Golden Fox with System - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

The next morning, Theo woke up naturally . After opening his eyes, he realized that his body was in excellent condition, full of vitality!

Seeing that Yuki was sleeping next to him, Theo stood up and avoiding waking her .

"Okay, I'll prepare our breakfast while she's still asleep!" Theo thought, stretching out and leaving the [Cave] to make breakfast .

"Hmm, what a good smell!" Yuki woke up with a very good smell coming from the food, then opened her eyes: "Theo?!" Seeing that he was not in the [Cave] when she woke up, she called his name .

"Oh, you're awake!" Theo said outside the cave at the sound of Yuki's voice, and said, "Come out, I made breakfast!"

"Yes!" Yuki replied, getting up and exiting the [Cave] .

When she left the [Cave], seeing Theo, Yuki said, "Good morning!"

"Good Morning! Come, I've already made your food . " He said, cooking a large bowl with lots of rice, sauce and a large piece of meat on top .

"Hm!" Yuki nodded and approached, then they began to eat .


After breakfast, Theo wanted to start training to improve his control over his new powers acquired from his [Lineage] .

Theo looked at Yuki and said, "Yuki, I want to practice to get used to my current strength . Do you want to go into the [Dimensional Room] in the meantime?"

Yuki thought and replied, "I'd also like to train a little before I go back to cultivating, since I'm not used to my current strength either!"

"Oh! I see, then let's go away from the [Cave] a bit, so we won't affect it . "Theo suggested .

Yuki nodded at the idea and they started to move away from the [Cave], but they didn't go too deep into the forest as to not be interrupted by (Animals) or (Monsters) .

At first Theo wanted to use some [Magic Cores] he had in hand and make them into [System Points] and then buy a [Lineage Creation Pill] to help Yuki create a [Lineage] as well, but then decided to do this after buying techniques and fighting skills for her, since he thought it would help a better [Lineage] .

"I think it would be better for Yuki to create a [Lineage] when she gets stronger, as this could help her get through [Lineage Creation] easier as well . " Theo sighed and fear passed through his eyes reminding of the pain he had to endure .

After walking a little, Theo stopped and looked around . Seeing that there was neither one (Animal) or (Monster) nearby, "Let's train here," he told Yuki .

Yuki: "Hm! Right . " She nodded .

"But before that . . . " Theo smiled and said, "I'll give you some techniques . "

After saying that to Yuki, he opened the [System Store] . Theo had already looked at some techniques to buy for Yuki . Then he thought of buying for her some now .

[Are you sure you want to spend 30 System Points on Technique: <Turtle Breathing>?]


Theo: "[Yes]"

[You Gifted [Technique <Turtle Breath> Primary Low] to: "Yuki"]

"Theo, that is?" Yuki asked as the information popped into her mind .

"This is a very good technique that will help improve your breathing!" Theo smiled and said, "Try using it!"

"Right . " Yuki nodded and began to practice the technique .

Seeing Yuki open her eyes again, Theo asked, "Did you feel any difference?"

"Yes, my mind became calmer and my breathing became easy and tranquil!" Yuki replied happily .

"Hmm! Now I'm giving you a movement technique!" Theo said .

Before her answering, Theo had already opened [System Store] and bought a movement technique .

[Are you sure you want to spend 5,000 System Points on the Movement Technique: <Foundation Cold Cloud Steps>?]


Theo: "[Yes]"

[You Have gifted [Movement Technique <Foundation Cold Cloud Steps> Primary Superior to: "Yuki"]

Information about it appeared in Yuki's mind . She then closed her eyes upon receiving information about the technique <Foundation Cold Cloud Steps> .

"Mm . . . this technique is very good too!" Yuki exclaimed surprised and happy .

Yuki walked over to Theo wagging her (Fox) tails and ears, and began rubbing her face on his and said, "Thank you! I am very happy!!"

Theo smiled and said, "Haha! Glad you liked it! "

"Mm!" Yuki grinned happily in response .

"Okay, try to use it too," Theo said .

"Ok!" Yuki replied and moved away from Theo, then used the movement technique .

