Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 109

Published at 13th of May 2020 12:19:14 PM

Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Wishful Thinking

“Were you afraid?” After Ying Lan left, Bai Luochu started to discuss with Cai Ling .

“I was, initially . However, I wasn’t afraid after a while . ” Cai Ling answered seriously .

Earlier on, when Cai Ling answered Ying Lan’s question, Bai Luochu had also heard her reply clearly . Bai Luochu understood that the servant girl was even more intelligent than she had imagined . She didn’t reply bluntly and instead, she gave her some advice .

“Cai Ling, since the day you chose to follow me . I mentioned that things might get difficult . You will no longer be able to enjoy peaceful days like you did in the Remote Paddy Inn . You might also encounter dangerous situations . Today, I am very touched that you mustered up your courage to hold them off for me . I understand that making a young lady like you do such a thing is rather cruel . However, you need to understand that I am situated in the center of conspiracies and schemes . I am surrounded by dangers on all sides . I cannot afford to make even the slightest mistake . If I falter, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence might be destroyed overnight . To outsiders, you are my personal attendant and the person that understands me the most . You will be the first on their list . No matter what, I hope that you have the strength and the ruthlessness to kill all the people that want to harm you . I never want them to lay a hand on you ever again . Do you understand?”

After listening to Bai Luochu’s advice, Cai Ling was startled for a moment . She didn’t think that Bai Luochu would have thought so far ahead . When Cai Ling finally reacted, she was deeply touched . Even though dangers lurked in all directions around Bai Luochu, it was truly a blessing for her to encounter such a mistress in this lifetime who valued sentiments and loyalty . After pondering over it, Cai Ling immediately knelt on the ground and said, “I am indebted to Mistress’ deep sentiments . This servant understands Mistress’ worries . I will work diligently and will never become a burden for Mistress . This servant is willing to pledge her life to follow Mistress and will never regret her decision . ”

Bai Luochu knew that Cai Ling had already understood the intention behind her words and didn’t say anything else . For the entire day, she had completed the setup of the mechanism and had a battle of wits and guts with her aunt . She was really tired and gave Cai Ling her final instruction . “Just look for someone to clean up the entrance . You should also be tired, quickly return and rest . This incident must have spread already and there is no need to conceal or hide it . Let us enjoy the freedom we will obtain for some time . ”

“Yes, this servant understands . ” Cai Ling responded and followed Bai Luochu back to her courtyard .

After Bai Luochu ate dinner, she immersed herself in cultivation again . Now that the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence was prospering, she couldn’t fall behind . Even Cai Ling was determined to do better after hearing Bai Luochu’s inspiring advice .

In fact, Bai Luochu had her reasons for motivating Cai Ling . In her previous life, the temple disciples and her secret guards fell into miserable straits in order to protect her . Everything was fresh in her mind . There was no way she could allow herself to watch such a tragedy happen again . She had been thinking of ways to protect the people around her all this while .

Compared to Bai Luochu’s relaxed life, there was a storm brewing in her uncle’s family courtyard .

“That lass truly acted like that today?” The uncle had an expression of disbelief while looking at his wife .

When the aunt saw that her husband didn’t believe her, she became rather anxious as she spoke, “Do you think that I am lying to you? Since that lass returned, I felt that she became a really wicked person . In the past when Qianqian bullied her, she never dared to scheme against Qianqian . She resigned herself to humiliation time and time again . But right now, Qianqian was tricked by her repeatedly . Today, in front of me, she made her servant move against my subordinates . Had it been in the past, a single glare from me would be enough to frighten her into submission . How would she dare to behave like this?!”

The uncle listened to his wife and didn’t speak for a long time .

In fact, he was also feeling rather apprehensive . Luo Chu might have lost her memories, but it was hard to say if she would remember them in the future . He had been ill-treating her in the past and if she knew that the matter was related to him . He was afraid . . .

“Husband, I am afraid… what if she learns about that matter? We will probably . . . ” She was obviously too scared to finish her sentence .

When the uncle heard his wife, he glared at her and yelled as he put up a brave front . “What do you know?! We never did anything to wrong her! Even the general's residence… We are simply helping her take care of it during her absence!”

The aunt had never seen her husband behaving like this and was too frightened to even make a sound .

After a long moment later, it seemed like the uncle thought of something had he returned to his cowardly self . However, he was still unwilling to speak about the topic and muttered to himself instead . “So what if she knows? She will still have to behave obediently . She is just a wastrel who cannot cultivate . A wastrel should have an awareness of a wastrel . She still has to rely on the general's residence to survive and the residence is in our hands . What kind of wave can she stir up?”

But his voice was extremely soft and it was obvious that he wasn’t confident .

However, the uncle had yet to understand that the general's residence originally belonged to Luo Chu and they were just occupying this place by force . If there was a day when Luo Chu didn’t wish to be controlled by anyone and wanted to chase them out of the general's residence, they wouldn’t be able to stop her . If they didn’t want to leave, Luo Chu could send a piece of report to the imperial court to notify the Emperor . In order to keep his reputation, the Emperor would simply mete out punishment for her uncle’s family who couldn’t be considered nobility . No matter how bad Luo Chu’s situation was, she was still a noble .

Furthermore, the current Luo Chu was no longer the Luo Chu from before . The originally weak, powerless, and overly kind Luo Chu was already dead . Right now, a malicious spirit was residing in her body . The spirit climbed out of hell and was seeking blood! The moment she reincarnated, there was only revenge! As for putting her uncle and his family in their place, it was something Bai Luochu was doing out of convenience .

Since the uncle didn’t put this matter in his mind, Bai Luochu naturally did the same . In Bai Luochu’s eyes, her uncle and his family still had value to her and before she obtained the information she wanted, she wouldn’t make a move against them . However, it was hard to say what would happen the day she obtained the information she wanted .

Everything was moving along on track and the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence had also steadily developed during this period of time .

Five days flashed by and because of the previous incident, the entire general's residence became much more peaceful and calm . Bai Luochu had the easiest five days of her life . However, she didn’t become complacent and she used all her time to improve her cultivation . As the heavens wouldn’t let down a person with aspirations, Bai Luochu finally welcomed her breakthrough on the dawn of the fifth day .

Bai Luochu arrived at the secret room 15 minutes before the indicated time . She was in a great mood . She was quietly waiting for the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence to arrive .