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Chapter 252: 252

“Is it that terrifying?” An Lin’s eyes widened as he looked toward Xu Xiaolan .

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Xu Xiaolan nodded solemnly . “If you absorb it like this, you’ll definitely die!”

An Lin was puzzled as he glanced at the crimson-colored spirit bead in his hand . “Then how should I absorb it?”

Xu Xiaolan pinched her eyebrows in slight exasperation . “Although I don’t know why you want to fully absorb the fire essence energy within this bead, I can prepare a spell formation to make the energy gentler . I can also set up a self-detonation warning . If there’s any indication that a self-detonation is about to occur, then you must stop absorbing the fire essence energy immediately . ”

An Lin glanced at Xu Xiaolan gratefully . “Okay, thanks for your help . ”

“Seriously, you’re always so rash . Next time, it’d serve you right to be blown up!” Xu Xiaolan glared at An Lin, clearly unhappy with his recklessness .

An Lin scratched his head sheepishly and didn’t dare to retort .

After a while, Xu Xiaolan finished setting up the spell formation .

An Lin sat cross-legged in the center of the spell formation and started absorbing the fire essence energy from the Fire Spirit Vital Bead .

He became burning hot as an extremely pure stream of fire essence energy started flowing into his body .

After an hour, An Lin’s entire body started to turn crimson . His body was searing, and white smoke was drifting out from his pores .

Outside the spell formation, Xu Xiaolan had her fists clenched as she looked anxiously at An Lin .

On top of her head, Xiao Hong was swaying with the wind .

This was a familiar scene, yet her attitude was completely different now .

Xiao Hong was much calmer and collected this time around . She had an expression of curiosity as she gazed at her master who was about to explode soon . Even if her master was killed by the explosion, she could still tenaciously live on thanks to photosynthesis . There was nothing to be afraid about .


The spell formation started to tremor, and warning alarms started to wail .

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“An Lin! It’s about to explode! Hurry up and stop!” Xu Xiaolan yelled .

An Lin’s body was crimson and rigid, and his blood was churning and boiling . However, he couldn’t stop no matter what he did .

That was right, he had completely lost control of his body . All he could do right now was continue to absorb the fire essence energy non-stop .

Just as Xu Xiaolan was about to rush into the spell formation and forcibly put a stop to An Lin’s action, an unexpected change suddenly arose in the center of the spell formation .

Flaming red feathers which were flashing with a beautiful fiery glow suddenly materialized in the air .

From afar, they looked like feathers which had been shed by a soaring phoenix .

“So beautiful…” Xu Xiaolan gasped in admiration as she gazed at the fluttering feathers .

These feathers didn’t fall to the ground . Instead, they radiated light and warmth as they nimbly danced around An Lin like cheerful fire fairies .

He absorbed the fire essence energy even quicker, yet the warning alarm of the spell formation didn’t wail any longer…

Another hour passed by .

The flaming feathers melted into An Lin’s body, and the Fire Spirit Vital Bead turned dull and became a piece of useless rock .

“Ding Dong! Mission Completed!”

Information regarding the Wings of True Fire started flowing into his mind . In no time, this technique which contained the essence power of fire was thoroughly integrated into his body! This was a technique which could increase his combat capability significantly .

An Lin’s eyes were sparkling as he stood up . “I feel like my body is brimming with energy . I feel like my blood is seething with excitement . I want to battle!!!”

Xu Xiaolan didn’t expect for An Lin to actually absorb such enormous amounts of fire essence energy . Even though she was mentally prepared, this still gave her a small fright .

“Come on, let’s go to the Palace of Black . I want to do battle!” Flames flickered inside An Lin’s eyes as he spoke in fervent excitement .

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Da Bai: “…”

“Why is Big Brother An so fired up? This isn’t in line with his characteristics!”

“I don’t know why, but after seeing Big Brother An like this, I’m also fired up!” Xiao Chou said .

