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Published at 14th of January 2020 12:30:15 PM

Chapter 287

“Lea, let’s forgive each other . ” Gu Mengmeng pushed away Lea’s hug lightly, the mild gesture instead made Lea unable to continue restraining her .

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Gu Mengmeng took a step in front, before turning to look and Lea and she said, “When I liked you last, I liked you with all my heart . I don’t know where we will be in now if not for all the things that happened . Perhaps I would have mated with you and be pregnant with your children, or I will break up with you even if you didn’t do the things that made me sad . Because… like is just like, it’s different from love . ”

Lea was forcing to keep his smile and his shivering lips looked pitiful .

He plucked one from the crystal-like grapes and stuffed it into Gu Mengmeng’s mouth without saying anything, before explaining on his own, “This is the Xue Ling fruits which only ripen in the winter . There are not many that have tried it in the Beast World, even for my tribe of snow foxes, they would not take the risk to look for it in the winter . But it has a special taste and all the females love it after eating . Eat more while it’s still fresh and don’t let my efforts go to waste . ”

After that, he stuffed all the Xue Ling fruits into Gu Mengmeng’s arms, before turning to walk away .

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That back… He had fled away .

He had always stayed calm and composed facing enemies several times more powerful than him, yet he always crumbled under Gu Mengmeng .

He did not know what he was scared about . At least Gu Mengmeng did not erase that relationship away, she said that she wanted to forgive each other, she even admitted that she liked him herself . Shouldn’t it be something worth celebrating about? But why… why did he felt a sharp pain in his heart? It was even more painful than the day she had mated .

Ah, it must be due to some frozen bites he had gotten while searching for the Xue Ling fruits, if not how could he explain the thousand-year old sheet of ice covering his heart . Hard yet brittle, it will shatter into the smallest ice pieces with just one sentence from Gu Mengmeng .

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Gu Mengmeng looked at the Xue Ling fruits in her arms and did not chase after Lea .

She knew that with Lea’s cleverness, he would have figured out what she had wanted to say . Giving him some time to slowly accept it might be the best way for everyone .

Can people that had loved each other still be friends?

This was a debate that questioned humanity . To Gu Mengmeng herself, she did not believe in it happening .

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But to Lea, what other titles could she give him other than being ‘friends’?

Gu Mengmeng sighed and sat back on her bed . Using smalls bowls, she split the Xue Ling fruits into three portions . She took one bowl and started eating . The taste was a little sour and a little sweet, something like mangosteen without skin, or a kiwi that had not fully ripened . The taste was special, but successfully suppressed the revolting feeling Gu Mengmeng had been feeling since just now .

Her bowl of Xue Ling fruits was finished in no time . Gu Mengmeng licked her lips and reached out towards Elvis’s bowl secretly .

“Just one more, just one…”

Gu Mengmeng’s hand hesitated for a while on top of the bowl, before choosing the biggest one to put into her mouth . She was entirely satisfied with the crunchiness and sweetness in her mouth .

“Ah, the food in others’ bowls are always the best~” Gu Mengmeng sucked her fingers and looked at the bowl of Xue Ling fruits with eager eyes, before saying softly, “Just one last one, one last one . ”

Like a thief, Gu Mengmeng reached out to the second biggest Xue Ling fruit in Elvis’s bowl . Her watery eyes darted across the place to ensure that no one saw what she was doing, before quickly plucking it off and stuffed it into her mouth . She felt so happy that she was willing to jump 360 degrees before landing again .

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