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Chapter 288

“Hubby~” Gu Mengmeng shouted at the top of her voice .

Elvis heard her and came over, holding a bowl of piping hot boiled fish meat with potatoes . Lea was walking behind him and he was holding onto some sweet potatoes that he just roasted at the fireplace . Once the two of them came in, they saw Gu Mengmeng kneeling on the side of the bed, her two eyes staring intently at the two bowls by her bed . That expression of her swallowing her saliva profusely was simply writing ‘I want to eat’ on her face . The look of her trying her best to hold back was really lovable .

Elvis sat next to Gu Mengmeng and peered over at the two bowls . The bowls were filled with Xue Ling fruits . However, one bowl had more fruits than the other .

“What’s wrong?” Elvis did not understand why Gu Mengmeng was staring at the two bowls in a daze . “If you want to eat, go on and eat . These are all yours . ”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head and pointed at the bowl with more fruits, crying, “This bowl is Lea’s . ” Then, she pointed at the bowl with lesser fruits, saying, “This is yours . ”

Gu Mengmeng carried the bowl with lesser fruits and lowered her head like a child who made a mistake . She pouted and explained with a wronged tone, “Originally, you had the same amount as Lea but I couldn’t help myself and…”

Gu Mengmeng chomped but there was no more sweet taste in her mouth anymore . All that’s left was a sour aftertaste, but this taste made her even harder to stop . She hardened her heart and pushed the bowl to Elvis, tilting her head to the other side and saying while not bearing to look at him, “It’s for you, hurry and eat it . If not, I’ll finish eating all of them . ”

Elvis’s heart warmed up in a complete mess . Holding the food with one hand, he pulled Gu Mengmeng into his arms by her waist with his other hand . He said while giving off a helpless smile, “Do you think that I’ll steal your food?”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head, pressing her lips together and not saying a word .

Elvis added, “Then, why are you still hesitating? Hurry and eat . ”

Gu Mengmeng still shook her head, pushing the bowl filled with Xue Ling fruits to Elvis again, saying, “We’re a married couple, we should go through thick and thin together . It doesn’t make sense for me to have everything delicious to myself while you’re the only one facing all the danger . ”

Elvis knew that Gu Mengmeng was still feeling sad over him hiding her and fighting alone when the stray beasts intruded their cave . She had been blaming herself for her lack of ability these past few days and accusing herself of having a battle force of only five slag when they were faced with danger . Besides folding her arms and looking on, she could not do anything else . Elvis did not know what was a battle force of only five slag but he knew that it was not a good word so to pacify her, he agreed to bring her and their babies to survival training after she gave birth . This forcefully enabled her to let it go but she still could not entirely get over it .

Every time Elvis saw Gu Mengmeng being so troubled over it, he would feel that he was too merciful in letting the stray beasts leave . If he could turn back time, he must make them regret coming to Saint Nazaire… . no, he must make them regret being born to this world .

However, now, Elvis’s top priority was to pacify Gu Mengmeng .

After exchanging a gaze with Lea, Lea immediately understood what he meant and he stepped forward to sit diagonally to Gu Mengmeng . Pointing to the bowl with more fruits, he asked, “Is this bowl mine?”

Gu Mengmeng nodded and replied, “Yeah, you found these after working so hard for three days, how can you not taste them? Don’t worry, I didn’t steal any of yours, not even one . ”

Lea flipped his body around and lied down at the side of the bed . Using his elbow to support himself, he raised his jaw and said, “But I already ate a lot of these when I was plucking them . I was just thinking that my mouth is still filled with the sour taste, I don’t want to eat them anymore . ”