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Chapter 556: 556

Chapter 556: Clearing Out the Treasure Cave

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This was the first time An Lin had ever seen a golden Realm Essence Crystal that looked like this, and he was shocked beyond words .

“How many golden Realm Essence Crystals did it take to make this…” he muttered to himself .

“Not much, just twenty-three . ” Xiao Ze waved his hand nonchalantly, but his expression was clearly a little smug .

An Lin turned to Xiao Ze with surprise in his eyes . “How do you know the number so accurately? Did you make this?”

“I sure did . Realm Essence Crystals are special forms of matter born from space and time . Since it’s a form of matter, there is a chance that it can be transformed into different shapes and forms . What do you guys think of my Dragon Princess?” Xiao Ze stroked the golden statue with a broad grin on his face .

Dragon Princess…

An Lin looked up into the sky as he pursed his lips .

Everyone else was also trying their best to suppress their laughter as they didn’t want to offend Xiao Ze .

“Do you like it, Senior?” Xiao Ze asked while looking at An Lin with a scorching gaze .

An Lin looked around to find that there were no other Realm Essence Crystals here aside from this “Dragon Princess” statue . Come to think of it, the energy fluctuations Mi Ya had detected earlier most likely came from this statue .

He immediately nodded without hesitation . “I do!”

“Then I’ll present her to you as a gift!” Xiao Ze picked up the golden Realm Essence Crystal statue before imparting upon it a passionate farewell kiss and handing it to An Lin .

“When I came to this island, she was still just an ordinary cluster of Realm Essence Crystals . I gave her a new life, and she stayed with me for countless years in return… You have to treat her well!” Tears welled up in Xiao Ze’s eyes as he spoke with a solemn expression .

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Why did it feel like he was entrusting his daughter to An Lin?

An Lin’s lips twitched . He wasn’t that fond of the nude Dragon Princess statue, but he still stowed her away into his storage ring in order to save his d*ck .

Xiao Ze wiped the tears from his eyes after An Lin accepted the Dragon Princess, and he continued onward to show An Lin the rest of his treasure vault .

He managed to get twenty-three golden Realm Essence Crystals just like that?

Tobias turned to Cassidy with shock on his face before transmitting his voice to her, “Are all the golden Realm Essence Crystals obtained by the Holy Leader like this? Why do I feel like I’ve been searching for something completely different this whole time?”

Cassidy massaged her brows before letting loose a concerned sigh . “Sigh… Master’s target has almost been reached . There’s soon going to be one less clause on the blood reward system . What should I do…”

Tobias: “…”

Sure enough, he existed in a completely different world from all these people .

Mi Ya didn’t want to say anything . Regardless of what treasures were stored here, she didn’t have a claim on any of it . All she was here to do was to see what she had missed out on…

Xiao Ze led An Lin to a pile of shiny golden ore . “These are mineral ores unique to the Black Sea . Do you need them?”

An Lin didn’t have much interest in them, but he still stowed them away into his storage ring .

Lack of interest didn’t mean he was just going to leave it; ore like this might be worth a lot of money!

No one knew what Xiao Ze was thinking, but the smile on his face did not waver as he led An Lin to the next location in his treasure vault .

Spirit tools? Sure!

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Spirit pills and spirit fruits? Sure!

The carcass of a Black Sea Immortal Eel? Sure!

Over a hundred vital stones? Sure!

An Lin was like a vacuum cleaner as he took everything he saw .

Tina was a little concerned, and she transmitted her voice to An Lin, “Giant An Lin, aren’t we taking too much?”

An Lin chuckled lightly . “Can’t you see how happy Xiao Ze is?”

“What if he has some sort of ulterior motive?” Tina was still quite worried .

Even Tina was able to sense that something was amiss here, so naturally, An Lin was already aware of this as well .

He transmitted his voice in reply, “No matter what he’s planning, we should grab everything we can for now! He can’t beat us in a fight, so even if he does have some sort of ulterior motives, we can just beat him up and leave!”

Tina flapped her intricate golden wings with a thoughtful expression upon hearing An Lin’s reply .

Thus, Xiao Ze continued to lead An Lin through the treasure vault, and before they even knew it, the treasure vault had been completely emptied…

“Ah… this place is finally empty!” Xiao Ze had his hands on his hips as he sighed with a joyful smile .

Everyone’s face convulsed upon seeing this . Had Xiao Ze’s cognitive functions been impaired from the trauma he had suffered earlier?

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An Lin was quite satisfied too . “Well done, Little Xiao, I have to praise you for your cooperation!”

“No, no…” Xiao Ze waved his hand and said, “These items can only fulfill their true purpose in your hands, Senior . I just want them to go to a good home…”

An Lin nodded with a benevolent expression on his face .

“Next, it’s time for the big finale…” Xiao Ze announced with an excited expression .

He stamped his foot down on the ground and another spell formation appeared .

Everyone stirred slightly upon seeing this, and they quickly assumed a defensive formation around An Lin with cautious expressions on their faces .

Mighty spatial power began to sweep through the treasure vault, and it was as if the space in the center of the treasure vault had been shattered by a sledgehammer, thereby revealing a hidden space .

Powerful energy fluctuations emanated from the hidden space as everyone’s heart rate accelerated .

An Lin looked into the space to find that there were three mysterious items suspended within, all of which exuded mighty auras that seemed to be discouraging everyone from trying to approach them .

Xiao Ze said with a smile, “These are ancient objects that were here before I discovered this cave . I don’t know why the previous owner of this cave abode didn’t take these items with him, but I’m sure they are extremely rare and valuable treasures!

“There were originally four items here . Aside from the crown, the golden flame badge, and the black cube, there was a drop of black blood . ”

“However, the drop of black blood seemed to suit my constitution quite well, and it was voluntarily absorbed by me, thereby drastically improving the power of my bloodline . As for the remaining three items, I’ve studied them for several thousand years and tried to take them for myself, but I have been unable to make any progress…”

A strong sense of disappointment appeared on Xiao Ze’s face as he spoke, but he then turned to An Lin, and an expectant light appeared in his eyes . “I believe we are fated to meet, Senior! Not only that, but these three items are also all fated to encounter a mighty figure like you! Hence, if you’re able to take these three items from here, I would be happy to give them to you as well, Senior . ”

An Lin faltered slightly upon hearing this . He then slowly made his way toward the three treasures .

Xiao Ze hadn’t been able to move these items even after several thousand years but now he wanted An Lin to have a go?

Regardless of whether Xiao Ze’s words were genuine, or whether he was just using this as a test, An Lin had only one thought in his mind—he was definitely going to take these three items for himself!

An Lin stepped forward before touching the items with his hands .

All of them were completely locked in place by spatial power .

However, he knew this wasn’t the main obstacle that Xiao Ze had encountered . After all, Xiao Ze was a Return to Void Stage mighty figure, and as such, he would be able to easily tear through this spatial seal . The main obstacle standing in his way was the power of divine dao imbued within all three items .

This was a type of power that only those who were close to Dao Integration Stage stage were able to unleash . If An Lin wanted to refine these items, he would have to wipe away the power of divine dao imbued within these items first .

However, in order to do so, he would have to be at least Return to Void Stage or even at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage . But the problem was, if a mighty figure of such a powerful cultivation base were to appear in this world, they would be killed by the backlash of the laws of heaven and earth .

Hence, he had to find the correct method to refine these items instead of relying on his brute force…

After pondering over this conundrum for a short moment, a smile appeared on his face as his eyes turned snowy white .

Divine Inspection Technique!

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