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Chapter 134

When Meng Fan slipped out of the basketball court, he headed straight for the track field .

It was already late October, so the sun wasn’t as poisonous . Although it wasn’t completely dark, there were no problems with running .

He ran ten-kilometers, ensuring his daily rate of 20 kilometers and headed back to the dormitory to shower .

Recently, especially since he started arcade shooting, Meng Fan found that his fat reduction speed was faster than before . This also proved Wu Tong’s point that sports should be diversified and not limited to just running .

When he prodded his stomach with his fingers, he could occasionally feel the muscle trapped under the fat . Now, it felt easier to reach . He could poke it anytime and feel it, and the muscles inside were quite hard too .

He couldn’t speak for his whole body, but the belly that had been the most severely stricken area was already seeing results . Before it had been shaped like a ball, but now he could squeeze it with two fingers . Of course, the thickness was still there .

So far, Meng Fan had ran over 600 kilometers, so his physical condition far exceeded what it was before . He was also more flexible than before, less clumsy, so much that his mind couldn’t keep up with his body .

As for his weight, to tell the truth, Meng Fan felt hopeless . After all, he hasn’t been subtle in the eating department . He had a hunch that his movements were just fat loss instead of weight loss .

At least, Meng Fan felt his weight was still hovering above 200 .

He was definitely still a fatty, but now he’s become a flexible fatty .

He really wanted to reduce the fat on his body to an average amount, but he knew that it would take time . He estimated he had to complete 1000 kilometers at least .

Based on his body fat percentage, Meng Fan had been at about >40% before receiving the system . Now he should be below 30%, maybe 28% or 29%, which was quite a lot .

However, he was still a long shot from the average male range of 12-18% .

It is said that for every 5% of body fat dropped, there would be a significant change in body size . Meng Fan had doubled that number, so the changes to his body were indeed visible .

“How long do you need to shower for? Hurry, the food’s gonna get cold . ”

Chen Da Qiang had two tutoring classes that afternoon . After class ended, he brought some pork hock rice from a nearby Chaozhou restaurant . He took four portions in total, one for each person in the dorm . In addition, he also brought some rice noodle wraps and smashed oysters . These two dishes were a job for Meng Fan .

He ate until he was about 70% full and paced back and forth in the dorm to digest as he discussed with Chen Da Qiang about the assistant job .

“Mr . Sleepy is a new rich tycoon . ”

In the first sentence, Meng Fan established the rate of pay . Chen Da Qiang’s family background was not bad, but since he began college he’d been paying for his living costs himself . He was a person who was more demanding of himself .

The salary could be paid by Meng Fan, but considering it carefully, he felt better if it was paid directly by Mr . Sleepy .

“The text is provided by Mr . Sleepy, so we have some design freedom . As long as it doesn’t affect the main plot, we can decide for ourselves . As for the main story, there is also room for discussion . Mostly it will focus on our manga adaptation content . As for the storyline, you will have to help me write since I don’t think I can handle it alone…”

“…My rate of production won’t be slow, so you’ll mostly be responsible for outlining, shading, coloring, scanning etc… After drawing for a while, you can decide the amount of work you want to do . I really hope that you can also help with some post-production, such as special effects, rendering, speed lines, etc…”

“That’s about it for now . The details we can decide once I produce the draft . ”

Meng Fan thought for a moment and added, “If there’s too much work and you have to rush your draft, you can come to my house . That way you won’t have to worry about lights off here . ”

“Is that okay?” Chen Da Qiang asked .

“Of course it’s okay! Meng boss’s house is luxe beyond your imagination!” Xing Ta Ge suddenly blurted out .


This provoked Zhang Zhou Wei’s interest as well . Pulling on Meng Fan, he said, “I think I would like to interview for this position as well . ”

Meng Fan could only chuckle .

Once the assistant business was settled, Meng Fan went back to drafting for his manuscript . That night’s stream content would be creating illustrations for “There’s A Spirit Underground” .

“There’s A Spirit Underground” was no less popular than the novel by Xiao Ti that Qin Jiao had referred him to, so it was not good for them to see unreleased information . However, now that he had some copyright to “There’s A Spirit Underground”, and Mr . Sleepy didn’t oppose, it would be a good opportunity to promote the book before serialization .

Mr . Sleepy had decided on the Penguin Animation Network as his serialization platform and had been one of the conditions for him when he asked for the copyrights back .

“There’s A Spirit Underground” was very popular . It was a unique novel among its genre . Naturally, they did not hope that the manga adaptation can be made available elsewhere . Everything else aside, the author’s fans accounted for a lot of the reader base .

Naturally, it should be published on the same platform that hosted the novel .

And when Meng Fan took over the adaptation for it, he had done so partly for the novel’s popularity, which involved the issue of book sales .

Meng Fan knew that with his current fame he could not sell all the printed copies of his own book . At least when he gains popularity from the manga adaptation, it would be easier to sell his own book .

The mission [Professional Manga Artist] required a volume sale of 100,000 copies in addition to ten publications .

Even if it averaged to 10,000 sales per volume, it was still a high number .

Mostly, only well-known artists could reach tens of thousands worth of sales . It was already really good for a regular artist to sell 10,000 copies of their manga .

He streamed until 11:00 pm and worked on his manuscripts before heading to bed at 3:00 am .

The next day, he woke up at 6:00 am and headed for the school .

As time went by, the days are getting shorter, and the sun rises later and later every day . Hence, Meng Fan delayed his morning run by half an hour .

Once he arrived, he had just begun to warm up when Wu Tong arrived .

To be honest, Meng Fan was a bit nervous . It wasn’t entirely because of her new identity, but because he had confessed to her .

“Are you planning to join the basketball tournament?”

Wu Tong walked over and chatted to Meng Fan just like before . It seems like she really didn’t let Liang Qing’s existence affect her relationship with Meng Fan .

“I didn’t know you could play basketball too, is your accuracy as good on the court as it is in the arcade?”

After their banter, the two began their run together .

Meng Fan had no problem running his current 10 kilometers at five and a half minutes, so Wu Tong did not need to slow down for him .

He has no classes in the morning, so he headed back home after his run . He continued to draw, half of his time spent on illustrations while the other half was spent on adapting “There’s A Spirit Underground” .

When his afternoon classes ended, when Qu Jing Jing and the three other girls were already waiting for him outside the classroom .

“Iron senior, it’s time for practice . ”

“Everything else is negotiable, but I want to know, is senior Ah Ning dressed like a woman today?”

“Of course not!”

During afternoon practice, the other team members collaborated with his training in addition to the four cute girls helping him pass .

Time was rushed as the tournament was the next day .

The academy basketball tournament was divided into two rounds . The first round was a round-robin for all 2 basketball teams from the schools of 10 faculties . Only one team will enter the second round from each .

The animation department was part of the media faculty in addition to three others, so their first match began in the afternoon of day one .

During the first match, the photography department had crushed the film and television marketing department with an astounding 51:19 . After all, they were the people who lifted heavy machinery!

The second match was between the animation department and the web development and gaming department . Based on previous years, these two departments were equivalent in strength .

This year, however, the situation has changed . The web development and gaming department had two strong basketball players in their freshman year . One of them was even on the varsity team .