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Chapter 340: 340

An Lin accepted that black orb, and a stream of images instantly funneled into his mind .

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This was a recording of the Dark Wing Tribe fighting against some black monstrosity . That was an earth-shattering battle . It fractured heaven and earth, and it sunk the sun and moon . It was as if the entire world was going to be swallowed by that battle .

In that battle, there was a male of the Dark Wing Tribe who performed stunningly . His sword technique was called Endless Night Sword Technique .

Just as An Lin came to his senses, a burst of information regarding the true essence of the Endless Night Sword Technique surged into his mind .

An extremely powerful sword intent raged in the air, and the Evil-Slaying Sword also started to tremble in excitement .

“This sword technique suits me very well,” a cold voice sounded in his mind once again .

An Lin blinked and replied, “But I feel that the Six Strikes of the War God suits me better . ”

Evil-Slaying Sword: “…”

The Evil-Slaying Sword stopped speaking . It transformed back into a frosty and silent sword once again .

An owner like this wanted his weapon to develop a spirit? He was definitely living in la-la land!

An Lin didn’t know what the Evil-Slaying Sword was thinking right now, and he was feeling extremely pleased with himself .

Humph! Who told you to be so aloof? See how I choke you off to death!

After passing his trial, a passageway materialized on the gigantic floating boulder . This passageway was clearly a path that led toward the intersection of the ten paths . An Lin didn’t hesitate and headed into this passageway while humming a cheery tune .

In a dimly lit space, a female stared at a screen . She appeared to be deep in thought .

A green-haired male was trembling violently as he knelt on the floor . After a short while, he realized that his hair was continually shedding from his scalp .

One minute late, he became bald…

He didn’t become stronger 1  .

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“There’s a popular phrase in Her Majesty’s Small World, the Earth,” Black Spirit Snake said coldly . “It’s called ‘breathtakingly intelligent’ . I feel that comprehending it in a slightly different manner might also be of some use . We’ll take away your breath first, and perhaps that might help with your intelligence . ”

The green-haired male… bah! The bald male nodded his head profusely and praised, “Master Black is so wise!” Tears were brimming in his eyes .

Humming a cheery tune, An Lin arrived at the junction where the ten paths all intersected . This was a gigantic stone hall .

Upon arriving, he found that there were two sets of people waiting here already .

“Hey, White Spirit Snake . Hey, Tian Lingling . You two sure are quick!” An Lin greeted casually .

“Haha, it was all thanks to Little Qing…” White Spirit Snake grinned sheepishly . After being praised by her idol, her soft and delicate face flushed red . She tugged at the corner of her sleeves in embarrassment .

Tian Lingling wasn’t timid like White Spirit Snake, and she started chortling loudly . “This is the difference between human brains and artificial intelligence! This stupid A . I . assigned an easy level of difficulty to us! Bahaha… You can imagine the end result!”

An Lin came to a sudden realization upon hearing this . “This system even ignored the combat capabilities of Battle Gods?! One can indeed pass the trial without needing to do anything then . I must say, the judgment of the A . I . in this tomb is stupid beyond belief . We can look for system loopholes to exploit later . ”

In a dimly lit space, a bald male almost burst into tears .

Stupid system? Stupid your mom!

You people have already reaped all the benefits; can you shut up please?! You guys running your mouths is pushing my precious life toward the brink of death!

He raised his head to look at Black Spirit Snake . Sure enough, her expression had darkened even further…

Sigh, the old adage is indeed correct . One false step brings everlasting grief . Anyhow, why are these people all so peculiar?

Meanwhile, Xu Xiaolan had arrived above a cloud which was blazing with flames . Several Giant-Winged Flame Birds were spitting flames toward her, yet they were unable to injure her . Their flames were all blocked out by the golden flames which enveloped her body .

It could be said that Xu Xiaolan was least afraid of fire when she had fully activated her Divine Phoenix Bloodline .

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As long as the attacking flames weren’t as powerful as her flames, she could withstand and perhaps even control all the flames .

Wielding her Dragon Sparrow Sword as she shifted her feet gracefully, the blazing inferno around her distorted slightly . It was as if they were bending down and bowing their heads toward her .

Like a divine phoenix which ruled over all flames, she appeared holy and majestic, beautiful and peerless . As her sword sliced through the air, it appeared as dazzling as the sun . It was so blinding that one could not gaze upon it directly .

Before they could even screech in terror, the mighty Giant-Winged Flame Birds were shredded into two by the sword . Flames and blood rained down from the sky .

“Congratulations! You have passed the trial of the Vermilion Bird Tribe!”

In a pure white realm, there was a white palace which was continually emitting rays of brilliant light .

Five humanoid creatures were surrounding a male, and they were currently attacking him frenziedly . These creatures were white in color, and they each had a golden disc attached to their backs .

