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Chapter 839: 839

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

The six attacks roaring toward the yellow block were like stones thrown into the water, bringing up some patterns in the air before disappearing completely .

“This is the space profound!” Ling Huhou yelled out .

“He used space profound to fight off our attacks!” Spirit Bear King and the others had a bad look on their faces . The space profound was called one of the most powerful profound for a reason . This kind of power could include everything as well as destroy everything . Besides the time profound that might cancel out its power, nothing else could even have a fighting chance .

The yellow block and the black core energy twisted and disappeared before Ye Chen walked out from within without a scratch . He looked up and glanced at the Spirit Bear King and the Savage Bear King .

“I’ll take care of you two first . ”


The sword light flashed once and Ye Chen disappeared from where he was standing suddenly . When he reappeared, he was already in front of Spirit Bear King, throwing out a sword attack .

“Too fast!”

Ye Chen’s speed was too fast for anyone’s comprehensive abilities . His sword speed was even faster than Spirit Bear King’s senses . The latter was just about to lift up his arms before he was stabbed in the chest . The tip of the sword came out from the back, bringing a hint of blood .

Shaking his wrist, Ye Chen took out the sword and attacked Savage Bear King on the side .

“So aggressive!”

Spirit Bear King’s chest had two finger-sized sword holes while the sharp destruction sword qi shot out in every directions, as if there were countless small swords cutting his insides, bones, and flesh . His Zhen yuan was impossible to gather together .

“Piss off!”

The Savage Bear King watched Spirit Bear King being wounded badly and did not have the time to save him, so he threw out a punch at Ye Chen . But unexpectedly, Ye Chen’s body flashed once before disappearing from his sight . Shoo! The next second, two cross marks on Savage Bear’s chest, looking horrifying . The power shook his whole chest area and he felt as if his body was about to be torn apart completely .

Boom! With that, he shot out and landed heavily on the ground .

“You are next…”

Ye Chen’s body moved left and right as he avoided the attacks before turning his head and looked at Ling Huhou and Great Master of the Extreme Heaven Martial School .

“Junior, don’t be arrogant!”

The Great Master of the Extreme Heaven Martial School was furious . He jumped into the air, his right leg seeming like an arrow in a tightened bow . It soon kicked out toward Ye Chen, followed by hundreds of more kicks like a heavy rain of kick attacks . There seemed to be nowhere to hide from the onslaught .

“One sword attack is enough . ”

Golden and green lights appeared around Ye Chen, containing the profound of gold and water . With that, the power poured out completely all of a sudden . The sky suddenly darkened, and a broken black moon appeared out of nowhere .

Then, all of the leg shadows disappeared while the Great Master of Extreme Martial School had his armor cracked open before being thrown in the air, his blood falling from the sky like rain .

“Stop it!”

Ye Chen was attacking so fast and so aggressively that only now did Ling Huhou have the chance to say something . Both of his palms opened and closed, and the black core energy was about to form in front of Ye Chen . But this time, Ye Chen could not let it happen again, so he waved his sword and that pile of energy was separated in half .

“Blood Cutting Ghost Finger!”

The two fingers of his left hand sliced toward Ling Huhou, and then Ye Chen stopped looking at him .

Ling Huhou had never seen this kind of a strange martial art before . Ye Chen’s attack was without any shape or shadow, directly ignoring his protective Zhen yuan and half step extreme rank armor as it went directly through his body and brought out a bloody mist on the way out . The blood mist of a half step king warrior was unimaginably powerful, something that even one thousand normal people could not compete with . Ling Huhou’s whole body was trapped within that blood mist like the bloody summer sunset, covered in fatal wounds .


He cried with a low voice, having never experienced this kind of tiredness to the extent that he could not even lift up his hand . All of the blood mist inside his body had been sucked out by one-thirds . If it disappeared slowly, he would still be able to handle it, but it happened too abruptly just now . Not only was his body in a serious condition, but his mental state had also taken a big hit .

“Sudden Wind Feather!”

Grey Eagle King and the Flying Eagle King were both eagle beasts . As beasts, their profound power might not be as powerful as normal sea of souls realm warriors as a result of their low comprehensive abilities . But, the advantages of being a beast would not be something that humans could compete with . Not only was their beast power so much more potent, they also had special abilities . The Flying Eagle King indeed had the power to shoot out his feathers as a part of his attacks .

The sky full of feathers shot out like crystals and black jades . Ye Chen could tell that this feather itself contained meridians that created an internal loop . Once the loop was broken, it would explode violently .

“Not a bad natural talent!”


As Ye Chen’s sword finger moved, the broken blood sword was taken out automatically . It turned from one to thirty-three, which then formed into a sword snake and moved rapidly . Wherever it went, the sky full of feathers was shattered, exploding out like fireworks . Not even a single attack was able to get close to Ye Chen .


After breaking Flying Eagle’s special move, thirty-three sword shadows formed back into a sword snake and attacked toward his opponent .

“Not good!”

The Flying Eagle King scrambled once in the air, turning into a massive grey eagle that was about to shoot into the sky .

Swoosh! But, one of his wings was shot through by the sword snake and fell from the sky while the scream could be heard from afar .

