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Chapter 187: 187

Everyone fell silent as the atmosphere became more awkward .

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An Lin and Da Bai were in a pinch . A photo of An Lin had already been presented, what

else could they say?

“Da Bai, what now?” An Lin transmitted his voice to Da Bai anxiously .

“Big Brother An, I have no clue,” Da Bai replied with an innocent expression .

He looked around with pitiful expression and continued to transmit his voice to An Lin, “However, I don’t think I’m in much danger, the one who should be worrying now is you . Have you ever seen a justice warrior kill a pervert on a horse, then kill the horse afterward as well?”

An Lin’s mouth gaped open and he felt as if he had fallen into a glacier .

Da Bai was right, this was irrefutable logic…

So that meant… that he was in a lot of danger right now!

“You’re An Lin, right!?” Augus pointed to the photo as he stared at An Lin . Although he framed his words as a question, there wasn’t really any doubt in his conviction .

An Lin looked around at the powerful angels around him and smiled sheepishly .

“Yes, I’m indeed An Lin, but I actually have my own reasons for…”

He was still scrambling for an excuse when, to his surprise, Augus was already charging

at him .

An Lin was greatly startled by this .

What the f*ck, you’re gonna attack me again before I’ve even finished my explanation!?

Just as he was about to yell “Don’t hurt me!”, his hands were suddenly clasped in Augus’ .

“What a fantastic coincidence, we were just on our way to find you!” Augus

exclaimed excitedly .

“Huh?” An Lin blinked in incomprehension .

He looked around to find that all the members of the Light Wing Clan seemed to have changed

their attitudes toward him as their expressions softened; some of them were even smiling at him .

What was going on?

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“Ah, yes, fancy meeting you here . Say, why are you guys looking for me again?”

An Lin tried his best to remain calm and maintain a tranquil smile on his face .

He had to change the topic and try to get everyone to forget what had just happened!

Augus saluted An Lin respectfully . “I am Augus of the Light Wing Clan . From our sources, we have discovered that you were the one who vanquished the Dark Night Monarch and we are here to express our gratitude . ”

The Dark Night Monarch?

An Lin immediately calmed down upon hearing this . “There’s no need for gratitude, she and I were enemies in the first place . ”

Augus smiled warmly . “The Dark Wing Tribe is our sworn enemy . Through killing the Dark Night Monarch, who is one of the Twelve Monarchs of the Dark Wing Tribe, you have done a great deed for the Light Wing Clan . Hence, it is most definitely necessary that we express our gratitude and present a gift to you, we implore you not to refuse . ”

An Lin’s heart thumped at his words, there was even a gift?

Then… of course, he was going to accept .

He feigned a reluctant expression on his face . “Augus, you are far too kind…”

“Shirley!” Augus called out .

A beautiful woman stepped out of the ranks at his call .

Her perfectly-proportioned figure coupled with her angelic features immediately made An Lin and Da Bai’s eyes light up .

Shirley’s eyes also lit up when she saw An Lin and she stared at him intently . “Looks, 7/10, combat strength 10/10, but your halo of heroic charisma elevates both those criteria to 10/10!”

“Ha?” An Lin was rooted to the spot by Shirley’s evaluation .

Augus’ face fell . “Shirley, don’t forget what we’re here to do!”


Shirley came to her senses and retrieved a giant blue egg from her storage ring that was as tall as half a person . “This is the egg of an Icy Flame Fairy Dragon, which is a high-tier dragon . After hatching, you’ll receive a male Fairy Dragon with great potential for evolution . It’s a natural beast pet . ”

An Lin’s heart almost fluttered out of his mouth from excitement— this was a high-tier Fairy Dragon…

Just any dragon egg was already extremely valuable, but this… This was the egg of a high-tier dragon, its value was absolutely unfathomable!

“Mr . An, this is a gift presented to you by our clan!” Shirley passed the egg to An Lin with a smile .

An Lin carefully accepted the dragon egg with excitement flashing in his eyes . “Thank you, how do I hatch the egg?”

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Shirley smiled sweetly . “You just need to place it under the sun every day and

drip a drop of your blood essence onto the tip of the egg each day for it to

absorb . Once the egg hatches, the newborn dragon will automatically recognize

you as its owner!”

An Lin nodded earnestly at her instructions and in fear that it would bump into something, he hugged the egg to himself extremely carefully .

Why didn’t he just put the egg away into his storage ring? It was because

he wanted to hold it for a while longer!

Finally, after making some small talk with Augus and the others, they bade farewell to each other .

