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Chapter 46

Chapter 46 : What did I do wrong?

    So, did she help him weave things?

    But she was curious . When will Jiang beihan be short of sweaters and scarves? And she had to make her handcraft, does he think her handcrafting skills were good?

    But then, he just said disgustedly that the scarf she knitted was ugly!

    Song Wenxin hesitated for a moment and agreed "Okay, I'm going to buy the wool back tomorrow, and help you knit a sweater first? What style do you want?" 

    Just by weaving a few things, she can get an important cooperation opportunity for his brother, which is very cost-effective .

    "Whatever!" There was not much expression on Jiang Beihan's face .

    " . . . " Song Wenxin was completely speechless . He took the initiative to ask her to help him weave things, but he said anything . . .

    "Then I can weave a big red flower on it, can I?" Looking at his indifferent look, Song Wenxin felt a little upset in her heart, and then said mischievously .

    Isn't he saying casually, now she can see how casual he is!

    She didn't believe it, he was willing to wear a sweater with big red flowers!

    Upon hearing this, Jiang Beihan frowned, glanced at her unhappyly, and then suddenly sneered . . .

    This smile again . . . Song Wenxin shivered in his heart .

    The next moment, he suddenly took out his mobile phone, dialed a number and put it in his ear .

    Song Wenxin looked at him doubtfully .

    "Cooperation with Song Hetang can take . . . "

    Before the word disappeared, Song Wenxin threw himself in a panic and grabbed Jiang Beihan's hand holding the mobile phone .

    "Sorry, am I wrong?" She looked at him with a worried expression .

    He really wouldn't cancel the cooperation with her brother just because of her joke just now!

    "Wrong?" Jiang Beihan raised an eyebrow and thin lips, and looked at her with a bit of interest in his black eyes . "What's wrong with you?"

    "I . . . I shouldn't have said weaved a big red flower on your sweater!" Song Wenxin bit her lip bitterly, and then apologized unwillingly!

    "What else?" Black eyes narrowed slowly, and he continued to ask with patience, this apology did not sound sincere!

    "I will definitely try to knit the sweater!" Song Wenxin patted her chest and promised .

    Jiang Beihan glanced at her with satisfaction, then hung up the call and gave her a look .

    Song Wenxin was relieved, but secretly scolded Jiang Beihan carefully .

    Jiang Beihan noticed her careful thinking, but instead of tearing her apart, he suddenly got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower .

    Before that, he used to unbutton his shirt . . .

    It is a small habit of him to take off his shirt before entering the bathroom .

    But Song Wenxin was taken aback by his sudden action .

    "What are you going to do?" She took the pillow and hugged it to her chest, staring at him a little bit wrongly .

    "Take a bath!" Jiang Beihan glanced at her before returning lightly .

    Then he took off his shirt and threw it on the sofa, revealing a tight figure .

    Before Song Wenxin could see his upper body clearly, he turned around and strode towards the bathroom .

    Song Wenxin was suddenly in her place, scolding herself stupidly in her heart, and just now almost misunderstood . . . thought he was going to do something to himself again .

    Thinking, Song Wenxin couldn't help but reach out and patted her head!

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