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Chapter 185: 185

Within the school detention room .

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An Lin received some very depressing news, which stated that seeing as both he and Hong Dou were representatives of their respective forces, they would only be in detention for two days . Once the two days passed, he was still required to take part in the Dao Exchange Conference .

An Lin sat on the ground, completely dejected after receiving the news . He was unable to muster up even a shred of energy .

In the room opposite his, Hong Dou opened his rocky lips and cackled with a sound resembling a tractor . “Kukukuku… when I get out of here, I’ll be sure to beat the crap out of you at the Dao Exchange Conference!”

Both of them were extremely powerful combatants, so they had to be detained in separate rooms . Otherwise, another huge battle would be inevitable .

An Lin completely ignored Hong Dou’s taunts since empty words had no meaning anyway .

After a while, An Lin’s fans all came to visit him with all sorts of delicious food .

He tucked into a big meal right in front of Hong Dou’s face and Hong Dou could only look on with envy .

There were no meals that would be served during their two days in detention, but it wasn’t like they would starve to death anyway .

“Hmm… these braised chicken wings are delicious, so fragrant and crispy, and the texture of the meat is exquisite…

“This beef from the highlands of the Green Barn Mountain is not bad either, its quite chewy and it’s been cooked to medium-well perfection!”

An Lin rattled off as he ate and the alluring aroma of the food wafted throughout the detention rooms .

Hong Dou’s eyes shone with envy as he stared at all the food positioned around An Lin . He swallowed heavily and spoke in a gravelly voice, “Humph, you think you can provoke me with this? My heart is as solid as a rock!”

An Lin glared at Hong Dou from the corner of his eye and sneered, “Solid as a rock? Your fuse is as short as your memory! Aren’t you embarrassed to proclaim that your heart is as solid as a rock?”

Flames of rage erupted in Hong Dou’s chest upon hearing this . “Who did you say has a short fuse!?”

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An Lin’s lips twitched slightly . “Damn, you didn’t have to be so cooperative… Are you a pig? I can’t believe I’ve been put in detention because of an idiot like you . ”

He shook his head and sighed heavily with a remorseful expression on his face .

“You dare to mock me! I’ll beat you to death right now!”

Hong Dou’s eyes widened in rage as the igneous rocks all over its body crackled and popped in an extremely imposing sight .

“Come, if you don’t attack me, you’re my son . If you do… then you’re my grandson!” An Lin yawned as he gazed scornfully at Hong Dou .

A thought suddenly occurred to him . If they had another fight while being in detention, would their time in detention be further extended?

“What audacity!” Hong Dou was at the height of his rage after An Lin’s taunts .

Scorching red flames exploded forth from his body, instantly melting away the steel bars in front of him as he strode toward An Lin like an Ancient Godfiend .

“Haha, it looks like you’re planning to become my grandson then . ” An Lin chuckled in triumph .

Hong Dou became even more incensed upon hearing this and liquid flames with extremely high temperatures began to burst forth from his chest . He roared with a voice like rumbling thunder . “Exploding Lotus Flames!”

An Lin did not back down from his attack and he began to manipulate lightning with his left hand as a golden light illuminated his right hand . “Mountain Quaking Lightning Fist!”

This was the simplified version of the Nuclear Lightning Fist . It was a self-invented immortal spell that was not imbued with the power of the Darkness of Origin, but even so, it still had terrifying destructive power!

Meanwhile, not far from the detention facility was where the school’s executive department was located .

A well-built man patted Yang Xin’s shoulder in consolation . “Student Yang Xin, as the leader of the university enforcement team, you handled this situation very well . No matter who it is, as long as they’re within school grounds, they must follow the rules . I trust that student Qin Wen will understand this as well so you need not worry . ”

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“Yes, Department Head Li Yong!” Yang Xin could only nod at his words, but he was in anguish .

If Qin Wen could understand, then she wouldn’t have changed their plans to admire the full moon together into a trip to get chicken drumsticks and deliver them to An Lin as a midnight snack…

“Let’s go, I’ll pay a visit to An Lin and Hong Dou as well . ”

“Hopefully they’ve realized their mistakes and established a truce by now . ” Li Yong chuckled lightly to Yang Xin .

Yang Xin nodded his head in affirmation . “They’re both representatives of the four powers . They’d definitely know what they should and shouldn’t do . Perhaps their prior clash may have led to them becoming good friends . ”

Both of them exchanged a knowing smile as they walked shoulder to shoulder toward a white building .

That was where the detention rooms were located .


A pillar of red flames erupted into the sky, knocking the roof off the white building .

Golden bolts of lightning pierced through the sky like sharp swords, making the ground tremor with the accompanying rumbling boom .

Both of them surveyed the scene from afar, their mouths agape in shock .

“Department Head… I feel like I can detect very familiar energy from the center of the explosion,” Yang Xin stammered hesitantly .

“Not just one, but two familiar sources of energy . ” Li Yong corrected .

Yang Xin wiped away the sweat that had begun to appear on his forehead . “Are they trying to destroy the detention facility?”

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Another violent tremor erupted as cracks began to appear throughout the structure of the building .

“Hmm… yes, it does appear as if they’re destroying the place . ” Li Yong nodded with a solemn expression .

An Lin was sitting in a chair with his face covered in dirt and grime . Even his hair had curls running through it from being singed by flames .

Unsure of how to act, he stared nervously at the middle-aged man in front of him .

Sitting beside An Lin, a rock golem rubbed away the red lava flowing from its body and skirted its gaze around the room in embarrassment .

The man in front of them was Vice-Principal Yu Hua .

Although there was no hint of rage in his expression, An Lin and Hong Dou were still enveloped in an invisible sense of pressure which was making them fidget involuntarily .

“Alright, who wants to go first?” Vice-Principal Yu Hua asked in a cold voice .

“Hong Dou attacked me first!” An Lin immediately replied .

Hong Dou’s chest tightened with rage . “You mocked me first!”

“A gentleman will fight with words but not fists, have you not heard of this?” An Lin countered in a dignified manner .

“You…!” Hong Dou’s chest exploded and roaring flames began to burst forth . He would like nothing better than to beat the living crap out of An Lin now .

Hong Dou was not very eloquent and always lost in battles of words to An Lin . Now that fighting him was not an option, Hong Dou was feeling quite distressed .

Vice-Principal Yu Hua massaged his brows in exhaustion . He felt like they would probably start a fight again if he was to hold them captive in the same facility . Thus, he immediately began to consider separating them .

“Hong Dou, return to your camp first . As for the reparations, I’ll talk to the Lion King about that myself,” Yu Hua spoke .

“Alright . ” Hong Dou nodded in agreement .

“An Lin, you go back as well and behave yourself,” Yu Hua continued .

An Lin widened his eyes in disbelief . “You’re letting us go just like that? You’re not going to extend our detention terms?”

Yu Hua puffed his beard out in rage . “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re plotting! If you get into any more trouble, you better prepare for some harsher punishment!”

A suffocating sense of power suddenly swept toward An Lin .

He immediately began to nod obediently like a little chicken pecking at rice .

“Remember, if you fight among yourselves again, I’ll immediately withdraw your right to participate in the Dao Exchange!” Yu Hua warned the two of them with a solemn expression .

Hong Dou nodded earnestly .

However, An Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up as he looked toward Hong Dou with a thoughtful expression .

“And I’ll penalize you a hundred thousand spirit stones on top of that!” Yu Hua added .

The spark in An Lin’s eyes immediately dimmed .

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