Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 100

Published at 8th of May 2020 10:45:43 AM

Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Thoughts of Making a Comeback

Although she was the first to provoke Bai Luochu, Bai Luochu wasn’t suffering at all . Instead, she was the one who fell to this pitiful state . If she didn’t let that hussy suffer some consequences, how was she going to live it down?!

Qianqian’s mind was filled with schemes against Bai Luochu and when the attention was no longer on herself, she naturally didn’t feel as itchy anymore . She fell asleep as soon as she felt that it was a little bit less unbearable .

This had been the best sleep she had since she was inflicted with the poison . By the time she woke up, the sun was starting to rise from the east .

After waking up, the first thing Qianqian did was to get her servant girl to help her with her grooming . When she raised the mirror in front of her face, she noticed something strange . It looked like there were more rashes on her face!

That wasn’t the only thing, new rashes were popping up everywhere and they looked even more horrifying . She was shocked, enraged, and became even more hateful of Bai Luochu .

She was shocked that there was no end to her rashes . If the rashes didn’t subside after ten days or half a month and got even worse, things would truly be troublesome . Ladies cared about their appearance the most .

She was enraged that her mother and father were simply minding their own business even though she was in this state . They didn’t pay any attention to her and neither did they hire any useful physicians to cure her .

She was resentful that her appearance was hideous and she couldn’t even leave her room . Yet Luo Chu, that lowly lass, was having a great time in the residence, living a carefree life .

When Qianqian thought about this, she felt a suffocating feeling in her heart . She had nowhere to vent all the rage and had no choice but to unleash it on the mirror . She smashed it on the ground .

With a ‘bang’, the mirror shattered and turned into shards . They reflected Qianqian’s current face from various angles, forming a strange appearance that was indescribably horrific .

“Luo Chu! When I am better, I will surely make you pay!” It was as though smashing the mirror wasn’t enough . She faced the direction of Bai Luochu’s courtyard and cursed viciously at her .

“She really said such things?’ Bai Luochu was currently sipping her tea calmly .

Cai Ling nodded and said, “It is indeed the case . When this servant walked across the young lady’s courtyard, I heard her yelling for Mistress to pay . ”

Bai Luochu wasn’t angry at all and giggled instead . “She is truly interesting . I originally thought that she would have learned her lesson after her torture this time and wouldn’t come to provoke me . I didn’t expect to evoke her fighting spirit . ”

“Mistress, do you need to make some preparations? What if Qianqian tries to plot against you when I am not around…” When Cai Ling heard what Qianqian said, she felt rather worried . After all, she was the only one n the residence who could help her mistress .

“It isn’t necessary . Just let her be . She won’t be able to raise any huge waves anyway . I will react accordingly to anything she throws at me . A clown balancing on a beam isn’t worth mentioning . ” Bai Luochu smiled and shook her head, lamenting the fact that her cousin didn’t know her own place .

“That’s right, what about the things I asked you to do?” Bai Luochu currently had nothing to do and casually asked .

When Cai Ling saw that her mistress was asking about serious matters, she responded earnestly, “These two days, this servant had gone to search for the ownerless mountain in the outskirts with Commander Ying . We discovered that no one is occupying the place and we immediately established our footing there . The palace is currently being constructed right now with materials obtained from various merchants . No one knew where Commander Ying found the designer of the courtyard . Since Commander Ying personally chose the designer, he should be a reliable person and this servant didn’t question his decision . ”

“As for the courtyard that Mistress found in the residence, this servant made the necessary preparations . All the items were moved in without a problem . When Uncle Liang saw it, he questioned this servant but I simply said that Mistress wished to look for a secluded courtyard to enjoy some free time . However, lord uncle seemed a little worried about the matter even though he wouldn’t approach the courtyard at all . In regards to lord uncle… this servant thinks that it will be great if Mistress can step in to take charge . It won’t be good for me to criticize lord uncle . ”

When Bai Luochu heard this, she nodded with satisfaction . “Whatever it is, you did a great job in laying down the foundations of our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . Did you improve yourself like I asked you to?”

This servant girl had better not have neglected her cultivation during this time .

Cai Ling lightly knocked on her head and explained, “Ah, there was so much to do these few days that I completely forgot about reporting it to Mistress . Commander Ying taught me a mantra for an inner technique and I memorized it instantly . As for martial arts, Commander Ying was rushing all over the place and he simply handed me a manual . He asked me to comprehend it myself and said that he would be checking in on me from time to time . If I reached the standard, he would teach this servant even more profound martial arts . Commander Ying even said that when everything is up and running, he will hand over some basic operations to this servant . ”

“Not too bad . It seems like Ying Lan is preparing to nurture a second Ying Lan by my side . . . ” Bai Luochu was somewhat resentful in her heart .

“Mistress, if there is nothing else, this servant will take her leave . ”

Bai Luochu waved her hand and indicated for Cai Ling to be dismissed .

In a flash, another five days passed . Bai Luochu had already designed the mechanisms and was just waiting for Ying Lan to finish digging the tunnel . She would then start to set up the mechanisms in the secret base .

During these few days, apart from eating and sleeping, Bai Luochu would be cultivating diligently . She was trying to increase her strength as much as possible, as fast as possible . After all, the capital city was a place with many crouching tigers and hidden dragons . Since those people that she recruited weren’t ordinary citizens, things could be bad if her strength wasn’t sufficient to suppress all of them .

It wasn’t a big deal if it was made known and people mocked her . After all, Bai Luochu was never a person who would bother with other people’s opinion . However, she was afraid that she would drag them all down at a crucial moment and that would truly be a sin .

Bai Luochu never expected that her cousin would start to stir up some trouble after lying low for some time .

When Qianqian woke up this morning and saw that her skin was back to normal, she was ecstatic . Realizing that she could leave her room, she immediately summoned her servant girls to help with her grooming, “Someone! Hurry up and assist me!”

During the past few days, Qianqian’s temper was extremely bad . She would beat and scold her servant girls the moment she found a reason . Right now, whenever these servant girls heard Qianqian’s voice, all of them would start to tremble with fear . They would dawdle for a moment before entering .

When the servant girl entered her young lady’s room and noticed that the rashes were completely gone, she knew that she wouldn’t be in for a beating today . Moreover, the young lady’s gloomy appearance was no more . The servant girl mustered her courage and asked, “I wonder what kind of hairstyle young lady wants today . . . ”