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Chapter 281: 281

They set out once again and started flying toward the northwest .

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Evil spirits still appeared from time to time and their strength became stronger and stronger .

Before, the evil spirits were mostly of the Dao Body Stages . Now, however, they could occasionally see evil spirits of the Spirit Nurturing Stage .


As swiftly as a flash of lightning, a pitch-black sword projection ripped an eight-armed evil spirit into two halves .

An Lin was a very powerful cultivator now . Even the evil spirits of the Spirit Nurturing Stage couldn’t withstand one of his normal strikes .

At this moment, Yin Yu finally believed An Lin’s words . However, there was still something that she didn’t understand . They were both of the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage, so why was the difference between them so great?

Moreover, she was a prodigy who possessed the dragon tribe’s lineal descendant bloodline!

Oh, hang on . She couldn’t describe herself as a prodigy any more…

Yin Yu had a look of dejection, and she pinched her delicate little face .

“Big Brother An, look over there! It should be near that gigantic skull!”

Xiao Chou’s eyes were beaming brightly as he pointed at someplace in front of them . Laying there was a black skull which was fifty to sixty feet in size .

This skull had a similar shape to human skulls . From the images in his memory, this was the skull of some general in the Purple Star’s evil spirit army .

An Lin’s eyes lit up . He landed next to the skull and walked forty-nine steps west . Then, he stomped down on the ground heavily .


As the ground tremored, a white spatial gate appeared before them .

Yin Yu had an expression of disbelief as she looked toward An Lin . “You guys have been here before?”

An Lin didn’t reply . Instead, he took charge and stepped into the gate .

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Yin Yu faltered, and she huffed angrily as she followed behind him .

As the space around them fluctuated unpredictably, a realm rich in vital energy suddenly appeared before them .

A ginormous skeleton which stretched thousands of feet in length lay silently on the ground .

Grass and flowers grew all around it, and the mixture of brimming vitality and bleak death gave one a strange sense of tranquility and beauty .

“This is… the skeleton of a winged dragon?” Yin Yu’s eyes bulged and even her voice became shaky . She was unable to maintain her composure any longer .

Each and every winged dragon had a lofty standing in the dragon tribe . The winged dragon laying before them was clearly a supreme being that had died in the ancient battle .

An Lin walked next to this skeleton then squatted down and glanced over it . A look of delight spread across his face .

He saw an ancient vine under the dragon’s skull . This vine glowed with a purple light, and it appeared exquisite and smooth .

This was the Ancient Purple Vine that he was after .

Ancient Purple Vines absorbed the yin energy of winged dragons and usually grew on the underside of their skulls .

After tens of thousands of years, he didn’t expect for there to be numerous times more Ancient Purple Vines growing here than before .

An Lin plucked out all the vines and placed them into his storage ring .

Then, he walked to the backbone of the winged dragon and used a wisp of energy to drill out a small hole . He collected five hundred grams of blood . This blood was red in color and had a slight tinge of gold .

True Blood of the Winged Dragon only existed within the spines of winged dragons . This blood was immortal, which was why it could endure through tens of thousands of years and last till now .

“Y-you’re violating our ancestors!”

Yin Yu stomped her feet in anger when she saw An Lin collecting the immortal true blood of the winged dragon .

An Lin rolled his eyes . “Don’t worry, I looked inside using my vital energy . There’s still 1 . 5 kilograms of true blood inside~”

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True Blood of Winged Dragons was the most valuable parts of dragon tribe members . It was extremely precious .

Out of respect for her ancestors, Shen Yin—a Heavenly Dragon Maiden at the time—only collected five hundred grams of true blood .

An Lin pondered for a moment after hearing Yin Yu’s words . He felt that his actions were indeed incorrect .

He walked beside the spine and collected another five hundred grams of true blood .

Shen Yin was a member of the dragon tribe, so she felt that respect and reverence were needed .

However, I’m human! What’s the point of being so respectful toward a dragon?!

M-hm, one kilogram of true blood . Five hundred grams can be reserved as backup…

Seeing An Lin collect another five hundred grams of true blood, Yin Yu almost passed out in anger . She was clearly agitated, and her chest rose and fell violently .

“If members of other tribes come across this skeleton, I can guarantee they’ll take it all away,” An Lin preached earnestly . “They won’t leave a single bone! I’m already showing great respect toward your ancestors, understand?”

Yin Yu’s pretty face was flushed beet red . She was so angry that she didn’t know what to say .

They wandered around the independent realm and plucked a few spirit rank herbs . Apart from these herbs, they found nothing else of value . After a while, they left this realm .

“We’ve successfully obtained the Ancient Purple Vine and True Blood of the Winged Dragon . It’s time to look for the treasures marked out on the sheepskin map~” An Lin grinned cheerily and spread open the sheepskin map .

Just like that, they started searching and battling from the locations nearest to them .