Xiao Hong calmly shrank back into Xu Xiaolan’s robes . “Sister Xiaolan, I feel like my master is seeking death again . I’ll take shelter here for a moment . ”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

Without wasting any more time, An Lin took charge and walked toward the Palace of Black .

He kicked open the palace door and stepped inside aggressively .

The tomb keeper of the Palace of Black was given a fright . However, he quickly composed himself . He squinted his eyes at An Lin and said, “Such strong battle intent . Are you declaring battle?”

An Lin looked at the tomb keeper . This was a tall, skinny male who had fair and clear skin . This young male even had a pair of elegant dragon horns on his head, making him appear majestic and dignified .

“Narwhal Dragon?” Flames of battle burned in An Lin’s eyes as he looked at this male . “What treasures do you have here?”

A cold glint flashed past the young male’s eyes . He patted above his heart and said, “There’s a Black Lightning Dragon Ball here . If you’re unafraid of death, then come get it!”

“My body is overflowing with energy right now . ” An Lin laughed heartily . “Die!”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

Xiao Chou: “…”

Da Bai: “…”

“It’s over . Big Brother An has gone mad . ”

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An Lin roared loudly and his body slowly turned crimson red . In addition, his aura suddenly became extremely powerful .

“Eat my fist!” he bellowed .

He fiercely stamped his foot and shot toward the young male like a cannonball, throwing a punch as he neared him .

Expressionlessly, the young male threw a punch of his own .


The devastating power of their collision caused the ground to fracture .

As if he had suffered a severe blow, An Lin was sent flying backward . He blasted through the walls of the palace and then flew out of their sights .

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

“Why didn’t Big Brother An release Gundam One and Gundam Two?” Xiao Chou asked .

Da Bai’s expression was as if he had seen through to the truth . “That’s probably because Big Brother An’s brain was fried when he was absorbing the Fire Spirit Vital Bead’s fire essence energy just then . Haven’t you realized that he’s acting like a stupid c*nt now?”

Hearing this, Xu Xiaolan suddenly came to a realization . She clapped her hands and said, “No wonder… That really is a possibility!”

“Then let’s retreat first,” she suggested . “We’ll decide what to do after An Lin has recovered . ”

Xiao Chou and Da Bai didn’t have any objections, and they were just about to leave the palace .

To their surprise though, a familiar voice traveled over from the distance . “Hahahahaha… What a strong foe! I’m fired up now!”

A male flew over on his sword . Then, he slashed his sword fiercely .

“Heavens! Big Brother An is flying on his sword!” Da Bai exclaimed in surprise .

An Lin’s sword was glowing with a radiant might as it cut down toward the young male .

“One can’t rely on blind zeal to battle . Battling without clearly recognizing the gulf that exists between you and your opponent’s strength is merely seeking death . ” The hands of the young male transformed into dragon claws, and he easily caught An Lin’s sword strike .

Opening his mouth and exhaling, a wind sword materialized in the air .

This wind sword contained the terrifying powers of the dragon bloodline . In a flash, it slashed into An Lin, causing him to spit blood and sending him flying backward .

The young male clasped his hands behind his back . His crushing might as a Narwhal Dragon spread into the surroundings . He looked arrogantly toward the group of cultivators and said, “He’s too weak . How about you all attack together?”

Da Bai and Xiao Chou exchanged a glance . They picked up the collapsed An Lin and instantly turned around to flee .

Xu Xiaolan even cast a thirty-feet-tall wall of fire . This wall of fire dazzled brilliantly and it blocked the young male’s field of vision .

Within the palace, the sound of the cultivators’ conversation grew fainter and fainter .

“Let me go! I can’t be a cowardly male! My body is overflowing with power! I can still battle…”

“Stop talking . Holy sh*t! I don’t have such a retarded master, woof!”

“An Lin, calm down a bit . Let me check to see if your brain’s fried…”

By the time the wall of fire had extinguished, they had already disappeared from the palace .

Young male: “…”

“How boring!”

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