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Chapter 335: 335

“Be careful, guys! This black wind has an extremely powerful shredding ability . Try your best to suppress your auras . The more powerful one’s aura is, the more powerful this black wind becomes . ” Battle God Zi Yang had a solemn expression .

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Upon hearing Zi Yang’s caution, they all suppressed their auras . Sure enough, the speed of the black wind slowed down considerably . However, it was still slowly bearing down toward them .

An Lin looked toward Zi Yang . “What should we do now? We can’t idly await death, right?”

“Don’t fret,” Battle God Zi Yang replied solemnly . “From now on, the black wind will become weaker and weaker . When it’s almost upon us, the power of the black wind should be greatly diminished . At that time, we can activate defensive immortal spells and quickly charge out! If we do that, we might receive some minor injuries . However, there will probably be no risk of death . ”

White Spirit Snake’s face became pale when she heard that they would still suffer injuries .

Little Qing hissed in disdain, “The more this black wind is attacked, the more its power diminishes . Why don’t we actively attack it and diminish its power?”

“But your aura will definitely be released once you cast an immortal spell . At that time, we’ll suffer an even greater backlash from the black wind . That method won’t work . ” Battle God Zi Yang shook his head in disapproval .

“Isn’t this problem solved if we use inanimate objects to attack it?” Little Qing blinked her eyes innocently .

Battle God Zi Yang was rendered silent once again .

“But this black wind is extremely powerful . Ordinary objects will be destroyed right upon coming into contact with it . The effects of their attacks will be minimal . It might work if we use Divine Weapons . However, I can’t say for certain whether the Divine Weapons will be damaged by such actions . ” Placing Divine Weapons inside the black wind to continually deplete its power was a very different notion from directly charging through it . Thus, Zi Yang gave a word of caution beforehand .

Before anyone could even reply, An Lin had already jumped off his black brick and onto his sword . In his left hand was a loli and in his right hand was a pretty girl .

“Expand, expand, expand, expand… Go!”

Under the watchful gaze of the others, the ginormous black brick crashed toward the black wind with a loud rumble .

Instantly, insane amounts of energy started tearing at each other violently .

The black brick was stable and unmoving as it rested within the black wind like an impenetrable mountain .

Just like that, the terrifying black wind slowly died down . As its energy depleted, a gigantic opening was ripped into it .

“Let’s go!”

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An Lin and the others dashed through this opening and safely escaped from the black wind .

“Wow! Poison Lord’s brick is so impressive! It’s incredibly wear-resistant!” White Spirit Snake gazed at An Lin reverently with her bright eyes . She was completely oblivious to the fact that her slender waist was still being held by An Lin .

“Cough, cough…” An Lin had a nagging feeling that something was off when he heard White Spirit Snake’s remark 1  .

He placed Tian Lingling and White Spirit Snake back onto the black brick . Then, he continued searching for traces of the Shou Yang Tomb .

M-hm, hugging two girls at once feels pretty nice .  However, the two piercing gazes which suddenly shot over made him shudder in fright . One gaze came from Xu Xiaolan, and the other gaze came from Battle Goddess Bi Qiong .

Battle God Zi Yang remained silent this entire time . He had descended into a state of self-doubt .

“Guys, look! There’s mist ahead!” White Spirit Snake suddenly exclaimed .

They looked ahead and sure enough, there was a cloud of hazy white mist there . This mist obscured their visions and prevented them from seeing what was inside of it .

At this moment, An Lin and the others all turned their eyes toward that little green snake .

Seeing this, Battle God Zi Yang once again felt crushed .

He was a supreme being of Zhan Qi Continent . Could it be that his prestige and dignity had been lost just like this?

“This mist is the liquid form of Battle Qi . Such a dense mist of Battle Qi means that there’s definitely something valuable within it . Of course, the level of danger is also unknown,” Little Qing spoke unhurriedly as she looked toward the others .

Everyone felt more assured after hearing this .

“Zi Yang, please lead the way,” An Lin chuckled .

Battle God Zi Yang grimaced . He really wanted to swear .

His entire body was enveloped in a flaming armor, and he was first to charge into the white mist .

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An Lin and the others followed behind . They all became more focused and entered into a state of combat readiness .

