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Chapter 123

Chapter 123 : Deceiving Uncle Sheng (21)

Shu Nuan and Wen Zhigu were punished to lap around the field . Upon learning this, many students were surprised . After all, they were both Class One students, and while Wen Zhigu was an outstanding student who would rank first every month, Shu Nuan had jumped from Class Ten to Class One in one fell swoop . Both of them were well known in the academy . Now that they were punished by Master Ji, many students couldn’t help  but bustle and watch the scene .

But these two didn’t care and wore a cold expression . They both not speak anything in the whole process and continued running for ten laps in silence .

Shu Nuan and Wen Zhigu now stood gasping under a tree, both exhausted . Shu Nuan’s face was flushed like red apples, and she was extremely tired .

 Qi Yue appeared with two water bottles, which he threw toward them . Shu Nuan extended her hand to grab them, but she missed . She picked the bottles up from the ground and handed one to Wen Zhigu . She huffed and thanked Qi Yue, and then she lifted her drink the water .

“How can you be punished…” It was rare and incredible .

Wen Zhigu answered, “I am the one who dragged Shu Nuan down . ”

Shu Nuan didn’t say anything, feeling exhausted . After drinking the water, she couldn’t help but sit down under the tree and calm herself down with eyes closed .

Her physique was not terrible, but after running ten laps at once, she was exhausted and could not speak .

Seeing the state of the two, Qi Yue was good enough to not ask them any more questions . When the bell rang, they returned to the halls at once .

After a little rest, Shu Nuan and Wen Zhigu went back to the classroom . However, Ji Xubai showed kindness all of a sudden, letting them study by themselves in the room, before heading back to the library

Although Shu Nuan knew resting was allowed, it was also considered as free time to write her self-reflection paper .

Wen Zhigu finished writing before her and went to the library to submit her paper . Before long, she came back to sleep on the table again .  

Shu Nuan put down her brush and turned to look at her, only to find a staggering number of old wounds on Wen Zhigu’s wrist . Now, she did not know what, but something had pinched out some frightening bruises, dark purple and bluish yellow .


She felt pain just looking at those bruises, but Wen Zhigu was as though they weren’t painful at all . She did not even mean to treat the wound, leaving it to dry .

Shu Nuan frowned . In the end, she didn’t disturb her classmate’s sleep . She got up and went to hand in her paper at Ji Xubai’s library .

At this time, Ji Xubai was sipping tea while reading Wen Zhigu’s paper in his private room . He saw that Shu Nuan had come over but said nothing .

Shu Nuan put down the self-reflection paper but did not leave .

Ji Xubai looked up, glancing at her after a while . “Why, still not accepting your mistake?”

Shu Nuan stared at him for a while and swallowed the words that were coming to her lips . She… had no position to reprimand this person in any way .

Therefore, Shu Nuan shook her head again and said, “I want to take a leave for the next day . ”


Shu Nuan paused for a while, yet spoke the truth . “I know a student, and he will be having his birthday celebration then . ”


“Such trifles are more important than your studies, aren’t they?”

“I won’t go unless Teacher approves,” she said .

 Ji Xubai sneered before approving her leave . “Okay, I will give you a day off . Don’t let me down in this month’s assessment . ”

“Thank you, Master Ji . ”

After leaving Ji Xubai’s room, Shu Nuan did not go back to Class One . Instead, she went to the pharmacy to find a doctor and asked for some ointment . After returning to the class, she gently patted Wen Zhigu’s arm . Wen Zhigu woke up in a daze and looked at her with a face that asked “what was wrong” .

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