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Chapter 64

Elvis felt much more settled with Gu Mengmeng’s promise and started to look forward to tonight’s campfire . Even he had some sort of vanity and wished to be approved by Gu Mengmeng and become her first partner in front of all the tribesmen .

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It was the first time Elvis looked forward to the sun setting as he thought about himself getting an official status tonight .

“Gu Mengmeng, Gu Mengmeng, come over here, this is for you!” Sandy waved the uncivilized version of sanitary pad in her hands, ran towards Gu Mengmeng breathlessly and stuffed the pad to her . “Quick… quickly change into it . The sun is setting soon… Bo… Bode said that the campfire was almost ready . ”

Gu Mengmeng had a complicated smile, she would have believed that Sandy was purposely making fun of her if not for her sincere expression .

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Damn! There are dozens of pairs of green eyes staring at her outside the cave and they seemed to turn even greener hearing that she was going to change sanitary pad .

Gu Mengmeng was perplexed .

Was there really a need for her to be the center of attention just because she was on her period?!

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Elvis took two steps forward and stopped in front of Sandy . He said expressionlessly, “Bring your partner to reserve a seat near the campfire, Gu Mengmeng will be there with me soon . ”

“Ye… yes . ” Sandy was still scared of Elvis after all and she did not dare to stay any longer seeing he had already sent out the ‘expulsion order’ . Sandy retreated a step timidly, before stretching her neck to look at Gu Mengmeng and she said, “I will wait for you at the campfire then, come quickly . ”

“Okay, see you later!” Gu Mengmeng was gentle towards Sandy anytime .

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Sandy leaving had caused a commotion between the males . She had too much of Gu Mengmeng’s smell of estrus on her, which was making the single males too excited to control themselves . Fortunately, there were Bode and the others protecting Sandy from the uncontrollable males .

Right after Sandy had left, Elvis tore a thick hide from the side and with two blows, he punched the hide into the edge of the top of the cave entrance and forcefully embed it onto the walls, forming a simple curtain that blocked the sight of the drooling males outside .

On the other hand, it had make Gu Mengmeng a totally blind person .

“Le… Leader… I can’t see . ” Gu Mengmeng was exploring aimlessly in the dark with her two arms stretched out in front .

“I’m right here . ” Elvis frowned and took a few big strides towards Gu Mengmeng, before holding her small hands that were exploring in the dark and brought her into his arms . “What happened to your eyes,” Elvis asked .

“Nothing happened to my eyes, why?” Gu Mengmeng held onto Elvis’s arms tightly, not letting go of it and curled onto Elvis like a kitten in search of a sense of security .

Elvis thought, everyone had their unspeakable pasts, the injury of her eyes must have brought pain to her, which was why she did not want to mention it . Elvis frowned almost unnoticeably . He suddenly felt that her smile was too dazzling, even though both her mind and heart were undergoing torture, she still persevered and put on a smile, hiding her pain and licking the wounds all by herself afterwards .

Without further words, Elvis scooped Gu Mengmeng into his arms placed her onto his thighs, before swiftly flipping up her dress, pulling down her panties and changing her into the sanitary pads that were just sent over by Sandy . He then helped her tidy up her clothes, brought her back into his arms and placed her at his chest level .


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