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Chapter 290: 290

Gu Mengmeng heard him and instantly get pumped with energy . She knew that many seasonings used for cooking in the present world were used to make herbs in the past . Those that she could name were pepper, aniseed, common fennel fruit, cinnamon, dried tangerine, murraya paniculata…

Slapping her forehead, Gu Mengmeng exclaimed, “Hey, why didn’t I think of it? Hurry hurry hurry, take them all out for me to see . ”

Seeing Gu Mengmeng being filled with vigor instantly, Lea heaved a sigh of relief quietly before opening up the beast skin used to wrap the herbs and placing it in front of Gu Mengmeng .

He was in a rush when coming out from the cave and at that time, he was also not in any mood to arrange those herbs so when he opened the packet, all the herbs were mixed together . Let alone Gu Mengmeng having the ability to recognize any at first glance, Lea, himself, would need to spend some time differentiating the types of herbs .

Lea lay next to Gu Mengmeng and picked each herb slowly one by one to distinguish them before placing them aside individually .

Gu Mengmeng was not interested in those that she could not even name . She just speedily tried to search for the herbs she could recognize among the mess .

Sometimes, happiness would take one by surprise .

“Ah~~!” Gu Mengmeng picked a fiery red rootstock from the mess of herbs, her expression looking as if she had found a rare treasure in this world as she was speechless from all the excitement .

Lea snatched the fiery red herb from Gu Mengmeng and said with a serious face, “You can’t take this, it’s too dangerous . ”

Gu Mengmeng tilted her head and looked at Lea, saying, “What damn danger can a chilli cause? Can your chilli fart or what?”

Lea hid the chilli behind his back, extremely afraid that Gu Mengmeng would suddenly pounce on him to snatch it away so he said, “This scorching glitter fruit is used to attack enemies by catching them unprepared . It’s a magic weapon that can subdue one in a single move . It’s really too dangerous, don’t take this to play, alright?”

“Attack…” Gu Mengmeng smirked and she smiled wickedly . “Don’t tell me you grind this into powder form and cast it onto the enemies’ faces?”

Lea was taken aback and he asked, “How…how did you know?”

Gu Mengmeng slapped her thigh and burst out in crazy laughter, saying, “Ha ha ha, I not only know about this, I also know that another name for this move is called ‘stinging eyes’ . Mean, Lea, you’re too mean!”

Gu Mengmeng laughed until Lea and Elvis could not interrupt her . All they could do was to wait for her to finish laughing while gazing at each other in speechless despair .

Gu Mengmeng finally grew tired from all the laughing and she extended her palm out, saying, “I can play with this thing better than you . Hand it over readily, don’t make me snatch it myself . ”

Lea hesitated because he accidentally casted a little in his eyes once before . That feeling was really not bearable and he even thought that his eyes were going to be disabled from then on . He really did not want to let Gu Mengmeng touch this dangerous thing .

Gu Mengmeng started being impatient and she tsked before using her elbow to poke Elvis . “Hubby . ”

Elvis was at a loss too and he could only look at Lea, commanding him, “Give it to her . ”

“But…” Lea frowned . He met eyes with Elvis but his hand was still hiding behind his back .

Elvis did not allow Lea to finish speaking when he directly said, “Xiao Meng is the head of our household . Me, you…have to listen to her . ”

Lea was shocked and he looked into Elvis’s eyes, not being able to say a word .

So…does Elvis mean that he had acknowledged him…as Mengmeng’s family member?

Elvis did not observe any of the changes in Lea’s expression as he just repeated himself, “Give it to her . ”

Lea bit onto his lower lip but eventually, he placed the scorching glitter fruit on Gu Mengmeng’s hands in utmost cautiousness . After that, he still repeatedly advise her worriedly, “Be careful, you must be extremely careful and not injure yourself . ”