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Chapter 48

Chapter 48 : Anyway, her mind is not pure!


    "Forget it, I won't tell you more, I'm going to sleep!" The negotiation failed, and Song Wenxin didn't want to continue to talk to him anymore, but turned around in annoyance and pulled the quilt to cover Half of her head .


    More wrong, she might as well shut her mouth .


    Jiang Beihan glanced at her, and his thin lips tickled slightly, then extended his long arm and turned off the bedroom lamp .




    That night, Song Wenxin didn't sleep well, so she got up late the next morning .


    Fortunately, today's class is relatively late, so she does not need to worry .


    When she woke up, Jiang Beihan was out of sight and should have gone to work .


    After washing and changing clothes, Song Wenxin ate breakfast before preparing to go out .


    Once out of the villa, Song Wenxin saw a black business car parked at the door .


    Seeing her coming, the driver quickly opened the door and got out of the car, opening the door for her in the back seat .


    "Miss Song, the boss asked me to take you to school, please get in the car . " The driver came over and politely told her .


    Song Wenxin glanced at his watch, and now the time was a little urgent and she nodded and got into the car .


    As the driver was about to close the door, a servant in the villa suddenly hurried out .


    "Miss Song, you forgot to bring fruit!" The maid came out with a transparent fresh-keeping box in her hand, and handed her things .


    Song Wenxin's heart fluttered, her eyes stopped on the fresh-keeping box handed over by the servant .


    It was filled with seasonal fruits, the same as she had received at school last time .


    Song Wenxin suddenly understood something, and opened her mouth a bit surprised . . .


    So it was Jiang beihan who sent fruit to school last time?


    "This fruit is grown in a special orchard by the husband . It is absolutely organic and natural . It is good for the body and skin if you eat it!" Seeing that Song Wenxin didn't reach out for the fresh-keeping box for a while, the servant quickly smiled .


    The food in Jiang beihan villas are all specially responsible for orchards, vegetable gardens and breeding agencies .


    Upon hearing the words of the servant, Song Wenxin was even more surprised . For such a box of fruit, he had to specialize in the orchard to grow it?


    Ordinary people can never enjoy this treatment . . .


    After a short pause, Song Wenxin reached out to take over the crisper and thanked the servant .




    As last time, Song Wenxin told the driver to let her get off at the bus station not far from the school, then took the box of fruit, carried a shoulder bag, and hurried to the school .


    There were only two classes this morning, and they ended in a hurry .


    After class, Song Wenxin subconsciously took out her mobile phone and looked at the time, but found that there was a new message on it .


    The number of this mobile phone is new . Except for her family and Jiang Beihan, she has not had time to tell others .


    I opened the phone and saw that the message came from Jiang beihan .


    Just a single line of words was written above .




    ——Wait for me at the entrance after school, and take you to the press conference in the afternoon!




    After seeing this message, Song Wenxin almost didn't scream!


    It's DL's Men's Wear Conference!


    The last time Jiang Beihan promised him, he really talked!


    Because happiness came too suddenly, Song Wenxin still uneasily dialed Jiang Beihan's phone number and wanted to confirm it .