“There’s a mountain?”

Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes were blazing like torches, and it was as if his vision could pierce through the layers of hazy mist and lock onto that gigantic black shadow .

“No… Look out!” he suddenly bellowed .

A black shadow drew closer and closer . It emitted a suffocating might and crashed through the layers of white mist at a terrifying speed . Their reactions were quick, and they all flew out of the creature’s path on their various magic treasures .


A gigantic mountain range crashed into the ground, causing thousands of feet of earth to directly cave in!

An Lin’s eyes bulged .  This isn’t a gigantic mountain! It’s clearly a ginormous arm!

“Those who trespass my territory must perish!”

This booming voice transformed into bursts of raging sound waves that swept through the surroundings .

Battle God Zi Yang knew that this creature would be incredibly powerful . However, he still summoned up his courage and charged toward it .

An enormous fist descended from the skies .

“Gigantic Golden Flaming Palm!”

Battle God Zi Yang roared, and boundless golden flames burst forth from his palm .


There was a deafening rumble, and the explosive golden flames split open the enormous fist and also charred it black . At the same time, Battle God Zi Yang spat blood and stumbled backward .

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“Little Qing, go and help him!” Seeing Battle God Zi Yang become wounded, White Spirit Snake couldn’t look on any longer .

“Tsk . He’s a Battle God, yet he can’t even defeat a rock golem . What does he do for a living?” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong had a look of disdain . “Besides, who’s going to protect you if I join in that battle?”

“I’ll protect her,” An Lin offered suddenly . “I’m a peerless being who defeated two Battle Gods with a single strike! You can trust me!”

White Spirit Snake’s delicate face suddenly flushed red . “M-hm… It’ll be fine if Poison Lord protects me! Little Qing, hurry up and help him!”

The little green snake pursed its lips . Then, it transformed into a streak of light and charged toward the ginormous figure which was shrouded within the thick white mist .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deafening explosions sounded from within the mist .

Immediately afterward, surging flames ripped apart the thick mist . This cyan-colored spell technique was vast and boundless, and it elicited wails of anguish from the ginormous black figure .

Standing in the distance, An Lin was only responsible for shattering the gigantic boulders which shot over . Apart from this, he had nothing else to do .

“God Slaying Technique—Blue Sword of the Yellow Springs!”


A soaring blue light transformed into a huge sword that was thousands of feet in length . Possessing within it a devastating might, it instantly cut down!

“Howl!” The ginormous “mountain” roared in pain .

The ground started tremoring, and the deep rumble of something crashing into the ground sounded in the distance .

A green light streaked over from the distance and reattached itself to White Spirit Snake’s arm .

“Done,” Little Qing said indifferently .

An Lin and the others all gazed at the little green snake reverently .

After flying over to the location of the battle and seeing the enemy clearly, their feelings of worship grew even stronger .

This was a ginormous rock golem which had a crimson-colored core and steel-like skin . Its body was thousands of feet tall . It was truly a fiendish creature!

Right now, its aura had already vanished . Its ginormous body was split through the middle, and it was clear that it had been hacked into two halves .

Battle God Zi Yang fished a blue sword out from the rock golem’s head . Then, he flew toward the others and handed this sword to An Lin .

“Luck is on our side,” he chuckled excitedly . “This is the Divine Weapon, Azure Ocean Sword!”

Seeing this sword, all of them involuntarily sighed with emotion . It felt amazing having two great Battle Gods accompany them!

These Battle Gods battled the boss, and these Battle Gods defeated the boss . After defeating the boss, these Battle Gods even handed over the Divine Weapon willingly…

All An Lin and the others needed to do was grip onto their coattails firmly .

The Azure Ocean Sword was light blue in color, and there were faint ripples flowing over its surface .

Its aura was boundless, and it appeared as profound as the deep oceans .

An Lin gulped . There was a passionate glow in his eyes . “Let’s allocate this Divine Weapon . Same rules as before!”

Everyone nodded in agreement .

Battle God Zi Yang and Battle Goddess Bi Qiong didn’t participate .

Soon after, ten drops of blood essence were suspended in mid-air . They all radiated with a dazzling golden glow .

As if feeling some attractive force, the Azure Ocean Sword started to move .

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