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Chapter 8

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Hua Yue was enraged by the two maids' unbearable words . She was about to scold them, but stopped by Ye Qingyi .

"Jin Ming, I just came back from outside and heard rumors everywhere, discussing that our elder Miss has stayed in Beauty & Fragrance Pavilion, such a filthy place, all night long . I really don't understand why she is so frivolous that even these servants are disgraced! "

The voice of the maid in blue was full of complaints and contempt .

The maid called Jin Ming giggled and said, "Yun Lan, have you ever thought about why she went there? I guess it must be because Prince Xuan was there .

I have to say, she's stupid enough to demean herself and compete with a group of prostitutes for a man who doesn't even love her . She doesn't know yet that Prince Xuan and our younger Miss have already hooked up secretly . "

Her words aroused Yun Lan's interest in gossip . Yun Lan asked hastily, "Jin Ming, how do you know?"

"Last time, when the two misses went to Mid-Lake Pavilion, they happened to meet Prince Xuan . At that time, Prince Xuan lied that he was thirsty and asked our miss to get the kettle .

I didn't go far and then saw that younger Miss gave him a purple purse . I saw him several times later and he's wearing it all the time . "

Yun Lan sighed: "If I were Prince Xuan, I would definitely choose younger Miss, too . Because she is not only beautiful, but also good at martial arts while our elder Miss is nothing if without her lineal descent . Jin Ming, you are so beautiful that you deserve a better life than serving people . Elder Miss treats you well, so when she gets married, you may enter the Prince Palace together with her as a dowry servant . Sooner or later, you will definitely be liked by his highness . Don't forget me when you succeed . "

"Wicked girl! What a load of craps!" Jin Ming laughed and scolded smugly .

Then the conversation between the two became even more unbearable .

"By the way, do you think she was out all night because she fell in love with somebody there? It's said that some brothels also provide male prostitutes . "

"Yun Lan, who do you think could be willing to face her ugly face? I'm afraid she will make all male prostitutes impotent . "

"Oh, Jin Ming, such a mean girl!"

Ye Qingyi listened patiently and realized that she had just gained a lot of information . Only then did she know that there were such audacious, gossipy and meddlesome maidservants in her yard . These girls had already planned to seduce Huangfu Xuan even before she actually married him .

In addition, she finally knew that Ye Hongling and Huangfu Xuan had hooked up long ago . She felt for the original Ye Qingyi who didn't know the truth even when she died . The next moment it seemed that something occurred to her and an enigmatic smile appeared on her face .

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

Jin Ming and Yun Lan who were just chatting excitedly were startled by the sudden applause . They quickly turned around and found Ye Qingyi standing there smiling . They were as frightened as if they had seen a ghost .

"Well, Jin Ming and Yun Lan, good girls . It's not in vain that I treat you well . "

Ye Qingyi said with a peaceful voice and approached slowly with a calm smile . However mild she seemed, she made the two maids tremble with fear and couldn't help kneeling for mercy and cried .

"My lady, please forgive me . I dare not gossip again!"

"Please forgive me, my lady, for the sake of my good service in your daily life!"

Hua Yue was full of anger . She spat and scolded, "You two bitches . How nice our Miss was to you before . How dare you gossip so offensively! You have no conscience! "

Jin Ming and Yun Lan made such a huge cry that they attracted a group of maids in the yard who were all waiting and eavesdropping from afar .

Ye Qingyi looked around coldly, then shook her head and said to Hua Yue, “Well, some people are no better than ungrateful beasts . There’s no need for us to degrade ourselves by arguing with beasts . ”

Hua Yue finally relaxed a bit after listening to her words . She thought for a while and said, "Miss, what should I do with these two bitches? Why don't we just club them to death and see who dares to gossip in the future! "

Jin Ming and Yun Lan almost fainted when they heard this . They hurriedly crawled to Ye Qingyi and kowtowed to beg for mercy .

“Miss, you are merciful and gracious! Please forgive me! I’ve learned my lesson!”

“Miss, please spare my humble life! I dare not do it again!”

Ye Qingyi stood aloof, raised her eyebrows and said lightly: "You can rest assured that I will not be hard on you for the sake of your regular service . "

Ye Qingyi intentionally paused for a moment . Jin Ming and Yun Lan were relieved to hear what she just said . However, after they heard Ye Qingyi's next words, their heart fell into a trough .

"It’s Concubine Yun who sent you to serve me . If you were killed by me, wouldn't that embarrass her? Therefore, I will return you to Concubine Yun, and I believe she will handle you properly . "

The General's Mansion was now under the management of Concubine Yun . She had placed many informants into Picturesque Pavilion, including Jin Ming and Yun Lan . The former and original Ye Qingyi had a simple mind and didn't know it . But now as her soul and spirit possessed this body, she would not take a laissez faire attitude towards this matter .

After all, Jin Ming and Yun Lan had served her . If she killed them, not only would she inevitably bear a bad reputation but other servants in the yard might be disappointed . Since they were sent by Concubine Yun, she would return them to her . Such act was equivalent to saying that Concubine Yun did not teach these servants well, which would definitely make her lose face . At that time, Concubine Yun would definitely teach Jin Ming and Yun Lan a good lesson .

This was how she killed two birds with one stone .

Hua Yue was always smart and realized her Miss’ intention at once . She couldn’t help but admire .

She felt that her Miss was soberer and more assertive since she woke up from the injury of her forehead . It’s very gratifying for her to have such a transformation .

Ye Qingyi, who had not slept all night, looked tired and was going to go in and take a rest . Just then, there was a crisp knock at the door .

Ye Qingyi's eyes twinkled and she recognized Concubine Yun’s voice . She smiled involuntarily, wondering if Concubine Yun came to condemn her for her beating Ye Hongling .

"Both Misses have always been on good terms . Which bastard is alienating them? If I find you out, I'll skin you! "Concubine Yun came into the yard swearing .

Ye Qingyi looked toward the speaker, finding a beautiful middle-aged woman coming in a rage . She was dressed in an emerald wide-sleeved Chinese dress dotted with plain cherries . Her skin was tender and well maintained .

Following Concubine Yun, there were her faithful servants, Mama Liu and Lian Gui . In addition, Ye Hongling also brought her personal maid, Xi Hua .

Ye Qingyi squinted and pondered with the corner of her mouth curved into a smile .