Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 277

Published at 14th of January 2020 12:25:12 PM

Chapter 277


With a curse and the flashing of Mana rays, SealHeadLingChong walked out from the Teleport Portal .

He surveyed the environment and said, “D*mn!”

After confirming he was back in Eternal Kingdom, SealHeadLingChong cursed again .

“Stop cursing . The lousy mission said that we would be revived, and we returned to Eternal Kingdom . ”

A Gnome was sitting half-naked on the ground . He was TakeASpearHit, who had died earlier .

“You came back pretty fast . I suppose you didn’t gain any intelligence . Does your mission indicate that we have failed?” TakeASpearHit asked with disappointment .

“Failed . Wah, I became a fawning dog, and they killed me . That was extreme cruelty,” SealHeadLingChong complained .

“Since you’re dead, Dragonborn will be joining us soon,” TakeASpearHit said regrettably .

“This mission is too difficult . I went to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and saw Eggface . Sherlie wasn’t in, so I asked Eggface for our equipment, but he doesn’t know anything . I hope the system doesn’t delete our equipment . ”

“Delete out equipment? I hope it’s not that bad . Such a devious way to cheat us of our equipment…” SealHeadLingChong said with uncertainty .

“Perhaps the improvement reward will get our equipment damaged and disposed of in the furnace . It’s possible that the Devil Lord cheated us of our equipment . Everything is possible in ‘Dungeon’,” TakeASpearHit said sarcastically .

SealHeadLingChong sighed in agreement . They waited for three hours before Dragonborn revived and returned to Eternal Kingdom…

The gamers were excited because of the received information . Dragonborn, TakeASpearHit, and SealHeadLingChong had received a Strange Encounter Mission, and Sherlock appeared near the Orc village .

There were lots of hidden Plots .

This hidden Plot was developed by the strength of the gamers .

NotWearingPants created a post on the forum to discuss the Plot mechanism . They suspected that new maps had to be explored by the gamers .

The gamers had to travel for three days before arriving at the mission location . Only the game “Dungeon” was able to do such a thing .

There were rewards .

When the Rune Mana Formation appeared in the cave, the gamers didn’t have to march for three days . The gamers who were on the way had to continue their journey or choose to revive back in Eternal Kingdom .

Dragonborn, TakeASpearHit, and SealHeadLingChong traveled to the cave via the Rune Mana Formation once it was created . Sherlock received them warmly and asked about the intelligence they collected .

TakeASpearHit and SealHeadLingChong only knew about the collusion of Dungeon Lord Andrew and the Ogres .

Dragonborn obtained valuable intelligence and enriched the gaming experience .

The story went like this:

After witnessing the cruel death of his companions, Dragonborn scolded Andrew . He was going to die, so he took the chance to condemn Andrew .

The more he scolded Andrew, the more his death was delayed .

Andrew asked him, “Why are you so loyal to Sherlock? In what way am I inferior to him?”

Dragonborn continued to scold and insult Andrew . He also praised Sherlock, who was a gentle and cordial Dungeon Lord .

The gamers loved Sherlie because he helped them revive, developed the Plot, and called them heroes who would save the Underworld!

Dragonborn also loved Sherlie .

Dragonborn thought he would die, but after scolding Andrew, Andrew looked frustrated and started talking incessantly .

Andrew said that Sherlock was like trash compared to him . Andrew was the youngest and most capable superior Devil . Sherlock was only the Dungeon Lord of a small Dungeon, while Andrew was Winterfell’s Dungeon Lord and the third successor of Eternal Fire! Eternal Fire! Did Dragonborn know that?

Dragonborn said, “I know! Eternal Fire will be our future Instance Dungeon . We will destroy Eternal Fire! Sherlie forever!”

Dragonborn scolded Andrew again, and the latter exploded with fury . Then Andrew started boasting .

For example:

“What is Lord Sherlock? Is he as awesome as me?”


“Do you know what I’ve achieved? My graduation dissertation was a legendary work in the Northern Underworld . All the undergraduates wanted to borrow and read my work . Do you know what I’m doing now? I’m looking for an Ancient Ruins! It’s underneath your feet . It contains a relic of the great Devil Michelangelo! Do you know Michelangelo? The Devil Lord who almost destroyed the world! Does Lord Sherlock have this capability? No! He’s a mudslinger!”

Andrew condemned Sherlock for a long time . Then he said, “Finally, I’m far superior to Sherlock . I’ll obtain Michelangelo’s relic and become the most powerful superior Devil! I will become a great Devil like Michelangelo! All will bow to me!”

Then Dragonborn was killed .

That was the intelligence obtained by Dragonborn .

The gamers started complaining .

“Gosh! Such a silly Plot with no twists or turns . The story is mundane . Did I march for three days just for this?”

“Shucks! I haven’t slept for days and remained vigilant online, just for this?”

“Wonderful . ”

“Though it’s old fashioned, it’s perfectly logical . Our mission is to defeat Andrew and prevent his plan of destroying the world . We’ll become the adorable resistance who defended love and peace . ”

“I’m Jessie . ”

“I’m the little rascal . ”

“D*mn . Hahahahaha!”