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Chapter 47

Chapter 47 : Sleep without room

    Jiang Beihan went to the bathroom, which was connected to the bedroom, so Song Wenxin could clearly hear the movement coming from the inside .

    After a while, the shower sound was heard in the bathroom, inexplicably, Song Wenxin felt a little itchy in her heart somewhat uncomfortable .

    She took the cup from the coffee table, took a sip, and then turned off the TV, and hurried to bed, ready to rest .

    Before going to bed, Song Wenxin played with her mobile phone for a while and sent a message to ask Song Jiamu about the big business .

    But her brother seemed very confident and told her directly without worrying .

    Song Wenxin felt helpless, she still knit sweaters for Jiang beihan .

    After putting her phone in the nightstand, she turned over and went to sleep .

    Just then, the sound of the shower in the bathroom suddenly stopped .

    After a while, the bathroom door was opened, and Jiang Beihan's footsteps came .

    The spirit of Song Wenxin, who was about to rest, suddenly became a little nervous .

    The first two nights, each time after she had fallen asleep, Jiang Beihan only went to bed and rested, so she didn't feel much about the two sleeping on the same bed .

    Today the situation is different, she is still awake .

    Although I know Jiang Beihan's sexual preference is a man, but he is still a man after all, but also a handsome, good-looking man . . .

    How much of this will make Song Wenxin feel uncomfortable .


    The footsteps slowly approached, and Song Wenxin's position fell beside him . Jiang Beihan wore a bathrobe and lay beside her .

    "That . . . " Song Wenxin couldn't help but turned over and looked at Jiang Beihan .

    "There should be a lot of empty rooms in the villa?" Song Wenxin bit her lip and asked suddenly .

    "Say something straight . " Jiang Beihan glanced through her mind, and then pursed his lips .

    "Can we sleep in separate rooms?" Song Wenxin continued .

    With so many rooms in the villa, they don't need to sleep together .

    Isn't he afraid that Shang guan will get it wrong?

    "Why split the room?" Jiang Beihan frowned, asking for granted .

    "I just think it's more convenient to live separately . . . " Song Wenxin replied, her eyes drifting unconsciously onto his chest, where the bathrobe opened, revealing his tight chest on half of his body . . .

    Song Wenxin swallowed, then quickly turned her eyes away .

    At this time, Jiang Beihan sneered, then raised his arm with another arm, approached her a little, and lowered his eyes and asked her, "Are you afraid you can't control what you want to do to me?"

    "I don't!" Upon hearing his question, Song Wenxin was embarrassed and she hurriedly pulled over the quilt to cover her guilty conscience .

    "If not, what's the point of dividing the room?" Jiang Beihan looked at her with amusement .

    Since she has no idea about him, what's the difference between sharing a room?

    I don't know why, she looks shy, she is very cute, and the more he looks, the more interesting as if it doesn't look enough!

    Song Wenxin was stunned by his words, her expression of embarrassment suddenly didn't know what to say .

    This man usually looks cold, but when he argues, she is not his opponent at all .

    Now if she continued to argue, it would appear that she had some simple thoughts about him . . .