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Chapter 358: 358

After a while, everyone had spent all their points and gone away with the treasures of their desire .

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Most of the items on the film of light were exchanged for points, and the catalog disappeared after detecting that everyone had spent all their points .

Immediately afterward, a rippling spatial gate appeared above the circular white altar .

“We’ve gotten a lot of good stuff, now it’s time to go home!” An Lin spoke in a voice giddy with excitement .

Ecstatic smiles were plastered across everyone’s faces as they passed through the spatial gate .

The space around them rippled and warped .

Within An Lin’s blurred consciousness, he seemed to be able to see a swordsman trudging through the darkness .

The swordsman was constantly fighting, and his strength was godlike in its invincibility . However, he would shed tears to all the warped demonic creatures he killed .

He had fought for his whole life, and he had searched for his whole life . Finally, he raised his head toward the sun peeking over the horizon, and he slowly closed his eyes .

When An Lin regained consciousness, everyone had already appeared in the center of the Heavenly Lake .

A light breeze blew by and the rippling water below reflected the last rays of the setting sun .

Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes suddenly rolled back as he frothed at the mouth and fell into the water .

“Senior Zi Yang!” An Lin was greatly startled by this .

Hu Guan was the closest to Battle God Zi Yang, and he immediately rescued him from the water .

Everyone came to the shore of the Heavenly Lake and Hu Guan placed Battle God Zi Yang onto the ground .

“What’s wrong with Senior Zi Yang?” Su Qianyun asked in confusion .

“There’s no Battle Qi here, so he’s unacclimatized to the environment . ”

The green snake wrapped around White Spirit Snake’s arm spoke lightly as she looked Battle God Zi Yang, who was sprawled onto the ground like a dead fish .

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Everyone came to a sudden realization; Battle God Zi Yang hadn’t cultivated with vital energy before!

“Huh, then why are you fine, Senior Bi Qiong?” Yao Mingxi asked .

“Hehe, I began dual cultivation a long time ago . ” The green snake transformed into an exquisite beauty in green robes and sat down on the ground .

An Lin couldn’t help but blush with excitement at Bi Qiong’s words . [1 . He’s blushing because dual cultivation has another meaning, which is cultivating with a partner of the opposite sex to improve cultivation progression for both parties, usually in a relationship that’s sexual in nature . ]

“Don’t disrupt me, I’m going to materialize a beast core first . I can finally evolve now without all the Battle Qi getting in the way . ” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong closed her eyes and made a seal with her hands .

A massive vortex of vital energy instantly appeared in the air and injected itself into her body .

Everyone around her looked on in shock and wonder . How badass was it that she could just evolve upon a whim!

Everyone then turned to look at Battle God Zi Yang to find that he was still lying on the ground, and his body was convulsing uncontrollably .

Sigh… How miserable!

“Say, Senior Zi Yang should be a normal person now, right? Does that mean he might die from drowning?” Hu Guan was a little concerned .

“Why don’t you give him some CPR?” An Lin suggested with a sly grin .

Hu Guan pretended not to hear him and turned his gaze to look at the sunset in the distance .

“Even though Senior Zi Yang is unable to use Battle Qi here, his life force as a Battle God will ensure he won’t die so easily . ” Xuanyuan Cheng didn’t appear to be worried at all .

Battle God Zi Yang did appear to be in a miserable state, but he definitely won’t die!

“Ah! Senior Zi Yang is vomiting blood!”

Shock flashed through Xu Xiaolan’s eyes as she pointed down at the man on the ground with blood gushing from his mouth .

Xuanyuan Cheng: “…”

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Everyone: “…”

“I feel like Senior Zi Yang is about to die . ”

An Lin winced as he looked at Battle God Zi Yang .

As if in response to An Lin’s words, Battle God Zi Yang suddenly opened his eyes wide . Everyone was treated to the sight of a pair of frenzied, bloodshot eyes as his body convulsed once again before becoming rigid .