“You dare to hurt my nephew!”

Beasts were naturally really aggressive . Grey Eagle King saw how Ye Chen broke his nephew’s wings and hurt his core, so both of his eyes reddened . He did not care about Ye Chen’s power anymore and decided to throw out an attack . He turned into its natural form, his massive claws about to reach its target . The sharpened claws were covered in black metal, and were indeed Grey Eagle King’s special ability .

“Go die!”

Grey Eagle King’s two bathtub-sized claws were waved in the air and caused countless claw shadows to appear out of nowhere . They clashed with Ye Chen’s evil shattering sword, creating a messy scene .

Seizing the moment, Ye Chen suddenly backed out and stabbed out his sword .

It followed the two claws of the opponent while the sword qi hit his chest, tearing up a massive sword mark and causing feathers to fly in the air .

“Come back!”

Meanwhile, Ye Chen flicked his finger, causing the sword snake that was pretty far ahead to came back and flew through the back of Grey Eagle King . Blood water poured out like fountains as Grey Eagle King screamed and fell down from sky . That massive body on the ground left behind a massive hole .

Every single one of the six top half step king warriors was beaten, wounded even worse than Ling Huyi .

The Spirit Bear King had been stabbed in the chest and the Savage Bear King had at least broken a couple of bones . Even the great master of Extreme Heaven Martial School had a similar ending as one-thirds of his power had been taken away, and his mental power had been wounded quite badly as well . It was no wonder that he looked so pale . The Flying Eagle King was even worse, as he had broken one wing and it was still unclear at this point if he could even fix it ever . Meanwhile, the Grey Eagle King Beast’ spine had been shot through by the sword, which had cost him all of his battling power .

When the half step king warriors arrived, they were all full of themselves . But now, none of them really had any fighting chance . If it were not for Ye Chen not trying his best, none of them would have been alive .

The reason that Ye Chen still held back a little was because he knew that although the condition the Zhang Tian Martial School was in had something to do with the three martial schools, it was not a fundamental one . Removing the three martial schools might aggravate the iron blood region tyrant—the Iron Paw Beast Martial School . Therefore, it was not the right time to kill everyone yet .


Letting out a deep breath, Ye Chen put his evil shattering sword back into the scabbard and said to the people from the three top martial schools, “Shouldn’t you guys be leaving now?”

The people were already shocked at what had just happened, since there were six half step king warriors and each one of them was a top warrior . But somehow, there were like nothing in Ye Chen’s hands . They were all wondering what this Ye Chen’s background could be .

“Let’s go!”

People from Extreme Heaven Martial School were the ones who reacted first as they brought Ling Huyi and their Great Master and escaped the scene . Then, the Earth Bear family and Bald Eagle Valley people all came back to reality and acted so fast as if they were afraid that Ye Chen might change his mind and kill them all . Soon, there were no one but Ye Chen on top of Muddy Dragon Mountain .

Suddenly, a cheering sound burst out of nowhere . Everyone from Zhang Tian Martial School felt like they were in a dream, since it had been so long since they had been this happy . They could not believe that those tyrants that had been bullying the school for this many years ended being nothing in their master Ye’s hands .

“The heck to those top eight beast warriors, those four demon warriors! I bet Master Ye is an emperor level martial genius . So cool!”

“The world inside Blood Sky Land is about to change . I would like to see what would happen when those top eight beast warriors and four demon warriors run into our master Ye . ”

The loud noise continued to echo in the sky . Everyone in the school had been won over by Ye Chen to a whole new level . To them, he was basically their highest god .

In the distance, Ling Zhangfeng, Gao Zhiyuan, and the rest of them had already made their way here since long time ago . Since Ye Chen was taking on six half step king warriors at the time, they did not get too close . But now, even they could not handle their emotions . Even Li Zhangfeng had tears spilling out of his eyes .

Although female disciples of Zhang Tian Martial School were not materialistic like the girls from other schools, no one was not attracted to powerful people, especially Ye Chen, who was so young . So, all of them had their heartbeat increased . The image of Ye Chen beating the enemies kept playing in their heads . In their eyes, he had become the highest standard for picking their future life companion .

Even Li Cui and Mo Xiaotang could not help but think twice .

His blue robe danced in the air and his dark hair were blown amidst the wind . He did not really care for people’s emotional take on his victory as he said, “Things had been taken care of here, so there’s no need for me to stay here anymore . Leader, excuse my early departure!”

With his speech over, his body turned and turned into a beam of sword light and shot into the sky .

“Thank you!” Li Zhangfeng looked at Ye Chen’s departing figure and said quietly .

Meanwhile, Gao Zhiyuan said emotionally, “Some people are doomed to be the leaders of an era . He must be one of them, right? And I, even if I join a rank 5 martial school and have all of the resources I have, I can only look at his back and never catch up with him . ”

“Even if you cannot be the leading role, a side role is good as well . This is a different peak era, so both the leading and side roles are important . The competition will be intense, so do not give up easily . Otherwise, you will not be good enough for a side role either . ” Li Zhangfeng reminded Gao Zhiyuan gently .

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