Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 112

Published at 14th of May 2020 10:34:50 AM

Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Plan for the Spirit Beast

“If Divine Physician Bai needs to use us, you simply have to give the word . Since we are members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence, we will naturally be happy to do our part . ” Bai Luochu didn’t expect Guan Yue to be the first to speak up .

When everyone saw that the normally proud and aloof Guan Yue had taken the initiative, they immediately expressed their agreements .

“If that is the case, Nobody Bai will not act reserved . Please listen carefully to what I am about to say next . ” Bai Luochu hastily arranged her thoughts and prepared to brief the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence .

Firstly, she had to analyze the current situation . “Right now, there are only two weeks before the Phoenix King Valley moves out . We don’t have much time left . Returning to the main topic, the Green Flame Eagle is a spirit beast that has wings wide enough to block out the sun and talons strong enough to crush spirit stones . Furthermore, it has been residing in the depths of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range where no one dares to enter . If she is about to give birth, it is impossible for it to be so quiet . If I’m not mistaken, all the major and minor factions in the Cloud Water Nation will learn of this incident . The Phoenix King Valley won’t be the only party there to make things difficult for us . As of now, our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence can only use this underground secret room as our base of operations . I am truly ashamed . ”

When Bai Luochu spoke about territory, a few of the rash individuals became anxious and they behaved as though they were about to go out and snatch someone else’s territory for themselves .

In response, Bai Luochu quickly calmed them down . “Everyone do not be rash . Previously, we searched the vicinity of the capital city and discovered a mountain in the outskirts that had yet to be occupied . I thought of using that mountain as our future base and wanted to speak to everyone about this after our faction stabilized . But right now, it seems like we cannot wait anymore . More important matters are at hand and I’m afraid I will have to trouble everyone to work harder to establish our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence within these two weeks . ”

Right now, everyone’s fighting spirit was high and they immediately expressed their agreement .

“As for the division of work, I won’t do the allocations . Speaking of management skills, I am far inferior to Ying Lan and I shall leave it to him to divide the work . Everyone has stayed in this secret room for a long time and it is starting to get stuffy . Let’s discuss this another day . ”

When the words left her mouth, everyone looked at each other in dismay . However, they quickly understood that Bai Luochu was exhausted and didn’t wish to continue speaking . Everyone was tactful enough and took their leave . In the end, Ying Lan was the only one left in the secret room .

Bai Luochu wasn’t exactly exhausted right now . It was more appropriate to say that she was immersed in her thoughts and was unable to spare the energy to speak to them . After such a long meeting, all her energy was depleted .

In her previous life, she was someone who had formed countless contracts with spirit beasts .

Bai Luochu was exceptionally talented in her past life . Apart from her extraordinary spirit qi cultivation, everyone was more amazed by her speed in her comprehension ability and spiritual energy cultivation .

A regular person wouldn’t be able to cultivate both their spirit qi and spiritual energy at the same time . This was also why the world didn’t possess plenty of experts with contracted spirit beasts or the talent for alchemy and tools refinement . They would either become a Beast Tamer who tamed beasts for a living, or someone who could refine tools and medicine . Moreover, they would be individuals with mediocre strength . In this world where the strong reigned supreme, they could only rely on their rare profession to obtain status and reputation .

In terms of spirit qi cultivation, one could make up for lack of talent by cultivating diligently . As for spiritual energy, one could only rely on their talent . As such, no matter if one wanted to buy a tamed spirit beast, a bottle of spirit medicine, or an artifact, they would have to break the bank as there were extremely few people who could produce such things .

Bai Luochu was given the title of the evil dao witch as she was able to cultivate both spirit qi and spiritual energy . She became an all-round expert with countless contracted spirit beasts .

Although other sects feared Bai Luochu in the past, it was because they were envious of her talent . After all, during a time of crisis, a high-grade spirit beast would allow one to possess an additional means of survival . What about Bai Luochu who had countless spirit beasts?

After Bai Luochu’s death, those contracts that Bai Luochu had with her spirit beasts vanished due to the laws of heaven and earth . She lost all connections with her spirit beasts and didn’t know how they were doing right now .

Come to think of it, she too, had a Green Flame Eagle as her mount . In fact, this Green Flame Eagle wasn’t considered an especially high-grade spirit beast . Back then, Bai Luochu had chosen it as her mount because it moved extremely quickly . It was very convenient for Bai Luochu as she was able to depart at dawn and return by dusk when handling matters for the temple .

However, after she had reincarnated, she lost all her spirit beasts . When she thought about them, an empty feeling filled her heart . She felt really awkward and thought that it was inconvenient to not have her spirit beasts by her side . Furthermore, she had the body of a wastrel and it made her feel even more self conscious .

When she thought it through, a bold idea emerged in Bai Luochu’s mind . The people from the Phoenix King Valley were intending to seize the young spirit beast and raise it in confinement . Even if the Green Flame Eagle was very weak after giving birth, it wasn’t going to be subdued by those juniors from the Phoenix King Valley . It was a great chance for her to tame the Green Flame Eagle! Putting aside the fact that she would possess an additional life-saving trump card, it would be a good mascot for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence .

Bai Luochu immediately came to a decision . She was going to cultivate diligently with whatever time she had so that she could set up a contract with the Green Flame Eagle .

Just as Bai Luochu came back to her senses and was preparing to walk out of the room, she realized that Ying Lan was still standing beside her . She asked, “Didn’t I ask all of you to return? How are you going to allocate the work by standing around here? We don’t have much time, hurry up and return . ”

“Mistress, are you okay?” Since Ying Lan saw the information regarding the Green Flame Eagle, he was worried that Bai Luochu would think about those spirit beasts she had in the past . It was also the reason he hesitated before passing her the note .

“I know about your concern . However, I am not someone who cannot put down my past . Right now, you have to focus on making the proper arrangements for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . There is no need to worry about me . I am your Mistress and as the leader, how can I be inferior compared to my subordinates?” Bai Luochu patted Ying Lan’s shoulder as she spoke . It was her indication for him to be at ease .