Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

Chapter 114: I Want to Protect Her

The silver-haired man knew that since Ying Lan asked this question, he was giving him a chance to explain himself . He followed up quickly, “I am just an idler in society and have nothing better to do with my life . Since we went through a trial of life and death together, I want to offer my help, seeing as you need some right now . ”

“Heh, I am unrelated to you but you arrive late in the night and go through so much trouble to offer your valuable assistance . If you say that you are too bored and have nothing to do, your explanation will be too preposterous . Why don’t you list out your conditions . ” When Ying Lan saw that the silver-haired man was determined to get himself involved in this matter, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop him . In the end, Ying Lan took a step back and started to negotiate the terms .

“Very simple, I would like to seek help from your Master . ” The silver-haired man spoke casually .

When Ying Lan heard those words, he assumed that this person had unfavorable intentions towards his mistress . He immediately pressed his sword down onto the silver-haired man’s neck and the line on the blood reopened again . Crimson droplets started to fall to the ground .

When the silver-haired man saw that Ying Lan was going to make a move, he quickly explained himself, “Please do not overthink things . My body is inflicted with a strange illness and after seeking treatment for many years, there have been no improvements . Seeing that Divine Physician Bai is renowned for his brilliance, I hope to be treated by Divine Physician Bai . ”

“Is this true?” Ying Lan was still doubtful of the silver-haired man’s intentions .

The silver-haired man wanted to just nod without speaking, but Ying Lan’s sword was still on his neck . If he moved his head, a layer of flesh would probably be shaved off . In the end, he had no choice but to open his mouth to reply, “I swear that I’m not lying . ”

When Ying Lan heard what was said, he immediately shifted his sword away and tossed it backward . The sword went back into the sheathe and the harsh aura of death in the air vanished . Ying Lan sat back down politely and poured another cup of tea for the silver-haired man . He then spoke modestly, “I was too rash earlier . I have no choice but to act prudently if the matter concerns my Master and the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . I hope for your forgiveness . ” After giving his apologies, Ying Lan substituted tea with liquor and expressed his apologies by punishing himself with a toast .

The silver-haired man saw that Ying Lan had already introduced himself as part of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and he knew that he gained Ying Lan’s trust . According to etiquette, the silver-haired man should also introduce himself properly, but right now… it was fine to keep his identity hidden, he would introduce himself again in the future .  

Ying Lan didn’t seem to bear a grudge when the silver-haired man failed to introduce himself . Instead, Ying Lan took the initiative to negotiate the conditions . “If you don’t say anything about blaming me, I shall treat it as I have obtained your forgiveness for my rude behavior earlier . Since that is the case, let us quickly talk about the terms as I do not wish to delay my rest . ”

When the silver-haired man heard that Ying Lan was impatient to send him out, he quickly spoke of his term in a straightforward manner . “When you are establishing your faction, I will help with the construction of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . If you do not have enough manpower, I can be of use . In return, apart from asking Divine Physician Bai to treat me, I have another condition . You have to bring me to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . ”

“Why do you want to go to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range?” When Ying Lan heard of this additional condition, he felt somewhat suspicious .

“I am just a commoner who lives a secluded life . I wish to expand my horizons . ” The excuse that the silver-haired man gave was watertight .

In the end, Ying Lan was unable to completely trust the silver-haired man . He replied in a serious tone, “This is a serious matter . I’m afraid I will have to wait until tomorrow to ask my Master before giving you an answer . ”

Ying Lan thought that the silver-haired man would possess an arrogant personality and would storm off in a fit of anger . If that were to happen, Ying Lan wouldn’t need to trouble himself any further . However, he never expected for the silver-haired man to stick to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence like glue . He wouldn’t leave no matter what .

The silver-haired man understood and smiled before replying politely, “This matter isn’t urgent . You can simply ask your master and give me an answer at the courtyard situated at the end of the Su Alley . It is already late and I have bothered you for a long time . I am truly sorry, I shall take my leave and head back to my residence . You don’t have to see me out . ”

The silver-haired man finished his words and left the room without turning back even once . He left through the back door of the Remote Paddy Inn as he went towards his courtyard .

The moment he arrived at his courtyard, the silver-haired man felt as though he was about to collapse from exhaustion . He wasn’t injured but he was a person who disliked talking . Previously when he happened to encounter Bai Luochu in the streets, the number of words that left his mouth could be counted on both hands . When he spoke to Ying Lan, he felt that his quota of words for an entire year was met . Ying Lan was too cautious and he had to be careful with his words if he wanted to live . If he said something wrong, he would be in trouble .

In fact, he was lying . He didn’t wish to request treatment from Divine Physician Bai, he simply wanted to provide assistance when she was lacking in manpower . Even the trip to Falling Cloud Mountain Range was because he was worried that she wasn’t competent enough and would run into trouble without anyone to protect her .

In the end, he simply wanted to protect her . Of course, he was referring to Bai Luochu . As for why he wanted to protect her… the reason will be revealed in the future .

Ying Lan didn’t know if he was really too tired or because the meeting with the silver-haired man drained his energy . The moment his head touched the pillow, he fell into a deep slumber .

Early the next morning, Ying Lan gradually woke up . When he recalled that he had important matters to attend to, he quickly got up to freshen up . He quickly left the inn .

Just as he was about to head out, he saw the waiter who came to inform him about the silver-haired man’s arrival the night before . Ying Lan’s mind flashed with divine light as he suddenly recalled someone and called out to the waiter .

“Commander Ying, do you have any orders for this subordinate?” The waiter ran over and asked respectfully .

“Let me ask you . Yesterday night, did a silver-haired man come to look for me?” Ying Lan had a serious expression as though something bad had happened .

The waiter looked at Ying Lan with a confused look on his face . “Is Commander Ying still half-asleep? A silver-haired man came last night . The two of you had a long conversation in the  study room . ”

When Ying Lan got the response, he waved his hand to indicate for the waiter to return to his work . Right now, Ying Lan’s brows were knitted tightly together and it was so tight that wrinkles were forming on his forehead .

Ying Lan suddenly had a headache . He was truly too muddle-headed the day before . How could he negotiate so easily with someone he wasn’t familiar with? Since things had already come to this stage, he had no choice but to discuss it with his mistress . He was afraid that he would be scolded by Bai Luochu but it was better for him to confess and ask for her forgiveness before anything else .