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Chapter 589: 589

All the clueless students were dumbstruck by the sight of the monstrous sword projection .

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Even those who were quite familiar with Xu Xiaolan and An Lin found the scenes unfolding before their eyes quite shocking .

“My God, are An Lin and Xiaolan in a conflict?” Su Qianyun covered her mouth as she stared in shock at the events taking place atop the mountain in the distance .

“They appeared to be on good terms with one another not long ago . I think something’s a little fishy here . ” A thoughtful expression appeared on Xuan Yuancheng’s face .

As someone who had seen the whole thing unfold and knew the context, Liu Qianhuan was able to offer more insight . “An Lin is just being an idiot as usual… He asked Xiaolan to cut him with her sword right after he attained his new cultivation method . Xiaolan was obviously not going to hold back . ”

“Isn’t anyone worried about whether Student An Lin is dead or alive?” Tang Ximen asked with astonishment on his face .

Everyone rolled their eyes at him but did not give a reply .

Tang Ximen: “…”

As the dust settled, An Lin reappeared before everyone’s eyes with his clothes in tatters, but his body appeared to be completely unscathed .

“Stop… Xiaolan, that really is enough . ”

He immediately held up his hands in surrender .

After fusing the power of the vermilion bird bloodline into her sword projection, its power rivaled an attack from a Return to Void Stage mighty figure . Even so, it was unable to put so much as a scratch on An Lin’s body .

“You’re still unscathed?” Xu Xiaolan really was a little shocked this time .

Her eyebrows perked up slightly, and the Dragon Sparrow Sword in her hand began to ring once again as an extremely formidable aura burst forth .

“Stop!” Right at this moment, a middle-aged man with thick, bushy eyebrows appeared beside Xu Xiaolan and said, “Stop fighting; you’re destroying school property . If you two want to have a couple’s quarrel, please go somewhere outside of the school grounds . ”

A light blush appeared on Xu Xiaolan’s face upon hearing this, and she silently sheathed her longsword .

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An Lin heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this before turning to Vice-Principal Yu Hua with a grateful expression .

Vice-Principal Yu Hua glared at An Lin as he issued a warning, “You’ll have to pay a fine if you knock down a mountain or do something like that again!”

An Lin’s face convulsed upon hearing this . Shouldn’t he have said that to Xu Xiaolan?

All the commotion soon subsided, and all the spectators began to disperse .

“Who would have thought that Xu Xiaolan would be so powerful already… That second sword projection was a lot more powerful than even the ones unleashed by our Sword Immortal teachers…”

“Senior Student An Lin sure has some thick skin to be able to survive that with no injuries . ”

“So what? He didn’t even retaliate; how boring! Where has our mighty God An gone?”

“I feel the same way . I think a fight between the two of them would make for an extremely thrilling viewing experience…”

“I feel like Senior Student An Lin has changed since the free-for-all battle!”

“Could it be that he inherited some sort of turtle inheritance?”

“Bullsh*t! He’s so powerful, the inheritance he would receive would at least be Xuan Wu 1 level…”

Xu Xiaolan made her way over to An Lin before poking his body with a slim finger, only to find that it was the exact same texture as what it had always been .

She asked with a curious expression, “What divine ability did you obtain? How could it be so powerful?”

An Lin puffed his chest out while smiling smugly . “It’s called the body of the War God!”

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Xu Xiaolan rolled her eyes . “That’s such a dumb name . ”

She then continued, “If your skin is so thick, can you still feel pain?”

“Of course . I was not injured by your sword projections, but it was extremely painful for me . ” An Lin was telling the truth . His skin didn’t have to rip open for him to experience pain .

He was thinking that Xu Xiaolan would offer some words of consolation upon hearing this .

To his surprise, Xu Xiaolan heaved a sigh of relief and nodded instead . “That’s good…”

An Lin: “???”

The commotion An Lin had stirred up by attaining the body of the War God caused another sensation around the school as he became the hot topic on everyone’s lips once again .

