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Chapter 560: 560

Rou Gu’s cheek was burning with pain as pain and shock temporarily overwhelmed her grief, and she glowered with rage at the snow maiden beside her .

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Yan Hua was rooted to the spot, clearly dumbstruck by what she had done .

The two of them were both Holy Palace Leaders, but Rou Gu’s combat prowess and status are both clearly above hers . The fact that Rou Gu was designated as the team leader for this operation was a clear indication of that .

However, she had just slapped Rou Gu across the face…

My god! What have I done?!

Yan Hua stared at Rou Gu as a sense of horror overwhelmed her .

However, she suddenly became enraged upon seeing Rou Gu’s resentful glare . “What the f*ck are you looking at?!”

Rou Gu faltered slightly before she broke down in grief-stricken tears again . She cried, “Waah… why are you so mean to me… I clearly did nothing wrong, so why did you slap me? I’m so miserable… waah…”

Rou Gu’s tears fell like rain, Yan Hua was enraged beyond belief, and the whole time, Su Jingxiang was staring up in the sky with a disconsolate expression on her face…

Two hours later .

A huge brick flew through the air at extreme speed over this colorful continent .

A monstrous aura emanated from atop the brick, and all the surrounding mutant beasts scattered in fear . This aura combined the auras of the five Return to Void Stage mighty figures; Cassidy, Merlin, Tobias, Tina, and Xiao Ze . If such a powerful combined aura was to be focused together, it would be able to instantly detonate even a Soul Formation Stage Soul Beast .

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It was exactly because of this formidable combined aura that they were able to progress onward so smoothly; all their potential enemies had simply been sent scurrying away in fear .

After traveling for some time, they reached the black line border .

“This is the Realm of Boundless Emotions? Can it really explosively amplify emotions?” An Lin asked with curiosity on his face .

“That’s right . ” Tobias nodded . This was his third time venturing into the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, so he was a seasoned veteran . He said, “If it was possible, I really would advise avoiding this place at all costs…”

“Quit the chit-chat! Master wants to gather more golden Realm Essence Crystals, so this place is the best option for us,” Xiao Ze said . He was still trying to suck up to An Lin .

“Hmph . I, the mighty Xue Zhantian, am not afraid of heaven nor earth! Watch as I conquer this Realm of Boundless Emotions!” Xue Zhantian’s big round eyes were burning with battle intent .

Tina sat silently on An Lin’s shoulders while surveying this vast expanse of heaven and earth around her with curiosity in her emerald eyes .

This place was very bizarre, but it was also very beautiful, with a myriad of bright, vibrant colors . Among all the places she had traveled to with An Lin, this was the place that she found to be the most pleasant .

In contrast, An Lin was quite concerned about the unique laws of heaven and earth here . If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Ze had told him there would be an extremely good chance of Realm Essence Crystals appearing here, he would not have chosen to come to such an unpredictable place .

“Let’s go!” Xiao Ze led the way forward with a nonchalant expression . Everyone could only follow along in his footsteps .

An Lin crossed the black line with a hint of uneasiness in his heart, and immediately after, an extremely peculiar sensation enveloped his entire body .

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At the same time, Xiao Ze’s footsteps suddenly faltered . He then retreated a few steps before latching on tightly to An Lin’s arm .

An Lin: “???”

Xiao Ze forced a nonchalant chuckle as he looked up at An Lin, but the fear rippling through his eyes betrayed his true emotions . “Master, I’m scared… I suddenly have zero sense of security; please let me hug you…”

An Lin: “…”

“Don’t worry, baby . I am your pillar, and I will support you and hold you up no matter what happens…” An Lin replied as an inconceivable sense of sympathy welled up in his heart .

“Ah…!” A crisp shriek sounded nearby .

An Lin turned to discover Xue Zhantian had covered his face with his wings as he lay on the ground while trembling uncontrollably .

“This must be an extremely frightening place if even Xiao Ze feels unsafe here! It’s over; I’m as good as dead!” Xue Zhantian trembled in fear and mumbled, “The blasted heavens must be trying to kill me! They’re plotting a sinister scheme against me, I can feel it… My time in this world is about to be over!”

An Lin made his way over to Xue Zhantian before cradling him up in his arms . “Poor baby… don’t be scared . Master is here to protect you…”

He offered a gentle and sympathetic smile to Xue Zhantian before planting a kiss on his intricate little nose .

Xue Zhantian: “???”

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Xiao Ze: “…”

Xue Zhantian faltered momentarily as he stared at An Lin with his big, watery eyes before letting loose another shrill shriek . “Ah…! Master is trying to disgust me to death! How sinister! To think he would resort to such heinous murder methods, my heart… I can’t… my heart…”

Xue Zhantian’s breathing accelerated drastically, and he was soon on the brink of passing out from hyperventilation .

Tina sat on An Lin’s shoulder, and she tugged on An Lin’s hair with her slender arms as tears welled up in her eyes . She cried, “I am trash, Giant An Lin! I’m stupid, and I’m ignorant; I’m just a dumb hillbilly! And I’m so small, and I don’t know anything…”

“That’s not the case… Little Na . No one is born with knowledge and experience . ” An Lin offered a comforting smile as he said, “You’ve done very well already; you’re so beautiful and powerful…”

Tina bundled up into a ball with a suicidal expression while saying, “But I have no other redeeming traits aside from my beauty and power…”

An Lin: “…”

What else do you want?

Tobias looked up into the sky and clutched at a star in the distance . “Lucy… is that you? That star is you, right? I knew you were still looking out for me this whole time…”

Tall and burly as he was, tears suddenly flowed down his face as his brawny body was racked with sobs . “Waah… Lucy! You promised to be with me for the rest of eternity, why did you leave me… so what if you can see me from the heavens? I can’t see you…”

Everyone was blighted by a series of negative explosions, and morale fell to an all-time low .

However, there were two people who were reacting in completely different manners .

Cassidy and Merlin were roaring with laughter as they clapped their hands in delight .

“Hahaha… look at Tobias, I’ve never seen him like this . This is hilarious! Hahaha…” Merlin doubled with laughter .

Cassidy had one hand on her hips, and she pointed to Xue Zhantian with a trembling finger as tears of laughter poured welled up in her eyes . “Hahaha… that fat furball was just saying that he wasn’t scared of heaven and earth and that he was going to slash the heavens and defy the natural order . Look at him now; he’s such a little coward! What a hypocrite! Hahaha…”

Xue Zhantian immediately flared up in rage upon hearing this, but just when he was about to charge toward the Cassidy and Merlin, he suddenly retreated back into An Lin’s arms as he trembled and murmured to himself, “I can’t fall for their tricks . They’re trying to goad me into attacking them so that they can team up and kill me…”

An Lin looked around at his crumbling army with sympathy in his eyes as he went around consoling each member one by one .

For example, he had to rectify Tobias’ outlook on love, he had to give Cassidy and Merlin a beating, he had to console Tina, he had to kiss Xue Zhantian…

He was like a saint flitting from one person to another, doing his best to comfort and console them in their times of need .

An Lin suddenly felt like he was a lot more kind-hearted now .

This feeling… it was really good!

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