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Chapter 578: 578

Chapter 578: Bidding Farewell to the Little Whale

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The last day arrived, and everyone could envision themselves leaving this accursed place .

Their topic of discussion began to drift toward what they were going to do when they returned to the Heavenly Court .

Xue Zhantian was obviously going to stay by An Lin’s side, as were Tina and Xue Zhantian . Hence, the main topic of discussion was what the three Blood Tribe mighty figures were going to do .

After all… it was completely unheard of for three Blood Tribe mighty figures to become slaves to a human cultivator! An Lin was probably the only one capable of doing something like this within the entire Kingdom of the Nine States…

The three Blood Tribe mighty figures were faced with two choices; they could either stay by An Lin’s side as slaves when they got back, or they could assume their respective roles within the Dark Marshlands again .

If they wanted to stay by An Lin’s side, they would inevitably encounter many obstacles from the Heavenly Court . No one could remain completely unconcerned with three mighty figures of an opposing power strutting around in their backyard . Hence, they would have to earn the acknowledgment of the Heavenly Court if they wanted to stay by An Lin’s side .

The second choice was to return to the Blood Tribe . All three of them were extremely important people within the Dark Marshlands, so they would be extremely useful as spies of the Heavenly Court .

All three of them were leaning toward the first option of staying by An Lin’s side as that was the only way to guarantee a reliable source of holy blood!

However, An Lin was hoping they would choose the second option . They should at least return to the Blood Tribe before helping the Heavenly Court as spies in order to earn trust and acknowledgment before coming to An Lin’s side . In that case, the Heavenly Court would be much more willing to accept them, so they would encounter far less resistance .

After some discussion, the final decision was made for the three of them to go back to the Blood Tribe for a year or two . An Lin’s end-of-year trial would take him to the Dark Marshlands anyway, and they could take this opportunity to really stir up some trouble in the Blood Tribe .

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As for the specific arrangements, he would have to enquire Emperor Ziwei or even the Celestial Thearch . An Lin wanted to continue studying at the Heavenly Court, so he had no choice but to inform the higher-ups of this situation .

Celestial Maiden He had seen some precedents of cultivators from the Western Heavenly Dragon Forest and the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool siding with the Heavenly Court in the past . For the three Blood Tribe mighty figures, who had already signed slave contracts, it would actually be easier for them to be acknowledged by the Heavenly Court .

An Lin’s golden teleportation badge was a golden one, so he could choose to teleport back to the Heavenly Court . However, he still decided to remain here . After all, he had to make sure of everyone’s safety before he left .

Time passed by slowly, and the little whale continued to tirelessly keep the spatial compression power at bay .

“Holy Leader, we’re going to go our separate ways soon, are you now going to give us some parting gifts?” Cassidy licked her succulent red lips as her eyes shone with a scorching light .

Tobias and Merlin also chimed in as they turned expectant gazes on An Lin .

An Lin paused for a moment before releasing six milliliters of blood, which equated to two milliliters per person, as a parting gift .

“Take care of yourselves . Contact me immediately if you discover that something is amiss,” An Lin said with a solemn expression .

The three Blood Tribe mighty figures accepted the blood with satisfied expressions .

“Don’t worry, Holy Leader . Just make sure you don’t renounce us when we come to find you!” Cassidy replied with a dainty smile .

An Lin shook his head with a smile . “We are all connected, which makes us almost like family, so there’s no way I would turn you guys away . ”

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“Following the Holy Leader is the best choice! We’ll definitely be able to reach higher levels if we follow in the footsteps of the Holy Leader!” Merlin swallowed a small portion of the two milliliters of blood, and his body trembled with bliss .

“That’s right! I’m willing to lay down my life at a moment’s notice for the Holy Leader!” Tobias announced with passion shining from his eyes .

Celestial Maiden He surveyed the exchange between An Lin and the three Blood Tribe mighty figures with astonishment on her face . She was clearly not expecting them to be so loyal to An Lin .

Before they knew it, everyone’s teleportation badges began to flash with brilliant light .

It was finally time to leave .

An Lin hugged Xue Zhantian with one hand while he held Xiao Ze’s hand in the other . Meanwhile, Tina sat on An Lin’s shoulder as she gripped tightly onto his hair .

“Who would have thought that we would be returning to the Heavenly Court under such circumstances . ” Celestial Maiden He sighed with emotion .

“I didn’t think it would be like this either…” An Lin furrowed his brows as he let loose a light sigh .

His mission was still incomplete, and he had to hurry up . There are just over eleven months left for him to gather the remaining golden Realm Essence Crystals .

“Amitabha . Everything in life has been pre-ordained by fate and to leave like this, having avoided danger and reaped great rewards, is a good result for us,” Chang He said with a tranquil expression as he put his palms together .

An Lin was in full agreement with Chang He’s words, especially the part about reaping great rewards . He really did obtain a lot of valuable things during his time in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, most of which couldn’t even be measured in monetary terms . For example, the three Blood Tribe mighty figures, Tina, and Xue Zhantian as well as Xiao Ze…

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Hmm… he didn’t know whether this little whale could also be considered to be a reward he had reaped .

After pondering to himself for a moment, he still decided to bid farewell to the little whale .

“Little whale!” he called out .

The little whale focused on keeping the spatial compression power at bay while turning to An Lin with curiosity in its bright, innocent eyes . “What is it, Grandpa?”

“Little whale, I’m going to leave now . Live a happy life with your mother!” An Lin said with sincerity in his eyes .

The little whale wagged its tail in panic . “Why?! Where are you going, Grandpa? Please don’t leave! I know Mommy is in the wrong here, but she’ll definitely be able to come to her senses soon and be kinder to you… Please don’t leave…”

The little whale began to shed tears again as it spoke .

An Lin didn’t know what he should say, so he tucked Xue Zhantian under his left arm as he gently stroked the little whale’s smooth head .

The little whale continued to weep .

An Lin’s emotions were a little conflicted . “I’m sorry . I lied to you . I’m actually not your grandpa nor am I your father… I only injected the spatial power I had absorbed into your body, thereby giving you a false sense of familial bonds . You only have one relative, and that is your mother . Do you understand what I’m saying?”

The little whale faltered slightly before shaking its head vigorously . “I don’t care! I have your aura within my body, so you’re my family . Don’t leave me!”

The little whale shook its head like a sulky child .

However, right at this moment, a brilliant light began to flash as everyone disintegrated into specks of light before completely disappearing .

The little whale was rooted to the spot as it stared at the place where An Lin had stood just a moment ago . “Daddy, Daddy… Where are you?”

The Heavenly Void Beast detected that something was amiss and focused its gaze internally, only to find that there was no one in there aside from the lonesome little whale .

“Where are they?” it asked itself in confusion .

“Waah… Mommy! Daddy’s gone! Daddy doesn’t want us anymore! Waah…” The little whale was racked with sadness as it cried again .

Large whale: “…”

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