As for the perpetrator, An Lin, he had already returned to his dorm room with Xu Xiaolan and the others .

In order to celebrate his successful return from seclusion, he held another frying-pan party .

This couldn’t actually be considered as an official period of seclusion since he only had to absorb some golden Realm Essence Crystals before attaining this new divine ability…

An Lin had never tried real seclusion as there was simply no reason for him to do so .

During the frying-pan hot-pot party .

“The university’s Immortal Spirit Tower is about to open for three days starting tomorrow . Are you guys going to come?” Tang Ximen asked while eating .

“Immortal Spirit Tower? What’s that?” An Lin was completely oblivious .

Xuanyuan Cheng explained with a warm smile, “You were in seclusion for a few days, so you wouldn’t have heard about this, An Lin . Let me fill you in .

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“The Immortal Spirit Tower is one of the restricted areas of the university where wisps of divine intents from each of the Heavenly Court’s mighty figure ancestors reside in, and students can release their divine intents into the tower to wage battle with these ancestral mighty figures . Normally, only fifth-year students have a chance to enter the Immortal Spirit Tower prior to their graduations, but third and fourth-year students who have reached Spirit Nurturing Final Stage or beyond can also be granted entry . ”

An Lin’s interest was slightly piqued upon hearing this . “What do we get for waging battle with these ancestral mighty figures?”

“There are a total of ninety-nine levels in the Immortal Spirit Tower, and scaling each level will earn you a certain amount of spirit stones and pills,” Tang Ximen replied with a smile .

“Anything else?” Filthy rich An did not really care for all that .

Tang Ximen’s face convulsed at the sight of An Lin’s expression . “You will be enlisted into the university’s Hall of Fame if you successfully reach the eightieth level . ”

“Oh . I was enlisted into the Hall of Fame back in my first year here . Anything else?” An Lin didn’t really care for that either .

Tang Ximen almost spat out a mouthful of blood, and he thought for a moment before continuing, “If you can obtain the approval of the mighty figures on the eightieth level or above, there is a chance you will be able to receive their signature technique from back when they were still alive as an inheritance . ”

An Lin’s eyes finally lit up upon hearing this .

“What level did you make it to, Senior Student Tang?” Su Qianyun asked in a mellow voice .

Tang Ximen smiled triumphantly . “My performance was so-so . I reached the seventieth level at the time, which placed me at number one among the third-year students . ”


A collective gasp of admiration reverberated throughout the dorm room .

“That was because the only other Spirit Nurturing Final Stage cultivator in his year level back then was Zuo Qiubing . So he came first among two competitors . ”


The gasps turned into disdainful ones .

Tang Ximen: “…”

“Senior Student Liu, you would have been in your fourth year at the time, right? What level did you make it to?” Su Qianyun turned a pair of curious eyes on Liu Qianhuan .

“Eighty-seven,” Liu Qianhuan pursed her lips before replying with a resigned expression .

“Oh… that’s so good!”

Gasps of admiration rang out across the entire room again .

“Much better than Senior Student Tang!”

“You can’t say that . After all, Senior Student Tang is only at the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage . ”

“That’s true, we’re all at least at the Half-Step Soul Formation Stage, so we should at least be able to make it over seventy levels . ”

“Let’s set our targets at level eighty so that we can be enlisted into the Hall of Fame . ”

“True . Even Senior Student Tang was able to make it to level seventy, so there’s no reason why we can’t make it to level eighty!”

Xu Xiaolan and the others exchanged knowing smiles with one another .

Tears began to flow from Tang Ximen’s eyes from the repeated blows he received .

Could they all just stop talking? They were stomping all over his heart!

At the same time, he was extremely remorseful for trying to flex in front of these supremely talented prodigies…

Everyone chatted with one another as they continued to discuss among themselves before deciding to go to the Immortal Spirit Tower together tomorrow . The opportunity didn’t cost them anything, so there was no reason not to go .

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