Augus and the others continued to explore the school after presenting their gift to An

Lin .

Whereas An Lin returned to his living quarters excitedly on Da Bai’s back .

In the air, Da Bai sighed with emotion . “It really is our lucky day today, not only did we get to witness some splendid scenery, we even got this egg for it . ”

An Lin stroked the egg with contentment on his face . “It’s all because of your Big

Brother An who is so wise and gallant!”

Within a small building in the White Wing school district .

Xiao Hong, Da Bai, and Xiao Chou all gathered together to survey the egg closely .

“Wow, when the egg hatches, the dragon will probably be bigger than I am!” Xiao Hong wobbled her cute red head from side to side as she exclaimed in a sweet voice .

An Lin looked at Xiao Hong speechlessly . “No sh*t, at your size, even an egg from

the mother dragon’s ovaries is probably bigger than you!”

“We’re going to welcome a new member to our family soon . What should we name our new

little brother? Woof!” Da Bai was quite excited .

Xiao Chou’s bulb-like eyes also lit up, his thoughts were focused on something else . “I’m going to be a big brother soon!”

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An Lin cleared his throat . “With regard to naming the dragon, I have some thoughts . ”

Xiao Chou covered her face in anguish while Xiao Chou stared at him in anticipation . Da

Bai just nodded his head with a blank expression .

“Seeing as the egg is blue, why don’t we call it Xiao Lan!”

Xiao Hong: “…”

Xiao Chou: “…”

Da Bai: “…”

As the eldest disciple, Xiao Hong immediately stood up for her yet-to-be-born little brother .

She was no longer the frail Xiao Hong that could be bullied at will! She couldn’t stand by and watch the same tragedy she suffered befall her little brother!

Xiao Chou directed an insulting sneer at An Lin, “Hehehe, master, are you naming

based on colors again? Xiao Chou’s fur is yellow, why not just name him Xiao

Huang [1 . Huang = yellow in Chinese] . Then, we’d have Xiao Hong, Xiao Huang, Xiao

Lan and Da Bai, all of which are colors . How great is that! [2 . Hong = red, lan =

blue, bai = white]”

The taunting nature behind her words was very obvious, she was clearly expressing her dissatisfaction at An Lin’s weird naming conventions!

However, An Lin’s eyes immediately lit up at the idea . “What a great suggestion… how did I not think of it! Xiao Chou, your name is now Xiao Huang!”

He pointed at Xiao Chou excitedly .

An Lin felt as if he had been enlightened . From now on, he decided he would name all

his beast pets after different colors . Red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple— seven different colors beast pets forming the rainbow army!

Xiao Chou almost blacked out at An Lin’s decision while Da Bai couldn’t help but recoil .

Xiao Hong wore an expression of despair on her face as she wilted as if she had gone a whole day without photosynthesizing .

Time passed very quickly and it was already noon before anyone knew it .

A member of the Light Wing Clan came to An Lin’s living quarters to invite An Lin to lunch .

An Lin had already accepted their dragon egg so he really had no choice but to attend .

He pondered for a bit before placing the Fairy Dragon egg on the windowsill under the sun before setting off to lunch with Xiao Hong, Xiao Chou, and Da Bai .

In events like this, he needed numbers to bolster his presence . If he didn’t have people

to accompany him, what could he do? Easy, he could use his beasts as replacements!

Thus, the four of them went to lunch together .

Time passed by slowly .

A cute girl in green garments and a handsome man in a black robe appeared at An Lin’s

door .

“Upperclassman An Lin has already taken a day’s break, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble for

him if we visit him today, right…” Yao Mingxi spoke a little hesitantly .

“Big Brother, since when did you get so indecisive, if you love him, just tell him!”

“He has finally made it out of detention, we have to express our love to him!” Yao Xiu giggled .

“You’re right…” Yao Mingxi was blushing a little as he knocked on the door uneasily .

After a long while, Yao Mingxi was a little disappointed . “Is there no one home?”

Yao Xiu’s eyes suddenly lit up . “Look, Big Brother, there’s an egg there!”

“Hmm, this egg certainly looks quite out of the ordinary . ”

“Big Brother, could this be Upperclassman An Lin’s dinner!?”

“It’s quite possible, after all, God An has just returned . This egg should be something he’s trying to use to recover from his injuries from battling Hong Dou . ”

“Hahaha, my cooking is top-notch, Big Brother . Let’s give Upperclassman An Lin a


“Hmm… OK! Then it’s all up to you!”

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