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Chapter 49

Chapter 49 : so troublesome

    Because happiness came too suddenly, Song Wenxin still uneasily dialed Jiang Beihan's phone number and wanted to confirm it .

    "What's the matter?" As soon as the phone was connected, she heard the tone of ice that hadn't changed for thousands of years .

    Song Wenxin didn't care, but asked excitedly, "Is it true that you took me to the press conference this afternoon?"

    There was a sound of cold water pouring over there .  "So don't you want to go?" 

    "Go, of course I want to go, I will wait for you at the back door of the school, can you?" Song Wenxin said quickly .

    There were many people in the school at this time, and there were few people at the back door . It was more convenient for her to meet with Jiang beihan .

    Her relationship with Jiang beihan is more complicated . If Jiang beihan comes to pick her up and be seen, there will be a lot of trouble, so now I can only aggravate his boss Jiang and go to the back door to meet her .


    On the other side, sitting in the car and rushing to Jiang Beihan at Song Wenxin School, he suddenly sank when he heard her say she was going to the back door .

    Will he make her shame? Need to hide so much?

    "What's wrong?" Song Wenxin's inquiry came from his cell phone without answering him .

    "It's troublesome, I see!" He said disgustingly, and then hung up the phone .

    Hanging up with Song Wenxin, Jiang Beihan dialed another number and went out .

    "I will attend the new product conference in the afternoon in person!" He commanded to the phone expressionlessly .

    "You're here?" On the phone, Assistant Jiang Beihan's surprised voice came .

    He didn't hear it wrong, the boss should attend the press conference in person! This is the first time ever!

  Jiang Beihan pursed his lips and said   "Yes, take care of me, I don't want to be disturbed by the media!" 

    A lot of media will be invited to the conference site . He doesn't want to be surrounded by those media and answer questions that he doesn't want to answer .

    "Yes, I'll arrange it immediately!" The assistant quickly agreed .


    Here, after Song Wenxin finished talking with Jiang Beihan, she ran to the back door of the school and waited for Jiang Beihan to appear .

    She glanced at her clothes . Because she was going to school, she did not wear the clothes that the servant prepared for her today, but the clothes she brought with her .

    It's just more ordinary denim pencil pants, sweaters, and a long coat .

    Wouldn't she be well suited for a press conference like this?

    Just when Song Wenxin was tangled, a black Maserati business car came to the rear door of A, and stopped quietly .

    Song Wenxin was shocked . This car was not in the same car as Jiang Beihan, so she almost didn't recognize it .

    Until the window slowly lowered, showing Jiang Beihan's handsome face .

    "Get in the car . " He glanced at the slightly shabby back door of the school, and then glanced at Song Wenxin .

    "Oh . . . " Song Wenxin smiled, and then quickly walked over .

    At this time, an unfamiliar driver got out of the car and helped her open the door .

    Song Wenxin was stunned, with some surprises . This time, the person who helped Jiang beihan drive was not Shang guan?

    "Miss Song, please get in the car," the driver told her .

    Song Wenxin nodded heartily, followed the car, and sat beside Jiang Beihan .

    After Song Wenxin got on the car, the car left slowly .


    "Where is Shang guan, why didn't you see him?" Song Wenxin glanced at the driver in front of him, and then asked Jiang beihan beside him with some confusion .

    "You want to see him?"