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Chapter 50

Chapter 50 : It doesn't matter what you wear

    "You want to see him?" said Jiang Beihan with brows frowned, and there was a hint of discomfort in his black eyes .

    "No . . . I'm just curious . Today you two are not together . " When Song Wenxin thought of the relationship between Jiang Beihan and Shang guan, she couldn't help showing a naughty smile .

    This smile provoked Jiang beihan for a while!

    He glanced at her, then said coldly "He is on a business trip!" 

    Naturally he would not tell her, he specially gave a long vacation to Shang guan!

    In this way, he doesn't have to always be in front of her and pretend to be close to Shang guan!

    "That was the case . " Hearing Jiang Beihan said that Shang guan was on a business trip, Song Wenxin didn't think about it, and nodded .

    Jiang Beihan's car is about to arrive at the DL men's clothing conference, but Song Wenxin couldn't help but feel a little stunned .

    "Will I be dressed like this to the scene? Isn't it a bit inappropriate?" Song Wenxin glanced down at his simple dress, then raised his head and asked Jiang Beihan .

    Jiang Beihan glanced at her clothes, then frowned .

    "I didn't let people prepare new clothes for you?" Why not wear them?

    "Yeah, but I'm still a student now, and it's easier to wear more easily . " Song Wenxin nodded heartily, then smiled .

    Listening to her explanation, Jiang Beihan faintly replied, "The point of this press conference is not you, it doesn't matter what you wear . "

    "Oh . . . " Song Wenxin nodded obediently when he said that .

    Also, the focus of new product launches is generally on new products, models, designers, and celebrities attending the launch event .

    Little people like her will not be noticed .


    In a high-end hotel in city A, at three o'clock today, the men's clothing brand under JS will hold a new product launch conference this winter .

    A few months ago, this press conference was full of excitement, saying that most of the big-name designers at home and abroad gathered to participate .

    There are also a lot of star idols to help out, and there is no shortage of big-name stars!

    Among them, the popular actress Mi Lan, and the male star Qiao Zezhi, have become the focus of the media present today!

    In particular, Qiao Zezhi used red hair to describe his current situation, which is not an exaggeration!

    All the media present were very excited, watching the posture, as if ready to win today's headlines .

    "Mi Lan is here!" Some media heard some excitement .

    Immediately after, a black car slowly stopped at the door of the conference .

    A beautiful woman in a long black dress, high heels, and dark, straight, long hair slowly walked down from the car .

    However, the woman's face didn't have too many expressions, just walked to the hotel of the conference lightly .

    Leng Yanbei, this is the nickname of Mi Lan, and it is precisely because of her unique cold and dusty temperament that she has attracted much attention and welcome in the entertainment industry!

    "It's Qiao Zezhi!" At this time, another voice sounded, and everyone raised their cameras one after another, taking pictures of another newly arrived car!

    Wearing a silver-gray suit, all covered with handsome Qiao Zezhi, followed immediately .

    He took off the sunglasses on his face, exposed his handsome and handsome face, and took photos with the media before turning and walking towards the hotel .