They entered a blood pond and found a third rank immortal fruit—Netherblood Fruit .

They ventured into the Damned Demon Realm and found a Deathly Realm Flower .

They trekked through the Black Stone Forest and found a Vajra Spirit .

Afterward, they also obtained an Ethereal Spirit Bone, Demonic Blood Globe, Sacred Ice Lotus, and Ghostly Crystal Armor .

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Out of the nine locations which had been speculated to contain treasures, a total of seven locations had treasures . Two of the locations had absolutely nothing . To this, An Lin slandered the so-called High Priest numerous times .

Seeing An Lin grumble in dissatisfaction as he collected the treasures, Yin Yu felt her breathing become a bit labored again .

Next up was the last treasure marked out on the sheepskin map . This was a first-rank immortal object—Reincarnation Ginseng!

This immortal object was marked with the highest danger level of all the treasures . Thus, An Lin intentionally left it until last .

The Reincarnation Ginseng was located near the central region of the ancient battleground . The space in that region was very volatile and the ground there was also severely fractured . Bottomless ravines snaked all over, and they were alike demonic mouths which swallowed all living beings .

“Only transmigration between life and death can nurture this first rank immortal object .

“The battle ten thousand years ago rocked heaven and earth . The Dragon Court was almost destroyed and millions of powerful beings died here . This is one of the requirements necessary for the Reincarnation Ginseng to grow—death .

“Then what about life, the other requirement necessary for the Reincarnation Ginseng’s growth? Where is this quality reflected?”

An Lin curiously mused to himself as he sat while holding the sheepskin map on Da Bai’s back .

Seeing that An Lin also had things he didn’t understand, Yin Yu immediately chipped in . “You don’t understand this, do you…?”

Upon seeing An Lin’s inquisitive look, she instantly felt like she wasn’t so stupid after all . She felt a little pleased with herself and explained unhurriedly, “When death reaches its extreme, it births life . However, what it births is resentment, hatred, and despair . These are things which can’t enter into the cycle of reincarnation . Still, these negative emotions can birth a unique kind of life . ”

An Lin blinked in thought . “So you’re saying… those evil spirits and bone ghosts are a reflection of life?”

Yin Yu nodded and continued, “In fact, they can also be considered as living beings . It’s just that they’re living beings which aren’t acknowledged . They were already renounced by the Heavenly Dao when they were alive . They couldn’t enter into the cycle of reincarnation upon death, thus their resentment and hatred are vast and boundless . As a result, they exist within this world in another quantum state . ”

“Q-quantum state?” An Lin grimaced . It was as if he had heard some strange term .

“Eh… You don’t understand the concept of quantum state?” There was a bright glimmer in the white-clothed female’s eyes . It seemed as if she was feeling superior in some field . “I’m telling you, this touches upon the expansion of microparticles, time and space, and the theory of karma . If you don’t understand, I can give you a book on the theory of quantum when I arrive back at the Dragon Palace . I’ll be the teacher, and you can be my student…”

As if she had been injected with some stimulant, Yin Yu was beaming and in buoyant spirits . She explained these concepts to An Lin non-stop, and it was as if she had recovered some lost ground after being in a completely meritless situation . She was absolutely ecstatic .

An Lin was shocked by her knowledge .  The Dragon Palace has started researching such matters? They even have books?!

He had to admit, he truly did want to visit the Dragon Palace and have a look . He wanted to see what those books were about .

After flying for a while, they arrived at a place which was shrouded in black mist .

“We’ve arrived . It’s somewhere near here!”

An Lin said this while looking down at the sheepskin map .

At this moment, an evil spirit lunged over . Then, it was smashed into bits by Xiao Chou .

Here, evil spirits and bone ghosts which were formed purely from feelings of resentment and hate wandered about .

Their auras were all especially strong . In fact, there were quite a lot whose strength were equivalent to the Spirit Nurturing Stage .

Wisps of black mist drifted from the depths of the ravines which cut across this land .

“Big Brother An, look over there!” Xiao Chou exclaimed . “There’s a black ball!”

Sure enough, there was a black-colored ball sitting silently in some location one thousand meters away .

“Let’s check it out!”

An Lin took charge and flew toward the black ball . He gripped the Evil-Slaying Sword tightly in his hand .

When they arrived before this black ball, they found that it was completely smooth and without any imperfections . Its surface was polished like a mirror, and it had a diameter of around thirty feet . Apart from these, it didn’t have any other unique features .

“Is it possible that the Reincarnation Ginseng is within this ball?” An Lin asked .

Yin Yu was similarly unsure . She also hadn’t seen the Reincarnation Ginseng before . “Why don’t we smash it open and take a look?”

This was a fairly good suggestion, and An Lin acted without any hesitation . He released Gundam One and Gundam Two and they were just about to cut open the ball .

Right at this moment, it was as if the ball had been stimulated, and it started to crack open on its own .

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