Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 101

Published at 9th of May 2020 11:14:57 AM

Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Bucket to the Head

“The serpent top knot . My neck is long and the serpent top knot complements my look . Today I am going to meet with my elder cousin and must make myself look presentable . I must make her feel inferior so that she doesn’t play any more tricks . ” Qianqian was in a great mood as she was no longer ill . She didn’t try to find faults with her servant girl’s behavior .

When the servant girl heard the instruction, she simply groomed Qianqian according to what she wanted . In the servant girl’s heart, she thought about how the young lady had never succeeded in making Bai Luochu’s life hell . She even caused herself to be poisoned .  Young Lady Luo Chu is a completely different person after coming back to the residence . In my opinion, she looks rather wicked . Why is Young Lady Qianqian still trying to mess with her?

However, this wasn’t something a servant girl like her should bother herself with . She simply kept quiet in order to avoid angering her young lady . If her young lady was unhappy, she wouldn’t be in for a good time .

“Young Lady, it is done . Since Young Lady is no longer ill, why not wear a pink dress to celebrate your recovery?” When the servant girl was done with Qianqian’s hair, she conveniently picked a pink dress out of the closet .

Actually, Qianqian wasn’t extremely pretty, but she was passable when compared to the young ladies of other aristocratic clans . Now that she had a pink dress to complement her looks, she looked like a real beauty .

When Qianqian saw that the style and the color of the dress was pretty good and she didn’t make things difficult for her servant girl . She immediately wore it out to look for Bai Luochu .

Bai Luochu had just finished her breakfast and sounds of knocking came from the door . She assumed that it was Cai Ling and immediately allowed that person to enter .

“Has elder cousin eaten breakfast yet?”

Bai Luochu found the voice rather strange and when she raised her head to take a look, she saw Qianqian standing in front of her in a beautiful pink dress . Bai Luochu suddenly felt a slight discomfort in her eyes .

Bai Luochu remained calm on the surface and exchanged conventional greetings with her . “That’s right . I have just eaten . What about you?”

Every time Qianqian saw Bai Luochu’s undisturbed expression, she would feel anger building up inside her heart . However, she would suppress the anger growing inside her when she thought about her plan . She sat down opposite Bai Luochu and carried on, “I have yet to eat my breakfast . Since I fell into the lake, I caught a strange illness and only recovered today . I thought that I should visit you to see how you have been doing . I rushed over as quickly as I could after getting up in the morning!”

Bai Luochu sized up Qianqian and sneered in her heart .  How can you say that you rushed over hastily when you placed so much attention to your clothes and make-up? Shameless . . .

Bai Luochu’s didn’t show any mercy and started her counter attack . “So cousin sister has yet to eat her breakfast huh? As luck would have it, I was incredibly famished today and ate everything before you came in . If you are going to come and visit me in the future, please let me know . I can still leave some leftovers for my younger sister . . . ”

When Qianqian heard the words coming out of Bai Luochu’s mouth, she nearly raged . What did Bai Luochu mean? Was she someone who was only fit to eat leftovers?

Qianqian was truly infuriated and the smile on her face nearly disappeared .

Bai Luochu looked at Qianqian’s face and decided to stop for now . After all, she was Bai Luochu’s source of entertainment in the general's residence . If this source of entertainment was gone, Bai Luochu’s life would become rather boring .

“Are you feeling better now? I heard from the servant girls in the residence that you might have contracted some illness after falling into the water . Your entire body was filled with rashes . . . I originally wanted to visit you but when I recalled how much you valued your looks, I refrained from heading over . I assumed that you wouldn’t want to be seen in that state . . .  I hope cousin sister can forgive me . ”

Qianqian was yelling in her heart .  It’s really lucky you didn’t come . I originally wanted to push you into the water but I was the one who fell into the lake instead . I ended up catching that strange illness and I might puke blood if I saw you walking around perfectly fine . . .

Even though those were the thoughts in her heart, the smile on her face didn’t fade . “How can I blame elder sister for not coming over? It is obvious that elder sister has been very considerate and mindful of my reputation . I will be really ignorant if I try to blame my elder sister…”

When Qianqian finished her response, the room fell into silence . Bai Luochu minded her own business and sipped her tea . As for Qianqian, her mind was spinning rapidly as she thought about how she was going to scheme against Bai Luochu .  

Bai Luochu’s mind was also spinning rapidly . She wondered what kind of plan Qianqian was cooking up in her mind . Seeing that Qianqian wasn’t moving, Bai Luochu got a little impatient . She finally decided to chase Qianqian away .

“If you don’t have anything else to do here, why not return to your quarters to rest?”

When Qianqian heard Bai Luochu voice, she snapped back to her senses . She sprang up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and replied, “Since that is the case, younger sister shall return to her room . ” As she spoke, she stood up and was about to leave .

After taking two steps, she turned back and asked, “Isn’t elder sister going to see me out?”

Bai Luochu didn’t speak and simply stared at her . From Bai Luochu’s expression one could easily make out her annoyance .  Don’t you have legs?

When Qianqian saw how Bai Luochu wasn’t moving, she knew that her trick wasn’t going to work today . She turned around and headed towards the door .

Right at this moment, Bai Luochu noticed a figure at the entrance and didn’t know what was happening . Taking out a piece of silver, she tossed it at Qianqian’s ankle .

Qianqian didn’t expect that Bai Luochu would suddenly make a move as she lost her balance and fell face first towards the door .

After a loud crash, an unbearable stench came from outside the room . When Bai Luochu caught a whiff of the nauseating smell, she couldn’t help but pinch her nose and said to Qianqian, “Younger sister, you her better leave quickly . I need to close the door in order to block the disgusting stench . ”

Qianqian was lying on the ground with an inelegant posture and an entire head of leftover vegetables and rice . The bucket was filled with swill and right now, her entire body was covered in it . A horrifying stench came from her body and Qianqian nearly fainted because of it . She wanted to cry but no tears came out .  Why did I fall?!

She thought about how she felt a slight pain in her ankles when she was at the door .  

Wait a minute . . .

Qianqian turned around and saw a piece of silver fragment beside her leg and suddenly understood something . She didn’t bother about her appearance as she quickly stood up .