The moment Yuki started using the technique, her paws were covered by a small layer of [Ice], then Yuki began to move quickly leaving behind ice marks, but soon those footprints were gone .

After moving around for a while, Yuki started panting, then stopped using the technique and said, "This technique greatly increased my speed! But it consumed a lot of mana . "

"Hmm . Right, when you increase your cultivation and get used to it, you should have a lower mana consumption when using it . " Theo mentioned and added, "That's why you need to train a lot!" He said with a smile .

"Yes! I'll do my best!" Yuki replied with a serious expression .

"Okay, there's still an attack technique I want to give you!" Theo said .

[Are you sure you want to spend 5,000 System Points on Attack Technique: <Cold Blast>?]


Theo: "[Yes]"

[You gifted the [Attack Technique <Cold Blast> Primary Superior to: "Yuki"]

Seeing that the information was finished being transmitted to Yuki, Theo said, "Alright, let's start training now?"

"Um!" Yuki obediently nodded, showing her joy .

After that aws said, they began to train .

"After getting to the 9th Layer of the Student Kingdom, I have not yet had time to get used to my strength, and now with my [Lineage], my power has greatly improved, but I still need to learn a lot about my current strength . " Theo thought, remembering to himself .

"Well, first of all . . . I want to test the flames that came along with my [Lineage ] . " Theo said, distancing himself from Yuki and heading towards a large rock .

Yuki, seeing that Theo was going to train, began to train as well, especially using her new techniques .

"OK! I want to see how strong these flames are!" Theo thought with anticipation .

Theo followed the instructions he received from when he formed his [Lineage] and releasing is [Flames] .

Not long after that, chains of golden flames began to form around Theo . Burning everything around him, trees, plants, even the ground where he was stepping on wasn't spared .

"Wow!!" Theo was surprised at the strength of his flames, not expecting them to be that strong, but they were exhausting his mana as well . Realizing that his mana was running out too fast, Theo forced his flames to stop .

But as they stopped . . . the dark golden flames began to return to his body . And the moment they entered his body, Theo began to recover .

"Huh?!" Theo noticed that in addition to recovering, he was also getting stronger! That reminded him a lot to when he used the skill <Devour> .

"Do my flames also steal the [Essence] from their target?" Theo asked himself doubtfully, not knowing if it really was like that .

"Hahaha! If it's really that, it's going to be great!" Thinking about the possibility, Theo could not help but chuckle .

Seeing that everything around him had turned into coal and being undone from the wind, Theo could not help but cold sweat a little, and thanking for Yuki not being nearby . "Luckily, I pulled away from Yuki when I tested those flames!"

Theo looked at Yuki, even though he was a little far away, he could still see her . Soon he realized she was executing her ice attack technique and other moments using her movement technique .

"Okay, I still want to test my attack ability to see how it is now," Theo thought .

Getting closer to the large rock that was somewhat affected by his flames, he then used his attack ability .

Theo aimed a powerful <Golden Fox Claws> at the rock . With a "BOOOOOM!", a furious blast resounded and the large rock was shattered .

"Very powerful!!" After a moment of surprise, Theo exclaimed with a smile .

Surprised by the noise of something exploding, Yuki went to see what happened, but seeing that Theo was fine, was relieved, and surprised at the same time by the state of the things that were close to Theo . However, seeing that he was fine once more, she returned to training .

After that, Theo and Yuki were trained until noon . On the way back, when Theo passed by where Yuki was training, he realized that there were many places that were frozen .

Although he improved his control somewhat, he thought of using his flames when his strength increased because he had always consumed a lot of his mana when using it . So unless he wasn't confident in killing his opponent, he would not casually use his golden flames, as it would drain his strength very fast .

"Yuki, do you have something in mind that you want to eat?" Theo asked as he walked along with her .

"Um . . . anything made by Theo is good!" Yuki thought and replied .

"Haha! Okay, but if you have anything you want me to make anything, just say it!" Theo smiled and said .

"Um!" Yuki nodded in response .

Arriving at the entrance to the [Cave], Theo began to prepare lunch for them .

After lunch, they went to the [Dimensional Room] to cultivate .