Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 106

Published at 11th of May 2020 11:02:57 AM

Chapter 106

Chapter 106: ‘Catching Her in the Act’

“Young Lady, that lass can’t endure loneliness . She is at the courtyard once again to meet with her adulterer . ” The personal servant entered and closed the door tightly before lowering her voice .

“Why are you speaking so softly? We’re not the ones at fault here, what is there to be afraid of? We are upholding the reputation of the general's residence!” Qianqian was currently admiring her newly polished nails . When she saw how her servant girl was acting apprehensively, she felt disdain in her heart . However, she was still a servant and no matter how smart she was, she could only behave like a meek mouse .

That servant girl agreed but she felt disgusted by Qianqian’s behavior .  Didn’t you cry when falling for Young Lady Luo Chu’s tricks? Weren’t you the one who failed to scheme against Young Lady Luo Chu because of your sub par skills? How dare you flaunt your authority in front of me?! 

“Does mother know about this?”

“Before this servant entered, I have already sent someone to inform the madam . She should be on her way . ”

“Let’s go and look for my mother . Today, I must make that slut pay!” Qianqian stood up and headed towards her mother’s courtyard .

On Bai Luochu’s side, Ying Lan had already emerged from the tunnel . He placed the box he had been carrying down on the ground before opening it up . “Mistress, these are the things you need for the mechanism . Everything has been prepared and you can begin the set up immediately . ”

Bai Luochu nodded and quickly instructed, “Let’s quicken our pace . When I left the other day, Qianqian noticed my presence in the courtyard . With their level of intelligence, they should be on their way . ”

“Why don’t you allow this subordinate to . . . ” Ying Lan made a throat-slitting action as he spoke . He was clearly suggesting an assassination .

“No, I still have a use for them . Let them live for now . The important thing is to set up the mechanism in the tunnel . ”

Bai Luochu didn’t want to waste anymore time and she quickly activated the original mechanism to open the secret passage .

Ying Lan quickly followed behind her . As a secret guard, he had to obey his mistress’ orders . Since Bai Luochu allowed them to keep their lives, he wouldn’t make a move on them . Right now, the only important thing was to assist his mistress in finishing the setup of the mechanism so as to keep their hideout safe .

Bai Luochu had always been good at mechanisms and strange formations . Now that Ying Lan was assisting her from the side, they completed the setup in the time it took two sticks of incense to burn .

The two of them looked at each other and smiled . Bai Luochu spoke first, “As of now, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence has a decent base of operation . Bring the others here five days later . Let them familiarize themselves with our new base of operations . I would like to take a look at their reports before planning our next course of action . ”

Ying Lan nodded in agreement . “Mistress doesn’t have to worry . I instructed them to prepare their report several days ago . They should be able to tidy everything up in five days . If they can’t… our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence doesn’t need people like them . Five days later at 5pm, please come back here again . This subordinate will lead the men over . ”

“Alright . ” Bai Luochu nodded . She seemed to be commending Ying Lan’s work . Just as they were preparing to exit the secret room, Bai Luochu suddenly received the signal from Cai Ling . She immediately stopped Ying Lan . “Wait here first . Someone is probably at the surface . I will go and take a look . I will call for you when it is safe . ”

Ying Lan complied with the orders and stood there without moving . He understood the situation in the general's residence and there was nothing he could do right now . If he were to charge out of the tunnel recklessly, he would be adding to his mistress’ troubles .

After giving orders to Ying Lan, Bai Luochu used her movement skills to exit the secret passage before closing the mechanism . At this crucial moment, things would get troublesome if she failed to make her appearance as soon as possible . Although it wasn’t a difficult task for her and Ying Lan to slaughter her uncle and his family, all of the answers she seeked would disappear with their death . If that were to happen, all her efforts would go down the drain .

Just as Bai Luochu returned to the main room and closed the mechanism, she heard Cai Ling’s voice from the other side of the door .

“Mistress is resting inside . You cannot enter and disturb her!” When Cai Ling saw how imposing the madam and Qianqian was, along with the guard servants holding onto wooden sticks, she knew that they weren’t here on friendly terms . She didn’t know if her mistress had exited from the secret room yet and immediately stretched out her arms to block the entrance . She thought that it would be good if she could help her mistress stall for some time .

When Qianqian and the madam saw how nervous Bai Luochu’s personal servant was, they looked at each other and smiled . They felt that their guess was right .  That slut is definitely doing something shameful in the room .

When she thought about it, Qianqian became indescribably confident . She snapped, “A servant like you shouldn’t be so meddlesome, hurry up and get lost! If you dare to interfere with my matters, I will let you taste the consequences . ”

How could Cai Ling cower so easily? She continued to block the entrance without moving and retorted, “Young Lady must have misunderstood . This servant was brought back to the residence by Mistress and I will only take orders from her . Furthermore, Young Lady isn’t the true owner of this general's residence . Please forgive this servant for not being able to comply with your orders . ”

Cai Ling had disregarded everything regarding status . She wanted to drag out as much time as she could . No matter what happened, she wouldn’t allow these vile people to ruin her mistress’ plan .

“Lowly slave! You are truly as ignorant as your unlucky Mistress . Men, take her away and deal with her as you please!” After Qianqian gave her orders, the guards immediately walked over and prepared to take action against Cai Ling .

Cai Ling executed all the moves that she learned from the martial arts manual given to her by Ying Lan . She wasn’t at a disadvantage even after being surrounded by so many people .

“Halt! You dare touch my people? Are all of you tired of living?!”

Everyone stopped when they heard the voice . All of them turned to look at the entrance where they saw Bai Luochu . Her clothes were neatly arranged and she looked a little frail as she stood there . However, the pressure she emitted was suffocating .

When Cai Ling saw Bai Luochu, she suddenly grew a spine and immediately struggled free . She stood beside Bai Luochu and spoke clearly, “Mistress, this servant told them that you were resting in the room . The Young Lady and Madam wouldn’t listen and insisted on barging in . This servant blocked them at the entrance and they immediately made a move on me . ”

After seeing Bai Luochu, Qianqian and the madam weren’t as arrogant and haughty as they were in front of Cai Ling .