Each and every one of their punches and kicks possessed the ultimate meaning of martial arts, and these strikes could obliterate mountains which lay hundreds of meters away from them . Vital energy surged about violently, and savage winds raged . The surrounding earth was all fractured and caved in .

The male being attacked by these five humanoid figures was Xuanyuan Cheng, whose body was currently shrouded in a white airstream . His attacks and defenses all held firm as he slashed with his ancient sword and performed the method of Taichi Steps . Regardless of how exquisite or powerful the humanoid creatures’ attacks were, they were unable to breach Xuanyuan Cheng’s defenses .

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Cheng was always able to find opportunities to counterattack while he defended himself . His blade was like a deadly airstream which flittered about in the raging storms, invisible when striking and lightning-quick in speed . As time went on, the five humanoid figures became weighed down by the countless gashes which decorated their white bodies . White fluids flowed from their wounds .

Xuanyuan Cheng leaned toward his left, and the energy formed by his motion caused a punch to slide past his body . Immediately afterward, he retreated a few steps and dodged the follow-up attacks .

Then, he suddenly held his sword upright in front of himself . A piercing look appeared in his profound eyes .

“Myriad Spirit Fate—Death!”

Countless shimmering gold symbols suddenly appeared on the wounds of the five humanoid creatures . Immediately afterward, their life force was rapidly stripped away from them .

They attempted to launch a final suicidal attack, yet they discovered that they couldn’t move at all . After a few more seconds, their life force was completely drained, and they crashed to the floor, dead .

“Congratulations! You have passed the trial of the Holy Martial Clan!”

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Waves crashed onto a golden beach, and several blue water dragons roared toward a continuously dodging figure .

That dodging figure was lithe and graceful, and she was like an agile bird weaving through the raging water dragons .

As a bright blue light flashed, a gigantic turtle which was shrouded in thick white mists as it manipulated wind and rain suddenly felt a cold chill across its neck . Then, its vision darkened, and it lost all its senses .

“Congratulations! You have passed the trial of the Heavenly Turtle Tribe!”

“Huh? What are you saying?” Su Qianyun, who didn’t understand Mandarin, looked toward the sky blankly .

Beads of water were still stuck to her stunningly beautiful face, and she appeared especially striking and mesmerizing .

There was no reply from the skies . All that descended was a ball of blue light .

Su Qianyun knew that this was probably a reward, so she caught it with her hands .

Immediately afterward, information regarding the Heavenly Turtle Tribe’s water techniques started pouring into her mind .

“Hmm… this is interesting . It’s finally something that I can understand!”

Su Qianyun smiled daintily . Then, she casually waved a hand toward the sea . Instantly, a raging wave surged a hundred feet high, appearing as if it was going to blot out the heavens . Immediately afterward, this wave froze into a gigantic ice wall . Under the radiant light, this ice wall was sparkling and crystal clear, and bursts of chilly air oozed out from within it .

Um… Where should I go now?

After trying out this new technique, Su Qianyun started glancing around . However, she didn’t find any way out!

Behind the gigantic ice wall, a spatial passageway was radiating with a soft glow . Unfortunately, it just so happened to be hidden by the sparkling light which was radiating out from the ice wall…

Atop a tall black pagoda .

A blood moon hung high above the sky .

A true demon which had twin horns, crimson eyes, and a body full of scales was currently battling against an extremely powerful swordsman . Every time they clashed, a loud boom akin to the mighty roar of thunder could be heard .

The swordsman held the Divine Weapon, Dark Flash Sword, in his hands . In the end, he slashed out a perfect arc, sending forth a dark sword projection which managed to steal even the luster of the blood moon . This strike cleaved the pagoda into two and also ripped the true demon’s body into two halves .

“Congratulations! You have passed the trial of the True Demon Tribe!”

Yao Mingxi nodded lightly after hearing this voice . It appeared as if he was extremely pleased with how the battle went .

In some other realm .

Hu Guan was currently brawling against dozens of gigantic rock golems . His every punch hit a rock golem, and the refreshing feel had him feeling euphoric .

He was enjoying this fistfight immensely, so much so that he fought until he was badly battered and had his face covered with bumps and bruises .

After slaying the last rock golem, he was already riddled with wounds . However, his eyes were shining brightly, and he couldn’t help but raise his arms and shout, “That felt amazing! Is there anyone else?!”

Clearly, Hu Guan was feeling amazing .

In a dimly lit space, a bald male found these comments to be especially jarring and grating on the ear .

Each and every remark was like a sharp blade which pierced through his heart .

“It seems like they’re all enjoying themselves greatly! You’ve managed to turn these trials into something like amusement parks . Not bad…” Black Spirit Snake smiled faintly . However, in the eyes of the bald male, this smile was absolutely terrifying…

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