Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: 521

Her beautiful eyes stared outside the window, her heart aching, but she didn’t want Fu Huai’an to see through her feelings .

“The reason for arranging a bodyguard by your side is to prevent men who have designs on you from getting near you!” Fu Huai’an turned the signal on . “I felt uncomfortable seeing you chat so happily with Wen Moshen’s younger brother today . I’m feeling rather jealous too…”

Lin Nuan turned her head around when she heard this . Her gaze swept over the phone, which was still vibrating on the console after being tossed there by Fu Huai’an . A moment later, she seemingly smiled . “At least Wen Moshi didn’t come to me for a heart-to-heart chat! He’s also not calling me at this hour, furthermore, calling like he fully intends to make my phone go flat if I continue to refuse to pick up…”

Fu Huai’an stopped the car by the roadside and leisurely turned off the engine .

It was very quiet inside the car, only the sound of rain pitter-pattering against the car roof and windshield .

Lin Nuan thought Fu Huai’an was going to say something to her, so she stared at Fu Huai’an, only to see him unbuckle his seatbelt . His other large hand pressed upon Lin Nuan’s seat belt buckle, his tall and well-built body leaning over as he casually pushed the front passenger seat into a reclining position .

Fu Huai’an’s broad shoulders blocked the street light shining into the car through the windshield, his shadow enveloping Lin Nuan .

Lin Nuan hadn’t expected Fu Huai’an to lean over suddenly, so she got a shock, her heart rate rapidly escalating .

Her hands pushed against Fu Huai’an’s chest . The healthy masculine odor from the man, as well as his weight leaning against her, made Lin Nuan panic . Their eyes met . Fu Huai’an’s dark gaze caused one’s heart to palpitate . She feigned anger . “What are you doing!”

Underneath her palms was Fu Huai’an’s forceful and powerful heartbeat . It thumped against Lin Nuan’s left palm in an intruding manner, causing her fingers to contract involuntarily . With each thump, Lin Nuan’s confidence shrunk by an inch .

Lin Nuan got cold feet .

The eloquent Lin Nuan of mere minutes ago momentarily lost her voice, her eyelashes fluttering .

She gently nudged Fu Huai’an, who was leaning on her but not making any move otherwise . “You’re too heavy, you’re making me run out of breath!”

Lin Nuan’s ears flushed, thinking she came up with a brilliant excuse .

There was little distance between the two of them, and Lin Nuan sheepishly lowered her gaze .

“Weren’t you still eloquently calling me out on my wrongdoing just a moment ago? Are you getting cold feet now?”

Fu Huai’an’s gaze traced Lin Nuan’s fair and blushing face amidst the darkness, his low voice appearing particularly seductive in the rainy night…

Lin Nuan was rendered speechless .

She wanted to contradict Fu Huai’an, but it was as if a ball of cotton was stuck in her throat, causing her to be unable to make a sound . She bit her lower lip and turned her head away .

“I’ve said you look like you’re trying to seduce someone when you bite your lip . So are you trying to seduce me now?”

The minute she heard this, Lin Nuan’s embarrassment turned to anger . She wanted to push Fu Huai’an away, but those hands on the man’s firm chest were immediately restrained and pulled up to be held in place above her head . A hot and passionate kiss ensued .

Fu Huai’an and Lu Jinnan had smoked a cigarette in front of the Night Palace just now, so Lin Nuan’s mouth was full of Fu Huai’an’s scent, a faint peppermint scent…

He brazenly sucked in the oxygen and saliva from Lin Nuan’s mouth . Lin Nuan felt like she was about to suffocate as her tongue turned numb from Fu Huai’an’s aggressive suction actions . It was so intense that goosebumps were rising all over her .

“Ooo…” Lin Nuan curled up her legs, wanting to stop Fu Huai’an .

Fu Huai’an’s large hand pressed upon Lin Nuan’s thigh as he kissed her more and more passionately; saliva seeped out from between their lips .

Whether from a lack of oxygen or because she was spellbound by the passionate kiss, Lin Nuan’s brain started to blank out and turn into a puddle of goo .

During the momentary respite, Lin Nuan’s chest was violently heaving up and down .

Inside the quiet car, there was only the sound of their heavy breathing .

Lin Nuan was flushed like a cooked little prawn . She could hear nothing except her violent heartbeat .

“Mrs . Fu’s little mouth is becoming more and more impressive!”

Fu Huai’an’s voice was a little raspy . Apart from the advantage he had as a man, his powerful aura also gave Lin Nuan no room to resist . His gaze was frivolous and full of interest .

The rain had turned the windshield blurry, and the light from the street seemed to have converged in those tiny rain droplets . The phone on the console was still vibrating, making a “weng” sound in the car .

“Wen Moshi has the guts to call me up for a heart-to-heart chat?” There was a smile at the corner of Fu Huai’an’s lips as he quoted what Lin Nuan said before . “Mrs . Fu should have this much confidence!”

After Lin Nuan’s breathing calmed down slightly, she struggled to break free from Fu Huai’an’s grasp, her hands still held in place above her head by him . “I don’t know if Wen Moshi has the guts . What I do know is that Lu Qili is trying to reach you as if her life depends on it . Aren’t you going to pick it up?”

Lin Nuan’s usually gentle and clear voice had an added layer of raspiness after that intense kiss .

Fu Huai’an kissed Lin Nuan’s unforgiving little lips again, sucking on them forcefully . His tall and straight body leaned almost its entire weight on Lin Nuan’s body, causing her to become nearly breathless . She twisted her body, wanting to avoid Fu Huai’an’s weight…

Fu Huai’an’s aggressive and ferocious kiss almost made Lin Nuan pass out from suffocation .

The man bit on Lin Nuan’s lips punishingly . Lin Nuan frowned in pain, feeling like her entire soul was about to be sucked out of her being . After her brain blanked out momentarily, she let out an involuntary moaning sound .

It felt like something was ignited inside her body following that suffocating sensation; it ran up her spine to the top of her heart like a current, blasting into a glorious splendor .

Just as Lin Nuan thought she was about to go into shock from this kiss, Fu Huai’an finally let go of her lips .

Underneath him, Lin Nuan’s eyes were unfocused, her brain still in a blanked-out state, her body slightly trembling .

As her eyes met Fu Huai’an’s deep and calm gaze, Lin Nuan gradually came to her senses . Beneath her lightly fluttering eyelashes, Fu Huai’an’s tough facial features gradually became clearer in her bright and clean eyes . Her face grew hotter .

Realizing she had spinelessly evoked her emotions, Lin Nuan turned her head around awkwardly . Her hands struggled against Fu Huai’an’s tight hold . This anger… was directed at herself .

“Why are you flaring up at me when Lu Qili is the one calling you?”

Lin Nuan’s lips had been kissed red and swollen by Fu Huai’an . From that forceful bite on her lips just now, Lin Nuan could faintly taste blood in her mouth, so she was furious .

“Lin Nuan, Bai Xiaonian called you a heartless jerk today, and you’re really acting like one!” Fu Huai’an grabbed Lin Nuan’s arms, fixing her wrists in a higher position . “I’m pleasing you, pledging my loyalty to you . Whatever phone call it is, it’s not even as important as a meaningful glance from you!”

These romantic words that flowed easily out of Fu Huai’an’s mouth caused a tempting feeling in Lin Nuan’s heart—it felt numbing yet comfortable .

Lin Nuan wanted to stifle her smile, but despite trying her utmost, she wasn’t able to stop the corners of her lips from arching up .

She turned her head, smiling; under her jet-black hair were her flushed ears and the fair and beautiful curves of her neck .

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