Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 110

Published at 13th of May 2020 12:19:14 PM

Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Foundation Stabilizing

When it was 5pm, Bai Luochu could hear subtle sounds coming from under the floor tile . She quickly sat properly and waited for everyone . Since she was the leader, she needed to act like one .

Right now, Bai Luochu had already put on Divine Physician Bai’s disguise . After all, it was still too soon to expose the fact that Divine Physician Bai was the general residence’s orphan daughter .

In just a flash, she could see the floor tile loosening and the first to emerge was Ying Lan, followed by Guan Yue . One by one, they emerged from the underground tunnel like how bamboo shoots grew rapidly in spring .

When everyone saw Bai Luochu, they bowed respectfully and greeted, “Divine Physician Bai . ”

Their movements caused quite a huge commotion but no one dared to monitor this courtyard anymore due to Bai Luochu’s actions . She allowed them to continue and didn’t ask them to exercise restraint .

This room wasn’t too huge and with so many people standing in the common area, it felt cramped . In response, Bai Luochu quickly said, “I made everyone suffer by using the tunnel . This house is small and the soundproofing isn’t good . Will everyone please follow me?”

After Bau Luochu finished speaking, she activated the mechanism that opened up the passage to the secret room before heading inside .

When everyone arrived in the underground secret room, they were inwardly amazed and quickly praised Divine Physician Bai’s remarkable abilities . Ying Lan couldn’t take it any longer and he quickly said something to bring their attention back to the task at hand . “Everyone, let us discuss important matters first . We shall not waste any more time . This secret room will be the secret base of our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence from now . It is constructed by Divine Physician Bai after loads of hard work . Everyone doesn’t have to be in a hurry to explore this place right now . ”

Just with a few simple statements, Ying Lan gave Bai Luochu all the credit . Bai Luochu’s face behind the mask was twitching a little as Ying Lan was rather bold to phrase it this way . With a single sentence, Ying Lan made Bai Luochu the genius who designed the secret room . If the actual owner of the room were to find out, he would definitely roll over in his grave .

Amitabha, I have sinned, I have sinned .  Bai Luochu quickly prayed in her heart in order to avoid the vengeful spirit of the original owner of the room .

Just like that, everyone started their discussion . It started with Ying Lan at the Remote Paddy Inn before everyone reported about their operations during this period of time .

Firstly, the restaurants, merchant houses, and brothels were profiting quite a bit . Bai Luochu was pleasantly surprised by Guan Yue’s report .

“Everyone is used to a luxurious life and the Silk Flower Pavilion that I am in charge of is filled with women that are both talented and good-looking . This subordinate even sent our spies into the Bestial Battle Arena, the various official and noble clans’ residence, and even the imperial palace . We will be able to obtain information on the entire capital city before long . ”

When Bai Luochu heard the news, she nodded with approval and praised, “You took a lot of trouble to achieve such results . It is a sin to only let you take charge of the Silk Flower Pavilion”

When Guan Yue heard the praise, he maintained his neither servile nor overbearing attitude . “I thank Divine Physician Bai for the praise . As they say, a man can submit or stand tall as required . If I didn’t take the initiative to make full use of the Silk Flower Pavilion, I am afraid that I will never get the chance to achieve anything important . In the end, Divine Physician Bai deserves all the credit for giving me the opportunity . ”

After the duo exchanged pleasantries, the report continued . However, they were all ordinary and nothing stood out . Bai Luochu gave out a few instructions and asked them to continue with the operations before ending the meeting .

Just as the gathering was about to end, Cai Ling barged into the secret room .

When everyone saw an unfamiliar person running into the secret room, they immediately became alert .

“Cai Ling? Did something happen outside? Why did you enter in such a hurry?” When Bai Luochu saw that Cai Ling had run so much that she was gasping for breath, she assumed that Cai Ling had encountered danger .

“That isn’t the case . A moment ago, a member of the Remote Paddy Inn carried a bag of desserts for Mistress . He asked this servant to deliver it personally . I assumed that the dessert had to contain some important intelligence and I came over as quickly as I could . If something important were to crop up, everyone would be able to help by giving Mistress some advice . ”

When everyone heard what was said, they knew that Cai Ling was a part of their faction and immediately let their guard down . When Bai Luochu heard what Cai Ling said, she looked at Ying Lan and noticed that he also had a blank expression on his face . It was obvious that it was the first time he heard of this .

“Since this report came from the Remote Paddy Inn, Ying Lan should be the person to read it out . ” Bai Luochu pointed at the bag of desserts and called out to Ying Lan, indicating for him to read the report .

When Ying Lan obtained the orders from his mistress, he took the bag of desserts from Cai Ling and immediately opened it up . He pulled apart the desserts one by one and noticed a special note that the Remote Paddy Inn used to transmit messages .

When Ying Lan opened up the note, he realized that this note was much bigger than normal and read it carefully .

As he read the report, Ying Lan’s expression became grave . In the end, his brows were actually knitted tightly together . No one knew what he was thinking .

“Ying Lan, Ying Lan? What’s wrong?!” Bai Luochu saw Ying Lan’s pensive expression and felt a little suspicious . She immediately used her hand to shake Ying Lan a few times, and the latter finally regained his senses .  

He then replied with a serious tone, “Mistress had better read it yourself . This subordinate cannot make such an important decision . ” Ying Lan finished his reply and handed the note to Bai Luochu respectfully .

Bai Luochu was rather curious about the information on this note . It was rare for Ying Lan to fall into a state of contemplation . She immediately took the note and read it carefully .

After reading through the note, Bai Luochu closed her eyes before leaning back on the chair . She tried to regain her composure .  

Bai Luochu realized that Ying Lan was a natural leader as he taught his men well . If the informants in the Remote Paddy Inn were to wait for Ying Lan before making the report, they would miss the chance to ruin the Phoenix King Valley’s plan .

When everyone saw the master and servant duo acting so mysteriously, all of them became curious . One of the members boldly asked, “I wonder if Divine Physician Bai and Brother Ying Lan can share the news with everyone . It seems extremely important . ”

“Since I have recruited everyone, I will treat everyone as my brothers . This information is regarding our enemy, the Phoenix King Valley . I shall now read out the report from the Remote Paddy Inn . If we play our cards right, we will be able to embarrass the Phoenix King Valley!”