Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Important Information

Bai Luochu probably had to address this matter before starting the meeting .

In the backyard of the relay station where the members of the Phoenix King Valley were residing at, there were a few outer valley disciples who were jesting around .

“Hey, the Cloud Water Nation’s capital recently opened a new restaurant . I heard that the food there smells, looks, and tastes great . Even the wine is much richer and mellower than the other restaurants . It is rare for us to get a chance to leave the valley . Why don’t we enjoy ourselves a little?” The one who spoke was a youth with a babyface . He had a childish look and his high-pitched voice revealed his age .

“What is there to enjoy? If your immortal root isn’t stable, your cultivation speed might slow down . ” One of the disciples who looked older quickly refuted .

In the next instant, an individual with an honest and upright appearance spoke up, “There’s nothing wrong with that . We aren’t going to hang out at the red-light district, we are just visiting a restaurant to taste the delicacies in the Cloud Water Nation and the fine liquor in the secular world . In the valley, we fast every now and then . We don’t even get to eat meat back in the valley . Since it is rare for us to venture out, it isn’t a big deal to break this exception . ”

The rest of the youths were cheering rowdily and the older disciple was unable to dissuade anyone . He had no choice but to follow the other disciples out to have fun . All of them made their way to the Remote Paddy Inn .

As soon as these people entered the Remote Paddy Inn, they attracted the innkeeper’s attention . Right now, if any groups were wearing clothing with a similar design they were definitely members of the Phoenix King Valley . His boss had already instructed everyone to pay attention to those people . The innkeeper made an eye signal to the waiter and he immediately understood the innkeeper’s intention . The waiter went over and asked politely, “These guests have extraordinary bearings and sitting in the main hall is beneath your status . Why not follow me up to the private room? Our Remote Paddy Inn’s private rooms have brilliant soundproofing and will definitely not let our guests down . ”

When the senior disciple heard the waiter, he quickly nodded . The main hall had a mix of crooks and common folks alike . If these rascals drank too much and said something they shouldn’t, things would get troublesome .

When the waiter saw the response, he knew the bait worked . Their inn’s private rooms did have brilliant soundproofing, but it was no match for the ‘Manifestation Mirror’ and ‘Transmission Tube’ . No matter what the people inside the private room did, members of the inn would be able to see everything clearly .

When the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples entered the private room, that waiter started to make recommendations and enticed everyone to order the osmanthus brew which wouldn’t cause them to be drunk so quickly . However, the after-effects were really strong . The waiter then backed out of the room and ordered the dishes .

These immortal sects’ disciples won’t usually drink . After drinking our osmanthus brew, there is no need to be afraid that they won’t divulge information in a state of stupor .

As the waiter expected, after three rounds of toasts, the disciples in the private room all had flushed faces . They started to mess around and just as the waiter thought that he wouldn’t be able to obtain any information from them, he heard something interesting . Furthermore, the disciple who spilled the information was the senior disciple who looked mature and earnest .

“All of you, do you know of our true objective for this trip?!”

“Isn’t it to select new junior brothers and sisters to enter the valley? Everyone seems to be in a hurry . They’ll end up like us anyway . An outer valley disciple will only serve as a prop for the inner valley disciples to shine . ”

“Hicc, if only that was the case . . . ”

“What else can we be?”

“None of you know the true objective of this trip . We are here to help those inner valley disciples fix the contract with the spirit beast . Do you know what kind of spirit beast the valley is going for this time? It is the Green Flame Eagle! Those inner valley disciples can ride them as impressive mounts and we are nothing more than cannon fodder!”

One of the disciples heard the three words ‘Green Flame Eagle’ and color returned to their face . “Green Flame Eagle? That beast is formidable! What if something unexpected happens?”

That senior disciple heard their concerns and spoke with disdain . “Heh, they don’t even put us outer valley disciples in their eyes . Normally, the address us nicely as junior brothers and senior brothers . However, they are treating us like their slaves . Whatever, there is no need to worry about it now . The Valley Master managed to obtain reliable information in advance . The Green Flame Eagle is currently pregnant . The babies are due in two weeks and after giving birth, it will enter a state of weakness . We will take the opportunity to form the contract before bringing the eggs back to the valley . When the baby eagles grow up, we will be able to form another contract with them . ”

The senior disciple finished speaking and immediately got struck by the alcohol rush as he plopped down on the table .

The waiter was rather quick-witted and when he saw that the people with the most reliable information had fallen, he quickly asked someone to deliver the information to Bai Luochu through the usual method .

What happened next was the scene that was playing out in the secret room .

Bai Luochu read out the note to all the members present .

“Green Flame Eagle? Is that the Green Flame Eagle that has ‘wings that can block the sun and talons strong enough to crush spirit stones’?” Someone who had some knowledge on spirit beasts spoke up .

“Is this information reliable? What if that Phoenix King Valley disciple is just talking nonsense?” Guan Yue commented . Guan Yue’s level of caution was comparable to Ying Lan .

Ying Lan was also hesitating right now . This was a serious matter and they couldn’t afford to make a mistake .

“This information should be true . ” Bai Luochu was the first to speak .

Seeing as everyone was doubting her, she explained herself . “Previously, during the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet, I attended it along with the Second Prince . The Phoenix King Valley dispatched envoys to give their congratulations and I saw everything that went down . They mentioned their goal of the trip to the Cloud Water Nation’s Emperor . One of the objectives was to settle the problem of spirit beasts appearing a thousand miles away from the capital city . They mentioned that the Phoenix King Valley is one of the Three Great Immortal Sects and has the responsibility to maintain order in the secular world . From what it seems, their goal should be the Green Flame Eagle . I never expected that the Phoenix King Valley would be so despicable . They won’t even spare a spirit beast! They actually wish to take advantage of the fact that the spirit beast is giving birth to forcefully set up a contract . They even want to kidnap the young spirit beast back to the Phoenix King Valley… They are really shameless!”

“Since that is the case . Does Divine Physician Bai have a plan?”

This isn’t anything new… The Phoenix King Valley has been using despicable methods since the start . If they were bothered about protecting their reputation, Mistress wouldn’t have died so miserably in her previous life .  Ying Lan thought in his heart .

Bai Luochu scoffed as though she was sneering at the disciples of the Phoenix King Valley . “Heh, the Phoenix King Valley’s plan is really well made . However, they need the ability to  actually implement it . As for a plan, I already have one . But for the next two weeks, everyone might have to suffer a little . ”