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Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Watch Your Performance!

    Because whenever he and her show this . . . scalp numbing expression, it means . . . that she is going to suffer!

    When he asked her to drink coffee yesterday, it was the same expression .

    This smile made Song Wenxin's memory fresh .


    At this moment, Jiang Beihan suddenly raised a brow, followed by a suddenly outstretched arm, and put it on her shoulder .

    Song Wenxin hesitated, "You . . . what do you want?"

    He didn't answer immediately, but lowered his head and approached her slowly .

    Black eyes, staring at her face tightly . . .

    The warm breath sprayed from the tip of his nose sprayed on Song Wenxin's nose and cheeks .

    This enchanting breath . . . made Song Wenxin's heart . . . bewildered quickly beating . . .

    She opened her eyes wide, and stretched her arms around her pajamas . . . Suddenly she wanted a big mouthful of breath to ease this awkward feeling .

    This man, although he doesn't like women, can he think about women for a while?

    With such a superb handsome face, it is easy to misunderstand a woman to do such an ambiguous act .

    If he didn't know he liked men, Song Wenxin was really afraid he would be tempted . . .

    Thinking, her face warmed up .

    This is the first time she has had this feeling for a man .


    Seeing her flustered look, he frowned with satisfaction, and speak "Song Jiamu seems to be talking about an important cooperation recently . . . " 

    Cooperation . . . Wen Yan, Song Wenxin suddenly hesitated, remembering the big business that her brother said when she was at home today . . .

    With the smile of Jiang Beihan just now, Song Wenxin suddenly remembered that the person who talked with his brother about business would not . . .

    "It's you who talked to my brother about cooperation?" Song Wenxin sat up in surprise!

    "That kind of small investment is not enough for me to participate in person!" Jiang Beihan said dismissively .

    " . . . " His words made Song Wenxin unable to refute .

    Indeed, in the eyes of Jiang Beihan, those small businesses in her family are really nothing .

    However, these are very important to her brother and to the current Song family!

    Therefore, Jiang Beihan told her now to tell her that if she didn't do what he said, would he terminate the cooperation that Song Jiamu was talking about .

    She wondered, why did he use this to threaten her, just to let her knit sweaters for him?

    He's Jiang beihan, why can't he wear it without a sweater . . .

    Still, he was just too boring and wanted to take her for fun . . .

    She felt that she was getting more and more confused about the man's logic .

    "Well . . . whether I promise to help you weave things, you will continue to talk to my brother for cooperation . " Song Wenxin bit his lip, and then carefully asked him .

    "Look at your performance!"  He hooked his lips, took his hands off her shoulders, and leaned against the sofa with his long legs crossed .

    "Look at my performance?" Song Wenxin responded with a swift reaction, and then asked him, "Do you mean weaving a sweater for you?"

    "Only if you make me happy, Song Jiamu will be happy!" Jiang Beihan nodded his chin, and explained to her concisely .

    After hearing what he said, Song Wenxin understood what he meant .

    What he meant was that as long as she followed him in everything and made him feel good, would he talk about cooperation with her brother?