After that, his legs straightened and his body relaxed as he slowly closed his eyes again .

This was like the light before the setting of the sun; it was a final explosion of life force before death…

Everyone: “…”

Tears welled up in Tian Lingling and White Spirit Snake’s eyes . This was like watching a good friend departed from this world . Their grief instantly overwhelmed them to the point of tears .

“What do we do now?” An Lin was a little stumped .

“Senior Zi Yang’s body runs on different energy from ours . If we were to use immortal spells on him, his meridians may reject the influx of unfamiliar energy…” Xuanyuan Cheng was also at a loss for what to do .

Liu Qianhuan’s purple eyes suddenly lit up . “We can use physical treatments! Like defibrillation, perhaps?”

An Lin stirred slightly at her suggestion . “That… sounds like it could work . But I’m scared we won’t be able to gauge the correct power . Tian Lingling, you’re the weakest out of all of us here, try to give Senior Zi Yang a zap to the heart . ”

“Huh? Me?” Tian Lingling’s eyes widened as she looked around at everyone, only to find that everyone else was also looking at her with encouragement in their eyes…

“Alright, I’ll try…” She took a deep breath and recited an incantation in her heart . Lightning gathered in her palms before flying into the air .

“Immortal lightning falcon, heed my call, bring forth lightning!”

She stomped her small foot onto the ground, and a bolt of white lightning descended from the sky .

Battle God Zi Yang finally managed to settle his surging blood and slowly awakened .

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He struggled to breathe the earthly air around him and forced his eyes open with great difficulty . However, he was immediately greeted by the sight of lightning falling from the sky .

And the target… appeared to be none other than himself?


His body convulsed as he was struck by the white lightning and darkness appeared before his eyes as he fell unconscious again…

“Ah, I think I just saw Battle God Zi Yang open his eyes!” Tian Lingling exclaimed excitedly .

“Really?” An Lin made his way over and laid a hand on Battle God Zi Yang’s chest to find that there was indeed a feeble heartbeat .

“I can feel the beating of his heart . Good job, Tian Lingling!”

An Lin praised with a smile .

Tian Lingling scratched her head a little sheepishly . “Haha… Then, should I give him a few more zaps?”

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea . ” An Lin nodded with a smile .




Battle Goddess Bi Qiong opened her eyes and took a deep breath as a triumphant smile appeared on her face .

She had successfully broken through and materialized a beast core, thereby reaching Spirit Nurturing Stage .

She experienced the rich vital energy around her and her mood lifted significantly . She felt like she would be ready to break through to Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage in a few days…

Bi Qiong looked around for White Spirit Snake, only to find she was gathered around something with everyone else as they discussed vehemently amongst themselves .

“I think we should zap him again!”

“Don’t do that! Zi Yang has only fainted, zapping him more won’t help . ”

“But his heartbeat is still very weak, what if we leave him be and his heart stops beating?”

“Then wait until his heart stops beating before zapping him again . ”

“Wait, let me do some research on Qiandu…”

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong made her way toward everyone and drew in a sharp breath after catching sight of Battle God Zi Yang .

Battle God Zi Yang was in an extremely sorry state!

He was lying on the ground like an unconscious wet dog with dried blood at the corner of his lips as well as on the grass next to his face . His hair curled up and charred, and there was a huge hole in the clothes on his chest…

“Ah, Litte Qing, you’ve finally made your breakthrough . Come and tell us what’s wrong with Battle God Zi Yang,” White Spirit Snake spoke excitedly as she latched onto Bi Qiong’s arm .

“Sorry to bother you, Senior Bi Qiong, but we’ve tried our best…” An Lin sighed with resignation .

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong looked at An Lin as her lips twitched . “Tried your best? Just what were you trying to do…”

“Cardiopulmonary resuscitation,” An Lin replied with a serious expression .

Bi Qiong: “…”

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation? They were clearly trying to f*cking kill him!!

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