety degrees angle, he made a chair with his leg to let Gu Mengmeng sit down . Then, he used his big tail to secure her back, turning himself into a human-fox chair . With two hands empty now, he wiped away the stain on Gu Mengmeng’s lips with one hand and passed the cup to her mouth with the other . He said gently, “Come, drink some water . ”

Gu Mengmeng had vomited till she was so dizzy that she could not recognize who was the one taking care of her . She took a sip along the opening of the cup, rinsed her mouth, spit it out and swallowed another sip before finally suppressing the urge to vomit .

Lea stuck out his tongue and licked away the water stain on Gu Mengmeng’s lips . This act had shocked Gu Mengmeng who just recovered . She instinctively took a step back and looked at Lea warily, “What… What are you doing?”

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Lea stretched out his two hands, one with the cup and another with something that resembled a bunch of grapes but had the texture of crystals . He tilted his head and said, “I have no hands . ”

Gu Mengmeng used her sleeve to wipe her mouth herself, before letting out a dried laughter and she said, “It’s alright, I will do it myself” .

Lea looked at Gu Mengmeng with a wronged expression and said, “You are the one who held my hand first…”

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Gu Mengmeng could not rebut . The education in the present world was different from that in the Qing Dynasty . Linking arms, giving hot water and leading a friend that had been out for three days to the fire pit was something normal to Gu Mengmeng, but was a special kind of hint for Lea .

Gu Mengmeng sighed and stood up from Lea’s legs . “I’m sorry, it was my bad, I will take note in the future . ”

Lea stood up together with Gu Mengmeng and hugged her from the back . Like a puppy being abandoned by its owner, he looked pitiful and said, “I want to hear your confession and not an apology . ”

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“Lea . ” Gu Mengmeng did not struggle . Undeniably, the stories Elvis had told her made her soft when facing Lea . After all, human hearts were made of flesh and blood .

“I will not pass the boundary and be greedy for more again . ” Unlike Elvis who hugged Gu Mengmeng with all his strength every single time, Lea’s hug was soft and loose, giving Gu Mengmeng the space to breathe, but not letting her to struggle as she likes . It was like a gentle trap, not evoking fear in people but deadly in a similar way . “I’ll follow the boundaries you have set, so… please be a little nicer to me, just a little, okay?”

Gu Mengmeng could not reject him . Elvis had said that she was the only person that had managed to bring Lea out from his own hatred to become someone truly alive . If she shot him down brutally, it might be Lea’s last straw . After all, they had been lovers in the past, Gu Mengmeng would not be able to bring herself to push Lea to his death .

But giving in out of pity… Gu Mengmeng admitted that she was not so kind to make sacrifices to this exte

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