Dream Star

Dream Star
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Set in Japan, 2035. After successfully attaining the status of top idol and surpassing her sister. Terashima Lila sets off on a journey to find what she is missing. On the day she stood on that legendary stage, she found something was incomplete. Now that one dream has is fulfilled, another one will begin.

Last year, he told her, "Stay by my side."

That person words never left her mind as her journey leads her to the city where he is. Will he be able to help her find her find what she's missing? Karashima Haruka, a man surrounded by an air of mystery different from her beloved. Someone with a dangerous past. Will she continue to be drawn to him? 

"Let's stand on the same stage together one day."

The promise she made to that girl. A girl that's the complete opposite of her, filled with dreams of courage and hope.

As she leaves the place she knew as home, and the comfort and safety of her family and friends, she must not only search for an answer but face the changes in the darkness she once saw as an ally. Despite these changes in herself, will she be able to return to his side?

"I want to see a grand future with you. ,"

or will she permanently let go of his hand?

Her most beloved person.

To achieve her dream, what will she sacrifice? what will change?

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