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Chapter 45

Time flew by quickly and there were only three days left until the students descended into the mortal world for their mission .

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It had already been confirmed which group of students was going to descend into the mortal world first . There were only three spots available and they were taken up by An Lin, Xuanyuan Cheng, and Xu Xiaolan .

Xuanyuan Cheng was the strongest amongst the new cohort of students, so he occupied the first spot .

Unfortunately, due to the fact that she hadn’t mastered mortal languages yet, Su Qianyun was not selected .

Then, Student Xu Xiaolan, who was ranked twenty-fifth on the Immortal Rankings Board, replaced Student Su Qianyun’s place .

And then there was Student An Lin, the native from the mortal world .

The teachers had high hopes for An Lin who was not only born and raised on Earth, but also had powerful capabilities . Thus, he was assigned team leader of this mission!

To this, An Lin felt extremely flattered . Even Big Brother Cheng became a member of his team .  So much pressure!

On this day, an unexpected visitor arrived at his doorstep .

“Senior Liu, what brings you here!?”

Seeing that his visitor was the web-addict Liu Qianhuan, An Lin couldn’t help but feel anxious .

When An Lin was recovering, Liu Qianhuan had already come to visit him once .

She definitely wasn’t here because she missed him . She definitely had some ulterior motives!

“Hehe . An Lin, have you been thinking of me?” Liu Qianhuan said softly .

A smile blossomed on her face and her purple eyes were gleaming dreamily .

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“Ahem… Senior Liu, if you have something to say, just say it . ” An Lin really couldn’t stand Liu Qianhuan’s manner of speech .

Liu Qianhuan sighed softly and a look of disappointment flashed in her eyes . “An Lin, can you act more adorable when you speak? If you’re like this, you won’t be able to find a dao partner…”

An Lin’s chest tightened when he heard this . “With your infuriating manner of speech, would you be able to find a dao partner?!”

Liu Qianhuan’s lips curled up in triumph . “I’ve already burnt hundreds of confession letters, what do you say?”

Hearing this, a knot formed in An Lin’s chest .  My mind hurts!

“I’m honored to be in your presence, Goddess Liu . So, what is it that brings you here?” An Lin felt defeated and there was a hint of exasperation in his voice .

“Alright, I came here because I have a small favor to ask of you . ” Seeing that An Lin was not going to bicker with her, a look of sincerity appeared on Liu Qianhuan’s face .

“Go ahead, what’s this favor you speak of?”

If it wasn’t anything too difficult, An Lin would still be willing to help .

“You’re heading to the mortal world, yeah? I want you to help me daigou!” There was an eager look on Liu Qianhuan’s face .

“Daigou?” An Lin’s eyes twitched .  Why… Others all do overseas daigou . I, on the other hand, need to do extra-terrestrial daigou…

“What do you want to buy?” he asked cautiously .

“Hmm, there’s not much . The newest laptop with League of Legends, Overwatch, Arena of Valor, Onmyoji and other popular games already installed… Also, I want the latest Edifier speakers, two iPhone 8s, one 65-inch Sony 4k ultra HD TV…”

Liu Qianhuan prattled on, and An Lin’s face darkened .

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This is not much? This is f*cking not much!?

Would they even fit in one room?!

“Say… I can’t carry all that stuff by myself! Could it be that I have to tell them to ship it to The United University of Cultivation?” An Lin sneered . He tried his best to calm himself down .

What a joke . A small hill could be created with all of that stuff!

“I’ve already taken this into consideration!” Liu Qianhuan took out a ring and smiled, “The area in this storage ring is a hundred feet in radius . It’s a high-grade storage ring and its market value is twenty-thousand spirit stones!

“Even elders of normal cultivation sects aren’t willing to buy one . You can think of this storage ring as payment for helping me daigou!”

“This…” An Lin’s eyes widened . He was very tempted by this storage ring!

“Say, can I swap it for another style?” he said with a bitter smile .

The storage ring in Liu Qianhuan’s hand was… pink! There was even a flower engraved on it!

If An Lin wore this ring on his finger…

He would definitely be seen as a pervert!

“Why? This ring is quite pretty . ” Liu Qianhuan puzzled .

“Can’t you think about it from my point of view…” An Lin was a bit speechless .

“Yeah, I did think about it from your point of view! If I were you, then I would really like it . The pink color is so pretty!” Liu Qianhuan tilted her head in confusion .

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An Lin clutched at his heart and his lips quivered .

You call this thinking from my f*cking point of view?!

Is the mindset of this girl truly normal?

Fortunately, Liu Qianhuan had other spare storage rings . An Lin pleaded in every way he could and finally managed to change it to a silver storage ring . Although it wasn’t the impressive looking bronze-style storage ring, it was still far better than the pink one!

After giving her shopping list to An Lin, Liu Qianhuan left .

An Lin elatedly put the storage ring on . This silver storage ring was also a high-grade storage ring . Such rings were worth twenty-thousand spirit stones…

In the cultivation world, a storage ring of such grade could be considered a treasure . He didn’t expect to receive one merely for helping to daigou items from the mortal world . How could he not be happy?

An Lin impatiently refined the storage ring then tossed his black brick and sword into it .

He also picked out some elixirs, talismans and formation disks amongst other items, and tossed them into his storage ring . These items laying around in his room were all gifted to him by his adorable fans .

Just as he was fondling the ring in his hands happily, a thought crossed his mind, and it was as if he had opened a door to an entirely new world!

Passing through the space teleportation gate and descending into the mortal world was not a chance that every student got .

Students who loved goods of the mortal world would thus go to great lengths to obtain them .

So… could he start up a mortal world daigou business?

He could determine how many spirit stones to charge students according to the amount of space the goods took up in his storage ring, as well as the difficulty of obtaining such goods…

An Lin’s eyes lit up and he acted without delay .

In no time, An Lin’s advertisements were plastered all over the living quarters of The United University of Cultivation .

Dear, need daigou?

As long as you pay a certain amount of spirit stones, An Lin will help buy any mortal good you want . All customers will be treated fairly and quality is guaranteed .

This news swept through the school like a hurricane!

Who’s An Lin?

He’s the number one superstar of the school!

Moreover, he must be very familiar with the mortal world since he came from there…

He can definitely be trusted and you can be assured of the quality!

Just like that, countless students who loved the culture of the mortal world came one after another to place their orders with An Lin .

Some ordered various types of speakers and albums, others ordered various types of snacks . Some told him to download a few hundred interesting movies, whilst some others even told An Lin to get anything interesting that he came across…

In these three days, An Lin received a whopping thirty-thousand spirit stones in daigou fees!

Looking at the mountain of spirit stones and the pile of orders in his storage ring, he burst with joy!

[0] ‘Daigou’ refers to buying something on behalf of someone else, i . e . to act as a purchasing agent/overseas surrogate shopper . The term ‘daigou’ has become popular due to many Chinese customers buying products from overseas to send back to mainland China .

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