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Chapter 6

[Wild Rabbits' Den]

"We need to deal with this (Red fox), or it will exterminate all of us . " The (Rabbit) spoke with some shrubbery in his mouth .

"But the (Red fox) is very fast and strong! How can we go against it?" Asked a (Rabbit) with a black spot on his eye .

"That . . . Well, we are more in numbers, we can use that advantage to fight it . " Another answered (Rabbit) with a beret on his head .

"But I'm very scared of it!" Spoke a (Bunny) who was wearing a pink bow on her head .

"If we don't do anything, we will just be waiting for death!" He scolded the (Rabbit), with shrubbery in his mouth and a menacing look .

"Yes, yes, we need to take action . " Spoke a different (Rabbit) with a scar on his face .

"YES! WE WILL DO IT!!!" All the (Rabbits) in the den began to yell, not wanting to suffer anymore from the tyranny of the (Red fox) .

Then, they gathered more than a million (Rabbits) to fight the evil (Red fox) Theo Volts .

"LETS SHOW THAT (Red Fox) THE POWER OF THE (Rabbits)!" Shouted the (Rabbit) with a scar on his face .

"WE WILL PURIFY THE SADNESS OF OUR BROTHERS !!!!!!" All 1 million (Rabbits) began to yell, causing the earth to tremble .

Theo: "AAAhhhh!"

Theo: "Was that just a dream? Phew! It scared me to death!" He thought, breathing heavily .

"Come to think of it, there is no way so many (Rabbits) could go after me right!?" Theo thought . "I don't think I'm going to continue hunting the (Rabbits) anymore, not because I'm afraid of what I dreamed, but because they don't give me enough [Essence] to increase my cultivation . " He thought while getting up and seeing that the (Red fox) was still asleep, and deciding to leave the [Den] without making a sound so as not to wake her up .

Leaving the [Den], Theo began to walk in the forest . This time he didn't intend to hunt for (Rabbits) . After walking through the forest for a while, Theo spotted something .


[2nd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom]

Not far away from Theo, there was a dark green (Goblin) with a rusty sword in his hand . Without wasting time, Theo used <Beast's Movement> and started running at full speed towards the (Goblin) . Theo was already used to using the technique <Turtle Breathing> . Thanks to this, he managed to get 2 meters away from the (Goblin) without being noticed . But when he got a little bit closer, the (Goblin) noticed him and pointed his rusty sword at Theo, wanting to attack him .

Theo easily dodged Goblin's onslaught and attacked his right leg using <Sharp Claws>, breaking the Goblin's leg and causing him to lose his balance, falling to the ground .

Without wasting time, Theo arrived behind the (Goblin) and bit his neck using <Beast's Bite>, causing a large amount of blood to spill from the neck of the (Goblin) . Not long after, the (Goblin) stopped moving .

Theo: "Mm . . . it wasn't hard for me to kill this (Goblin), but even after all the improvements I made these days, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm still not used to my current power, I could have killed him with the first attack . "

After analyzing his fight with the (Goblin), Theo used <Devour> on it . Making his tail expand and head towards the (Goblin), swallowing it .

Theo: "Oh?! It also sucked the weapon? Is that possible too? You mean you're not limited to bodies?" He wondered, surprised and happy .

After that, Theo decided to exchange them for [Essence] and soon began to feel his power increase much more than when he used it on (Rabbits) . It was just a Goblin that he had killed and used: <Devour> on, but the improvement he had thanks to the Goblin was several times more than when he used it in the Rabbits .

Theo: "Hehe! I see . . . that's how it works . " Happy with his new discovery, Theo went back into the forest looking for more (Animals) and (Monsters) .

Theo knew almost nothing about what kind of beings existed in this world, but since he came across (Goblins), he already imagined that there were other types of (Monsters) . While he walked through the forest, he always remained wary of anything that might make him lose his small life .

After walking for about 15 minutes, something appeared in the field of vision not too far from him .


[Gray Wolf]

[1rst Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom]


[Gray Wolf]

[2nd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom]


It turned out to be a group of 5 (Gray Wolves) . One was in the 2nd Layer of the Apprentice Kingdom, and the other 4 were in the 1st Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom, they were all eating a (Goblin) .

Theo: "Now, should I fight them or not? There are 5 of them, but I'm already in the 3rd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom . . . I should take a small risk . . . " He thought for a moment and decided to fight the (Gray Wolves) . Theo then used the ability <Beast's Movement>, increasing his speed by a lot, and began to race towards the (Gray Wolves) . In a matter of seconds, he was got in front of them . Only the (Grey Wolf) who was in the 2nd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom noticed him coming and howled loudly .

