Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 117

Published at 17th of May 2020 11:53:45 AM

Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Going for a Meal

Ying Lan had just delivered the message when Bai Luochu finished her lunch .

Bai Luochu was also deep in her thoughts . She didn’t know if she should leave behind some questionable advice . After thinking of the consequences, Bai Luochu decided to return to her residence .  

Ying Lan’s original intention was to ensure Bai Luochu’s safety . After all, she had too many enemies in her past life . If someone was able to expose her identity, even ten Bai Luochus would be unable to escape from her enemy’s grasp .

On the path of cultivation, the stronger a person became, the harder it became to break the barrier to the next stage . The strength difference between stages would also become larger . It was also the reason why when a pinnacle expert cultivated to later stages, a slight difference in spirit qi would result in defeat . It was because that small difference in spirit qi would mean a difference in cultivation for dozens of years . Furthermore, during these dozens of years of cultivation, the experiences one would obtain through battles would allow them to understand their moves better, improving the foundation and quality of their spirit qi . The small difference in spirit qi was an uncrossable chasm .

When she thought about everything, Bai Luochu suddenly felt calm . Since she had already entrusted this matter to Ying Lan, she would place all her trust in him . This was how a leader should act . In other words, if that person couldn’t resist Ying Lan’s method of making things difficult for him, he wouldn’t be a useful person . Even if they were to forcefully employ this person into their ranks, he would be unable to show off his talents with Ying Lan and Bai Luochu’s attitude towards him . It would only bring about more frustrations .

The current plan and the most important matter was to quickly cultivate her spiritual energy . It would ensure that she would be able to successfully form the contract with the Green Flame Eagle . After all, the Green Flame Eagle was also a superior figure among the spirit beasts, or else, the Phoenix King Valley wouldn’t send out such a huge group in order to secure it .

Thinking up to this point, Bai Luochu quickened her footsteps as she hoped to return to the general’s residence as quickly as possible . She didn’t want to waste another second . The only thing she wanted to do now was to cultivate her spiritual energy .

The moment she entered the residence, Cai Ling came out to welcome her . Before Cai Ling could even speak, Bai Luochu spoke first and interrupted Cai Ling, “Speak after returning to the courtyard . ” Bai Luochu quickly made her way back to her courtyard .

In response, Cai Ling broke into a light run as she ran after Bai Luochu .

The moment the doors were closed, Bai Luochu placed a restriction around her room . Those who were weaker than her wouldn’t be able to spy on the happenings in her courtyard . Bai Luochu might not be able to defend against the experts, but that wasn’t her intention . She simply wanted to defend against those traitorous servant girls and servants in her courtyard . Normally, she wasn’t afraid that they might report back to her uncle’s family as that would only cause her minor inconveniences . However, that was in the past . These two weeks, she wasn’t going to waste her time or effort dealing with those nobodies .

“Mistress, did something happen?” When Cai Ling saw how cautious Bai Luochu was, she thought that something went wrong during the construction of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . She became extremely worried .

Bai Luochu shook her head and replied, “Nothing happened . Someone is requesting for Divine Physician Bai’s help and he knows that we are in the midst of building the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . He is offering his services and wants to join the construction . The lesser people who know about the construction the better . Ying Lan was unable to make the decision and asked me to head over to the Remote Paddy Inn in order to discuss this matter . ”

Cai Ling nodded and frowned slightly . She seemed to be thinking of something but she felt that there was something wrong . However, she wasn’t able to lay her finger on it .

When Bai Luochu saw that Cai Ling didn’t catch the hidden meaning behind her words, she immediately chased Cai Ling away . “Cai Ling, I already had my lunch at the Remote Paddy Inn . If you have nothing else to do here, you may go and rest or practice those martial arts that you have learned . Ying Lan’s evaluation might be brought forward because of the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Do not incur Ying Lan’s wrath by failing the evaluation . In the past, when Ying Lan was training new secret guards, he was never merciful even towards young ladies . You should prepare yourself . ”

When Cai Ling heard Bai Luochu’s advice, she felt that it was rather reasonable . She replied, “Many thanks for Mistress’ reminder . This servant will go right now . Mistress should take a short rest before continuing your cultivation . Please take care of your body . This servant will take her leave now . ” Cai Ling immediately left and she shut the doors tightly behind her . Her action was to prevent anyone in the courtyard from prying and spying at Bai Luochu . She didn’t want anyone to disturb her mistress when she was cultivating .

Bai Luochu heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that Cai Ling had left . After all, the story of the silver-haired man was a long one and Cai Ling was a young lady who wasn’t experienced in relationships and the ways of the world . If she had to explain the whole story, Bai Luochu’s saliva would dry up before completing it . That would really cause her to delay her cultivation .

Now that Cai Ling had left, Bai Luochu immersed herself back into cultivation . She didn’t waste a single second . She strived to increase her strength in the shortest amount of time possible .

Cai Ling returned to her room and carefully refined her martial arts . During the process, she thought that there was something wrong with Bai Luochu’s words . The construction of the Palace of the Brilliance Resurgence should only be known by the members of their faction . How could an outsider find out their plans so easily? Furthermore, this person offered his services to seek treatment from Divine Physician Bai . How was it possible for the decision to fall onto her mistress’ head? Commander Ying would have immediately severed that person’s head . Now that she thought about it, there were lots of gaps in her mistress’ story . How could she have missed them all earlier?

Sigh . Forget it, forget it . Since Mistress came up with this excuse, there must be something she wants to hide from me . Since that is the case, I shall not ask about it . If not, I might just make Mistress angry .

Cai Ling felt at ease and went back to practicing her martial arts .

Early the next morning, when Ying Lan arrived at the foot of that majestic mountain in the eastern outskirts of the capital city, he noticed that the silver-haired man was already waiting for him . Ying Lan was rather surprised at how much effort the silver-haired man was putting in . Even though Ying Lan disliked him, he still greeted that man politely . Every time the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s members asked about this man, Ying Lan would say that he was an old acquaintance of Divine Physician Bai, and that he had been wandering around the world . When he heard that Divine Physician Bai needed assistance, he immediately rushed over to offer his help .

Divine Physician Bai’s name was really effective and coupled with the silver-haired man’s cold personality and extraordinary appearance, everyone was convinced .

Time flashed by quickly and in less than two weeks, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence was established .