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Chapter 8

Mad Childhood Friend

“I should just stick with this…”

Nier gave up in the end . Her body exceeded Sister Ning’s imagination . Nier didn’t fit into her underwear, which was why Nier had to continue wrapping her breasts up with cloth . She didn’t wear the skirt Lucia liked .

Lucia wore white underwear and short black skirt . While she was at it, she also chose her hair clip . The clothing totally enamoured her .

Nier chose shorts and a short-sleeve shirt that was convenient to move around in . Although it wasn’t summer, Nier didn’t mind . In order to avoid attracting attention, I chose a small jacket and thick black socks for Nier . That would make it look as though she was dressed for the season . Next, it was time to help Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth get changed .

We wouldn’t make it in time if I purchased from the internet, so I had to make a trip myself . I couldn’t take my moms out, though . I had to get their measurements, and then go buy clothes for them .

“Okay now, Lucia, stop choosing . I’ll get Sister Ning to teach you how to apply your make up in a bit . Nier, come with me in a bit . ”

Lucia grumpily pouted: “I want to go with you!! I want to go, too! Why can’t I go?! I don’t trust this woman! I want to, personally, stay by your side!”

“You can’t, Lucia . It’s not that I don’t want to bring you with me, but there are only humans in this world . Your ears will attract too much attention . As a human, Nier won’t attract too much attention . ”

While Lucia was reluctant to be resigned to staying, she was obedient as usual . I gave her a sound reason, so she didn’t complain . Nier, to the contrary, was pleased . Nonetheless, upon glancing down at her belt, she remarked, “I don’t think I can strap my sword to this belt, though . ”

“Don’t!! Don’t ever go out with a weapon . We have to take the subway . If you have a weapon on you, the security will stop you!! And that’s not the end of it; they might even report you to the police for carrying a blade! Do not take a weapon!”

“S-Subwhat?” Nier tried pronouncing, puzzled .

I was going to explain, but I eventually decided against it: “Forget it . You’ll get it when the time comes . Come on, let’s go and take Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth’s measurements first . ”

Lucia leapt over and stood before Nier to shout, “No! I can’t allow a human to touch our Queen! Only you and I can touch Queen Vyvyan!”

I deliberated it to myself . I agreed with Lucia in the end . It was problematic for a human to take Mommy Vyvyan’s measurements, indeed . Therefore, I nodded: “All right . ”

Sister Ning watched us from the side . She stood up and questioned, “Are you going out now?”

“Mm, Sister Ning . Please teach Lucia how to apply makeup in a bit . ”


Sister Ning scanned Lucia . Lucia sported a small physique, but the way she was high on her horse was particularly adorable . After looking at her own chest, Sister Ning found a friend . She then glanced at Nier and let out a heavy sigh: “Is it really a race issue? I thought mine were a decent size, only to find that mine are about the size of a child’s…”

“No… Sister Ning… your body is perfect as it is . ”

“Really?” asked Sister Ning, glancing over to me in a serious manner . “Be honest with me: what’s your relationship with these two girls? If it’s just an ordinary relationship, there’s no way they’d let you watch them change . I can tell with one glance that you’re very close . Be honest with me, Liangzhe, what exactly is your relationship with these two girls? Why did you not go to your blind date? Be honest . Is one of them your girlfriend? When did you get together with her?!”

“No, no, they’re not my girlfriends; that’s not it . Umm, umm, you see, they’re foreigners . Further, being good friends and all, they’re rather open, right…?”

“You think I haven’t seen a foreigner decades ago?! You think I haven’t met foreigners before?!! They wouldn’t wear their underwear and come to you to ask what you think even if they’re as liberal as they come, would they?! That’s clearly a girlfriend asking for her boyfriend’s opinion!!”

By the looks of it, Sister Ning was determined to get to the bottom of it .

“If you have a girlfriend, just say so! I won’t say anything! What’s the point of you hiding it from me?! You even brought her home, and let her choose clothes and make-up . Liangzhe, what are you playing at? If she’s your girlfriend, admit it . Why do I have to do so much for a girl I don’t even know?! What, do I have to personally teach her how to seduce you?!”

Sister Ning had never been angry before . Both Nier and Lucia were surprised .

“Sister Ning… don’t be angry… I didn’t mean to hide it from you… mm… it’s just… it’s just…”

“She’s your girlfriend, isn’t she? This Lucia girl, who’s a little strange, is obviously in a relationship with you!! If you have girlfriend, why don’t you admit it? What’s your deal? You enjoy living together with me, right? You enjoy running around me, right?! You feel proud of having me live together with you and two other women, is that it?!! Liangzhe! Do you really not know why I haven’t found myself a boyfriend in all this time?! What are you leading me along for?!!”

Sister Ning didn’t look as if she was joking . She ostensibly figured out my relationship with the two during her observation; however, I didn’t know what to do about Sister Ning’s tears . She tightly clenched her fist and gave me a ruthless thump on my chest . After yelling, she grabbed her hair and bolted out the door .

I chased after Sister Ning without a moment of hesitation . Lucia went to speak, but Nier stopped her: “We shouldn’t stick our noses into His Majesty’s business . ”

“But you can tell that she has feelings for His Highness with a single glance!! I can’t stand you as it is, and I have to accept another now?!”

Tone serious, Nier replied, “His Majesty can take care of it . Furthermore, I want to check out other clothes . Oh, right, Empress Elizabeth, Your Majesty, would you like to come and try some on?”