When Theo arrived at a short distance of the (Gray Wolves), he jumped at a (Gray Wolf) who was in the 1rst Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom, hitting his head . Bone breaking and flesh ripping sounds were heard, and without even giving him time to react, he died . Seeing that his comrade got killed, the other (Gray Wolf) who was near Theo tried to bite him, but Theo managed to dodge the bite .

Very quickly, Theo arrived in front of another (Gray Wolf) and used <Beast's Bite>, biting his head and ripping it in half . Shortly after, the (Gray Wolf) lost his head and fell dead on the floor as well .

This happened way too fast, there wasn't enough time for Theo to be able to reuse his skills, so Theo headed to another (Gray Wolf) and attacked him with his sharp claws, hitting his head and throwing him away, slamming into a tree, leaving him in a pseudo-dead state .

Although Theo didn't even use an ability, his strength had already reached a very high level, compared to the (Gray Wolf) who was in the 1st Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom . He believed that if it weren't for him not being used to using his strength yet, he could have killed this (Gray Wolf) with a single attack .

The other 2 (Gray Wolves) who could still fight were furious and they began to howl loudly, then they ran towards Theo to attack . Theo managed to dodge one but got hit by the other (Gray Wolf) . But, even if Theo was hit by the (Gray Wolf)'s claws, the (Grey Wolf) was still in the 2nd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom . Theo was very surprised at his body's endurance because he felt almost no pain when he was hit .

Theo: "So these are the improvements that [Pills] did yesterday?" He thought .

Seeing this, Theo was very happy, since he didn't need to be afraid of their attacks, even the strongest amongst them could not inflict much damage to him . Theo then headed for the (Gray Wolf) who was in the 2nd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom and used <Sharp Claws>, causing him to fly off spinning with blood flowing out of his body, and crashing into a tree .

Without wasting time, Theo used <Beast's Bite> on the other (Gray Wolf), who was distracted when he saw Theo defeating the strongest of them with ease . Thanks to that, Theo managed to bite his neck, soon tasted his blood in his mouth and the sound "Tek!" was heard, when the (Grey Wolf)'s neck was broken and separated from his body from the bite, making his last breath and soon stopped moving .

The (Gray Wolf) who was in the 2nd Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom managed to survive, but he was still on the verge of death . Theo then approached him and attacked with his claws, doing the same to other two who had survived, killed them .

After Theo saw that they were all dead, he used <Devour> on their bodies and on what was left of the (Goblin) that they were eating . After Theo used <Devour> on their bodies, he received the long-awaited news…

[Core Creation Complete]

[Congratulations! You have reached the 4th Tier of the Apprentice Kingdom]

[You evolved from species (Animal) to (Magic Animal)]

[You changed race from (Red fox) to (Golden Fox)]

[Your Lightning and Darkness affinities can now be used]

[All your skills have been upgraded]

[Sharp Claws] Level 2 was raised to Level 3]

[Causes 70% Physical damage]

[<Beast's Bite> Level 2 was raised to Level 3]

[Causes 65% Physical damage]

[<Beast's Movement> Level 1 was raised to Level 2]

[Increases 15% Speed for 15 . 0 Seconds]

By the time all this had happened, Theo began to feel strange, his bones and body had begun to expand, strengthening his body . His newly formed [Magic Core] began to suck mana from the environment through his pores automatically, making Theo feel even stronger .

Theo: "HAHAHA, this has given me a lot of improvements! I feel great right now!" He said happily .

"Unfortunately, there's nothing here to see my own appearance . . . " Theo murmured in his mind .

Theo: "Wait, maybe there is a mirror in the [System Store]?" With that thought in mind, he opened the [System Store] and in the [Search] bar he searched for [Mirror] . It worked, showing him some models of mirrors available for him to buy . Theo then bought a simple mirror for 2 [System Points], which appeared on the floor near him after the purchase .

When Theo looks at his reflection in the mirror . . . Theo looked like a (Fox) with a dark gold coat . His eyes were amber coloured and the chest part of his coat was light grey and went all the way up to his mouth . His tail was also dark gold and only the tip was light gray . His (Fox) ears were a tone darker than his coat on the outside, and dark gold in the inside .

Theo also noted that he increased from 1 . 60m to 1 . 65m in length, his tail he grew from 80cm to 85cm and his height also increased from 70cm to 75cm tall .

Theo: "W-Wow . . . I changed a lot! Was my current appearance influenced by my affinities ?! That can only be it!" Theo thought about it and decided to see his [Status] .


Name: Theo Volts

Breed: Golden Fox .

Species: Magical Animal .

Cultivation: 4th Tier of the Kingdom Apprentice:Medium Advancement .


System Points: 12



Lightning and Darkness



<Devour> (Active) Maximum Level .

<Sharp Claws> (Active) Level 3

<Beast's Movement> (Active) Level 2

<Beast's Bite> (Active) Level 3



Apprentice: <Turtle Breath>: Small Advance .