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Chapter 449: 449

Chapter 449: I Told Her That The Mother Of My Child Is Little Silly

“If you’re that worried, ask them to come over for dinner tomorrow . It’s not too late if you ask them then,” Chu Mobai said and turned the television off .

“Why, did you know?” He Xiaoran narrowed her eyes at her husband .

Chu Mobai looked very innocent . “Whatever do you mean, dear wife? Haven’t I been with you over the past few days? How would I know?”

He Xiaoran glared at him in annoyance before she got up and walked upstairs .

Chu Mobai leaned back against the sofa and looked up at the ceiling . That son of his was indeed very smart but sometimes, he was too smart for his own good .

Chu Ningyi held onto Shui Anluo through the entire gala . He even followed her to the washroom and waited by the door .

It came to the point that Gu Qingchen could no longer stand it and immediately walked to the women’s washroom to talk to him . “I say, do you need to do this? Who would dare to eat her up?”

Gu Qingchen felt as if she no longer knew who her cousin was anymore . He would even resort to such degrading actions, what else could she say?

Chu Ningyi leaned against the wall and did not seem to have the slightest objection . He had to make Shui Anluo trust him completely before she finds out that Shui Moyun had run away . This was the only way to dissolve her fear of being abandoned again .

“That’s hard to say, I only have one wife . What if all of you bullied her, what will I do then?” Chu Ningyi replied indifferently .

His calm words angered Gu Qingchen to the point that she wanted to spit blood . ‘What if all of you bullied her, what will I do then?’

These words implied that they would bully Shui Anluo .

Just as Gu Qingchen was about to retaliate, she noticed a small smile on her older cousin’s chilly face . She slowly turned around and indeed, spotted the woman staring at them from the women’s washroom .

Gu Qingchen suddenly wanted to laugh, her cousin was indeed trapped .

Trapped in the hands of his ex-wife!

Gu Qingchen took a step, turned around and left .

Shui Anluo stepped out from the washroom and threw herself into his arms . She stared at Gu Qingchen as she left . “What were you two talking about?”

“I told her that the mother of my child is a little silly and asked her not to bully you . ” Chu Ningyi lowered his head to look at her and reached out to straighten her fine hair .

Shui Anluo rolled her eyes . Was he certain that others would bully her and not him?

The pair returned to the venue and were instantly flanked with handsome men and beautiful women dressed in graceful formal attire . Shui Anluo looked down at their casual clothes . Indeed, one should dress according to the venue . She looked completely out of place here .

“Director Chu . ”

Shui Anluo was just about to ask Chu Ningyi if they could leave when several impeccably dressed people walked toward them . Shui Anluo felt a headache when she saw them .

Chu Ningyi nodded as a response to their greeting .

Shui Anluo looked up at the man next to her . He was clearly dressed in simple sportswear yet he looked like the premium product of the entire venue . In comparison, these impecally-dressed people in their suits and gowns only appeared to follow the protocol .

“Looks like the good news between you and Miss Shui will be coming soon . However, I wonder how’s Director Shui doing?” The person seems to be around fifty years of age . He was gazing at Shui Anluo with a kindly expression on his face .

Chu Ningyi knitted his brows but he introduced them calmly, “Luoluo, this is Uncle Liu . He was your father’s previous partner . ”

“Hello, Uncle Liu . ” Shui Anluo greeted politely .

However, she wondered why had Director Chu tensed up when he had mentioned her father?

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